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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



- Why choose Fierce PC?

Fierce PC is a well-established company who have been providing custom bespoke systems for many years. Whether you’re a novice or a pro gamer, creative designer or music producer; we have a solution for all. With the help of our friendly expert staff and our highly competitive prices, we offer a pleasant and hassle-free buying experience.

- What PC should I buy?

With the vast number of components on the market, PC systems can vary massively in performance and price. This can be overwhelming for anyone. Luckily, we are here to help! If you are unsure about what PC you want, do not hesitate to contact us. Our skilled customer care team will ask you a few questions to help narrow down what sort of system you are looking for and based on your answers, they will find a perfect system that matches your needs.

- How is my computer built?

When you have selected your PC and customised it to your liking with our user-friendly website, your order will be processed, the parts will be picked and passed on to our experienced build team. From here, your PC is put together with great care and attention to detail, such as cable management. Next, it goes through extensive testing and quality control before it is carefully packed in protective materials and shipped out to you. We always provide a tracking number with your order, so you know when to expect your PC.

- How long does it take to process an order?

The complete process takes 7-10 working days.

We understand that sometimes you may want your system quicker. That’s why we offer several different choices of shipping options, which prioritises your build in our production line.


- How do I setup my PC?

We aim to provide the best user experience from the start and don’t install any unnecessary software that may slow your computer down. All relevant hardware drivers are pre-installed so when your Gaming PC arrives, you can simply PLUG & PLAY!

For more information on how to set up your PC, please see our SETUP PAGE.

- Why don’t I have a picture on my screen? (No Signal)

Firstly, do not worry. This is a surprisingly common issue, and often, it comes down to an easily fixed setup error. Your system is supplied with either an integrated or a dedicated graphics card and the set-up process slightly differs depending on which type of graphics you have in your system.

If your PC contains an integrated graphics card:

- The way to successfully connect your monitor to a PC with integrated graphics is through the motherboard. Anyone can easily identify their motherboard by looking at the rear of their case, where it runs vertically and is surrounded by other connections, such as USB ports. Please plug your monitor cable into this section.

If your PC contains a dedicated graphics card:

- The way to successfully connect your monitor to a PC with dedicated graphics is through the graphics card(s). Anyone can easily identify their graphics card by looking at the rear of their case, where it runs horizontally and has its own connections. Please plug your monitor cable into this section.

- I am clicking my icons, but they are not opening

Please check the connection between your PC and monitor. There should only be one video cable (HDMI, VGA, DVI etc.) connected to your monitor. Multiple video cables plugged into the same monitor will make Windows jump to the conclusion that there are multiple monitors connected to your PC, and technically your icons are opening on a display which cannot be seen. Please make sure that you only have one video cable connected and your issue should be resolved in no time.

If you have more than one monitor, then each monitor will need its individual connection to your PC. One power cable and one video cable per monitor is all that is needed for multiple monitor setup. Please bear in mind that not all systems can support multiple monitors.

- Why don’t I have a DVD/CD drive?

Most modern PCs no longer include an optical (DVD/CD) drive. There are several reasons for this:

1 – Nowadays, you can find pretty much anything online. Whether it is music, movies or software, they can all be downloaded over the internet.

2 – External hard drives and USB sticks provide an easy and convenient solution for backing up files.

3 – Cloud storage and cloud backup services allow for much faster and easier file sharing than burning discs.

For more information regarding the decrease of optical drives, check out this article.

Still need one? Don't worry, we include the option to add an optical drive on most of our systems.


- How should I package my PC for return?

We strongly recommend that you keep both the original box and the packaging material your PC arrived in. If these are not available, please try to use a box of similar size as well as similar packing materials.

Should you no longer have the packaging from the original delivery, please follow these instructions:

  1. Use a heavy, double wall, corrugated cardboard box with extra space for protective material
  2. Place a protective layer of air pillows, bubble wrap, polystyrene "peanuts" or "noodles," or other sturdy cushioning material around all sides of the PC
  4. Place this box inside another double wall corrugated box with protective material on all sides
  5. There should be no room for the computer to move at all
  6. Remove, cover or cross out any old shipping labels from the boxes you have used
  7. Place a copy of your shipping label and contact information inside the box
  8. Seal the box with strong packaging tape - wrap tape around the box if possible to provide added strength
  9. Cover seams with extra tape
  10. Attach your shipping label to the outside of the box
  11. Mark fragile on all sides of the box and 'this way up' with arrows pointing upwards

Please do not send your PC back wrapping it in clothes, blankets or pillows etc. as fabrics often move about and does not properly fill the space around your PC.


- How does finance work?

For finance queries, please see our FINANCE PAGE.

- Why was my finance declined?

Finance is provided through our finance partner, Hitachi.

We don’t have any information on why a finance application may or may not be accepted, but Hitachi may be able to help.

For finance queries, please see our FINANCE PAGE.


- Best PC for playing Apex Legends?

We offer a large range of systems that can run Apex Legends. For PCs optimized for playing Apex Legends, check out our Apex Legends range here, developed for Apex Legends gamers.

You can also click here to contact our customer care team, and they will recommend a system based on your preference and budget.

- Best PC for playing Fortnite?

We offer a large range of systems that can run Fortnite. For PCs optimized for playing Fortnite, check out our Fortnite range here, developed for Fortnite gamers.

You can also click here to contact our customer care team, and they will recommend a system based on your preference and budget.

- Best PC for streaming your games?

We offer a large range of systems that can stream. For PCs optimized for streaming, check out our streaming bundles here, developed for streamers.

You can also click here to contact our customer care team, and they will recommend a system based on your preference and budget.

- Best PC for esports?

For PCs optimized for esports gaming, check out our esports range here, developed for esport players.

You can also click here to contact our customer care team, and they will recommend a system based on your preference and budget.


- How much is shipping?

We offer FREE SHIPPING on all PC orders in the United Kingdom.

For all other orders, please see the bottom of your cart in checkout for an estimated shipping fee.

- How long does it take for the order to be delivered?

Once your PC has been built, tested and packed up. Your order will be dispatched to arrive the next working day.

Exceptions will occur where an address is off-shore, in Northern Ireland or outside the United Kingdom.

Please bear in mind, that the delivery time can vary, if you have chosen a special delivery date when placing your order, such as Saturday or Sunday.

- How is my PC packed?

Your PC is packed to a very high standard to ensure that no damage can occur to it during transit. We use a variety of packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, cardboard shredding and sometimes empty stock boxes to decrease waste and save the environment. These empty boxes are not representative of the components inside your PC.

When we pack and ship your PC, we leave as little empty space in the box as possible, to prevent your PC from scrambling about in its box, minimising the risk of your PC getting transit damaged.

We recommend that you pack your PC in a similar, if not the same, way we do, if you need to return it to us.


- Do I have to buy an operating system?

All PCs need an operating system in order to run. That’s why we install a Windows 10 trial on PCs purchased from us without an operating system.

The trial can be used as normal, with certain limitations in regard to Windows updates and customising features. Bear in mind that certain games and software require a full operating system in order to function correctly. A Windows trial can be activated at any point by purchasing a valid product key.

- How to use BullGuard Internet Security?

Your PC comes with a FREE 1-year subscription to BullGuard Internet Security. This is already installed on your system, to activate the software, you will just need to register an account with your email address.

For more information, please see our BULLGUARD PAGE