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MSI MAG ARTYMIS 242C 23.6" 1080p Curved Gaming Monitor
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MSI Optix G273QF 27 inch IPS WQHD 1ms 165Hz G-SYNC Compatible Flat Gaming Monitor
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Curved gaming monitors provide a more immersive 360 gaming experience. They offer plenty of advantages to the gamer among them a wider field of view with an ultra-wide display of up to 21:9.

They save on lateral space with different curvature angles depending on what you're after. This relatively new technology is giving the once-famous flat screen a run for their money.

If you're on the hunt for a new curved monitor for your gaming rig, Fierce PC has plenty of varieties that you should look at. Our understanding of the gaming realm allows us to pick 4K curved screens that are perfect for gaming and can keep up with the demands that come with gaming.


Buy Your Curved Gaming Monitor with Fierce PC

Enjoy a comfortable, more immersive gaming experience with our range of curved gaming monitors. They offer a more realistic feel to your gaming, providing long hours of engaging giving you the competitive edge.

We have invested in finding all the leading curved gaming monitors from the leading brands to ensure gamers receive only the best.

What's more, with Fierce PC, you have one less thing to worry about when buying your gaming components, including gaming monitors – quality. We only stock the best quality and tested gaming monitors to guarantee the best performance. To back this up, we will give you a warranty with every curved monitor you purchase from Fierce PC.

The length of the warranty depends on the quality and the make and model of the monitor. Expectedly, some monitors will have longer warranties than others.

What to Consider When Buying a Curved Gaming Monitor

Despite the benefits, you still need to do your homework before settling on any given gaming monitor. There are plenty of curved monitors in the market and each of them is designed to appeal to different uses.

Carefully assessing the features and design will go a long way in getting you the best screen that offers the best experience.

Monitor Size

On matters of gaming, the biggest size is not always the best. Having a curved monitor allows you to get a slightly bigger screen as opposed to a flat screen. However, even then, you need to keep a critical balance between the size of the screen and visibility.

As a gamer, you should be able to view all inches of the screen. If the screen is too big your eyes have to wander to every inch, enemies can creep in on you from areas where you have low attention. This is why it’s critical to ensure the monitor size is manageable.

Refresh Rate

For most functions, the refresh rate is not much of a concern. But, for gaming, the refresh rate becomes exceptionally critical. Not only does it allow you to run the games smoothly, but it also provides for a better gaming experience.

At Fierce PC, we have curved gaming monitors with refresh rates of up to 240Hz. You can also choose other varieties depending on your preference and budget.

The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the image runs. Having a screen with a high refresh rate will also require you to have a high-performance GPU to match.

Panel Type

Curved gaming monitors come with different panels like all other types of screens. Each type of panel is designed for a different purpose. As such, the viewing experience will differ depending on the panel type you choose.

  • Twisted Nematic (TN) – Even though this panel type doesn’t have the best colour quality, it is the most affordable. This type of panel is ideal for gamers who have their set up right in front of them since TN screens don't handle angle viewing particularly well.
  • Vertical Alignment (VA) – This panel type has the best contrast ratio. It has deep blacks and offers vivid shadow details. However, this comes at the cost of response time.
  • In-Plane Switching (IPS) – You might have to pay more for an IPS panel. But, the colour accuracy and consistency is definitely worth the price tag. IPS panels have the best viewing angles, which makes them perfect for gamers that have their rig set at an angle. Also, you get to enjoy the vibrant colours with reduced ghosting.

Other than these critical features, you might also want to consider some additional features that could improve your experience as well. Some of the key additions include High Dynamic Range (HDR) and motion blur reduction technology.

Curved Gaming Monitors FAQs

Is a curved monitor good for gaming?

Curved monitors present a lot of benefits for gamers. They provide a better and a more comfortable viewing experience, and they have a smaller point of view which means your eyes don't have to wander all over the screen. These benefits make them ideal for gaming.

Is it better to have a curved monitor?

Curved monitors have the same refresh rate, response time, colour depth and panel technology as flat screens. However, their shape reduces eye strain which can allow you to play longer with minimal effect on your eyes. So, yes, having a curved monitor could be a good thing for your gaming experience.

Are curved monitors better for FPS games?

Curved monitors are excellent for FPS games because the screen is bigger than 35 inches and gives you a wider angle of view without moving your head or shifting your point of focus regularly. This allows you to hit targets more accurately and minimise blind spots.

What is the best curvature for a gaming monitor?

The best curvature rate for a gaming monitor is anything closer to 1000R. This is because the human eye has a range of about 1000R. The most advanced curvature at the moment is 1500R. This is more in line with the human eye compared to the 1800R. The 1500R curvature screen will provide a more immersive gaming experience.

What is the best-curved monitor size to buy?

For the best gaming experience, you should aim to get a curved screen that is at least 30 inches. A smaller screen won’t have the expected effect on your vision. But you should also consider the amount of space you have available when buying the screen and the cost.

Is a curved monitor a gimmick?

Most gamers consider curved monitors a gimmick that only costs more without any positive impact. Curved monitors are an excellent investment for gamers under the right conditions. If you're gaming alone and you have your seat in the right spot, a curved screen will allow you to have a wider field of view with minimal movement.

Can you put two curved monitors together?

It is possible to set up two curved monitors together. The best way to set them up is by having them lined up in a line. This way, you cover more area and can see different things in different areas of the screens.

Do pros use curved monitors?

It depends on the type of game being played. For instance, most CS: GO pro gamers prefer to use a flat screen. However, there are other games where a curved screen might make more sense. But because of the sheer size of the screen, most setups will often involve a smaller flat screen.

Do curved monitors reduce eye strain?

Yes. Curved monitors reduce eye strain by allowing viewers to see the entire monitor display at once without straining or moving their eyes to see different areas of the screen.

What brands of curved monitors do you have?

We have an expansive collection of monitors that include Asus and Iiyama. You can browse through our selection to find brands that appeal to you best.

What is the best brand of curved monitors should you buy?

The best brand of curved monitors is subjective. It depends on the cost, quality of the screen and the preference of the gamer. When selecting the screen, you need to consider these, among other factors, to find the best one for you.

Does a curved monitor affect the aim?

A curved monitor only enhances immersion. It doesn’t in any way affect aim.