4K Gaming Monitor

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When it comes to gaming visuals, it doesn’t get better than 4K monitors. These are some of the most advanced gaming monitors in the market and some of the most sort after by gamers.

If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming experience or update your rig, adding a 4K monitor should do the trick.

Fierce PC has some of the most up-to-date branded 4K gaming monitors with unique features and specification that guarantee to make your gaming experience a bliss. As long as you have a high-performance GPU to match the demand, our collection of the 4K gaming monitors will not only provide better visuals but also ensure the smooth running of the game.


Buy Your 4K Monitor with Fierce PC

Our goal is to make gaming an ecstatic experience for both newbies and experienced gamers. We provide the latest, most affordable 4K gaming monitors. Our expansive collection provides you with an opportunity to choose what works best for your gaming set up and also for your preference.

With Fierce PC, you can now enjoy four times as many pixels and even more details when gaming. What’s more, we will provide you with a warranty to guarantee the quality of the monitor you purchase from us.

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For better in-game visuals, shop for your new 4K gaming monitor with us. We make the process easy and fast, so you can start enjoying your improved gaming experience sooner.

What to Look For When Buying A New 4K Monitor

To maximise your gaming experience, you should invest in the right 4K monitor. With the variety of terms and features that the monitors come with, it can be a challenge to determine which ones will give you the best experience.

Here are some of the features that are key in ensuring you get the right 4K monitor for your gaming rig and experience.

Monitor size

The size of the monitor is always a concern for gamers. Don't get hung up on getting a big screen. That makes it hard to focus on the entire screen. At times, you might have to shift focus which might leave you vulnerable because you can see the whole screen.

Monitor Type

Even the 4K screens come in different types. There are three main types of 4K displays. These are TN, IGZO and IPS.

TN panels are ideal for newbies that are still trying to find their way and managing a tight budget as they learn the ropes. TN panels have favourable response rates, but you might have to make some sacrifices on colour accuracy.

IGZO panels have improved transistor powered designs that deliver high power and excellent experience. These types of screens are less imposing in terms of physical size, which is ideal if space is a premium for you.

IPS panels are the common ground between budget-friendly and premium options. With OPS 4K monitors, you can enjoy sharp images and better colour production. If you have an average budget for your new 4K monitors, these might prove to be a reasonable option for you.

Colour Accuracy

You need to make sure that your new screen has just the right colour accuracy to ensure you get ample information delivery.

The colour aspect of the monitors is continually being improved. Hence, it's essential that you carefully consider your options to ensure you get a screen with the most advanced colour accuracy feature. A golden rule of thumb is to go for the lowest Delta E value. A recommended value is 1.0. 

Refresh Rate

Different 4K monitors are designed with different refresh rates for different applications. A good gaming 4K monitor ought to have a 144Hz refresh rate. This ensures you constantly get the most updated images on your screen at all times.

At Fierce PC, we have 4K gaming monitors with different refresh rates to ensure the best gaming performance. You can browse through our category to have a look.


The brightness of your new monitor will depend on the brightness of the room you play in. You can adjust the brightness according. However, our range of premium 4K gaming monitors is capable of brightness ratings of between 300 and 350 cd/m2.

There’s no question you will have a handful of effects to consider when buying your new screen. While at it, you will also need to check on other essential features which include the response time, the connectivity, windows scaling and the contrast ratio of the screen.

It's also vital to consider the angle you will be viewing the screen at before purchasing. This ensures you buy a monitor that won't lose visual quality at the angle you will be viewing it.