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Plentiful Power - Imperial

Fuelled with power and performance, the Fierce PC high-end gaming PC range features some of the fastest custom systems on the market. Every little detail is of the highest quality, allowing you to immerse yourself in a perfect gaming experience.

Our high-end Gaming PCs will not only run all of the latest games, like Far Cry 5, Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but they'll be able to run them at consistently high settings (with most being ready for 4K and VR!) for years to come.

So take that step towards getting your dream gaming PC by exploring our high-end Imperial range today!


For those who are serious about gaming, our Fierce PC high end PCs are designed to provide the performance and precision that intensive gaming requires. With a range of great features, all our PCs have been tailored to suit the needs of the serious gamer, these gaming PCs are the perfect investment. Let the specialists at Fierce PC build your high-end gaming PC, saving you time, money and resources without compromising on quality.

Buy Your High End Gaming Computer with Fierce PC

Power, precision, and performance are exactly what you get with all our gaming PCs and Gaming Laptops. You simply need to choose which components you require for your setup. All of our PCs are built and fully tested by our team of experts before shipping, giving you confidence when buying with Fierce PC. All of our PC orders come with super-fast delivery, where you get to choose a 1-hour slot when your new PC will be delivered. Let Fierce PC take your gaming to the next level with our range of high end gaming PCs

Each custom gaming PC comes with a 3-year warranty (5 Years on Imperial and Dragon systems) which means if anything needs repairing on your custom PC within that time, we can repair it for free. In addition, if you have any questions or queries, our team of experts are on hand to help you make a decision and make recommendations when building your dream PC. Fierce PC - We are gaming!

What to Consider When Buying a High-end Gaming PC

If you have the budget for a high-end gaming PC, all the components and extras are fair game. However, it’s always a good idea to prioritise to squeeze as much performance as possible out of the PC for your budget.


The CPU and GPU are the heart and brain of every gaming PC. A high-end gaming rig should feature the latest and most powerful CPU and GPU possible. Investing in the latest option can give you some leeway before you need to make any upgrades.


Most gamers considering a high-end rig are experience and running processor-intensive games. As such, investing in at least 16GB of RAM should help to speed up the opening of games and processing of tasks. Investing insufficient RAM can also reduce lags and freezing by providing the processor with adequate access to short term files.


Even for high-end PCs, the ideal storage depends on your needs. If you’re storage-intensive, you can go for a 1TB SSD drive. For the sake of performance, the SSD is the best option. It not only offers plenty of storage but improves the overall speed of the system and it has a higher transfer speed in case you need to transfer any files.


With the excellent performance, you will need to invest in premium extras to realise the full potential of your PC. These include a 4K monitor, gaming keyboard and mouse and a state of the art sound system to complete your virtual world.

High Spec Computers

High-end gaming PCs are designed for players looking to take their game to the next level. For this, you need the best quality components for your computer for the best performance. At Fierce PC, our range of high-end gaming PCs pulls all the stops to make sure you have the best gaming experience.

Everything from the processors, to the aesthetic appeal of the computer and even the peripherals, screams quality and performance. We give you every competitive edge possible to ensure you enjoy quality results and comfortable gaming experience.

We know that the fate of your gaming experience can rely on the performance of your PC and your preference. That’s why we offer a wide range of quality peripherals and parts that you can choose from to make your computer stronger, faster and more suited to your playing style.

Powerful Components

Our high-end gaming PCs are all about performance. We use the best parts from the most popular brands to guarantee flawless and top-notch performance for your gaming PC.

With our quality components, you can always upgrade if better and faster parts are available so you can play the latest and the most demanding games without the inconvenience of lagging.

You can also use our online PC configurator to come up with a high-end customised PC of your own using our wide range of components and peripherals to design something personal. You can also use the online configurator to come up with budget gaming PCs which are also made using quality parts.

Tried and Tested

There are a lot of expectations that come with a high-end PC. Whether you pick an option that has been put together by our team of engineers or a customised choice, we make sure all the PCs are thoroughly tried and tested before shipping them to our customers.

This ensures that the machines live up to your expectations and perform as expected. Should you run into any problems with your computer, you can ship it back to us at no cost and we will have it repaired or replaced for you.

The goal is to make sure you have quality gaming PCs that are built to handle the most demanding games and provide you with a smooth and freeze-free experience.

Fast Delivery

You can’t wait to try out your new PC – no one knows this better than us. That’s why we provide expedited shipping to make sure your PC gets to you in the shortest time possible.

For clients that prefer customised gaming computers, we start building the computer and testing it within 48 hours after you have selected the parts and components you would like for your new high-end gaming computer using our online PC configurator.

With our experienced crew of engineers and expedited shipping, we will unite you with your gaming PC of choice in record time so you can start enjoying the equipment. Our customer support will only be a call away if you need any help with your new PC.

High-end PC FAQs

What is considered a high-end gaming PC?

The definition for high-end gaming PCs depends on the type of PC you’re purchasing. For some gamers, anything above £1,000 is a high-end gaming PC. However, it’s not that simple. A high-end PC for 1080 is not the same as a high-end PC for 4K gaming. The features and requirements for both PCs are different, and so are the prices. However, we have a category for high-end gaming PCs, so it is easier for you to choose.

Are high-end gaming PCs worth it?

When it comes to gaming, spending more almost always means getting a better gaming experience. So, yes, high-end gaming PCs are worth it, especially if you're an experienced gamer or run intensive AAA titles regularly.

What specs are considered high-end?

The term high-end can be ambiguous because gamers have different standards for their gaming rigs. We consider high-end anything with an i7-8700K processor and upward, a GTX 1080Ti GPU processor and above, 16GB RAM minimum, and a Z370 motherboard for the primary components at Fierce PC. Depending on the PC, the components can vary slightly.

How do I know if my gaming PC is high-end or low-end?

It's easy to tell if your PC is high-end or low-end by looking at the performance components in the PC. The performance of the PC is another good tell. High-end gaming PCs can play high graphic games and intense software like photoshop easily and without freezing.

Are high-end PCs prebuilt?

All our high-end gaming PCs are prebuilt. That means you can pick your preferred PC from an incredible line of the best performance gaming PCs. 

Can I build my own high-end gaming PC?

We believe that gamers know what they want best. That is why we have an option to allow you to build any type of gaming PC you want. Using our online PC configurator, you can select the component you want for your PC, and our team of technicians will assemble and test the PC for you.

How long will it take to get my high-end gaming PC?

The entire process of assembling, testing, and shipping the PC takes between 7-10 working days. If you would like to get your PC earlier, you can select one of our shipping options to fast-track the progress of the PC in our assembly lines.

How much does a high-end gaming PC cost?

The cost of high-end gaming PCs caries depending on the components and brand used to build the PC. At Fierce, we give you the best and most competitive prices so you can get the most value for your money.

How much will I pay for shipping for the PC?

The cost of shipping depends on your location. Within the UK, we don’t charge shipping. However, might incur additional shipping cost if you live in the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland or the Channel Islands.

Do you offer financing for high-end gaming PCs?

 Yes, we offer financing in partnership with Hitachi. Using our financing options, you can get the gaming PC of your dreams and pay for it in manageable monthly instalments.

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