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Whenever you connect to the Internet, there are risks involved, simply because it's all happening online - the good as well as the bad.

You need to protect yourself and the computers you use. But you don't want to be slowed down or interrupted when you're gaming games online.

Bullguard is the only Internet Security provider focusing exclusively on the home user and all of our security products include Game Booster. So we've got your back!

Our antivirus technology is amongst the best in the world but it's incredibly user-friendly and non-intrusive. That's why we consistently excel in independent testing and 'best buy' awards and why millions of people like you trust BullGuard to keep them safe online.

Bullguard Internet Security lets you game, shop and bank with confidence, and with cloud-integrated backup, your photos, music and documents stay completely safe.

Whether you're gaming or banking, BullGuard's simple-to-use protection doesn't get in your way - total protection without loss of performance

Faster, smoother gaming with total online protection and no interuptions. Ever.