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Fierce PC Lumina Lightboard ARGB Gaming PC Case - with custom case panel
  • Fierce PC Lumina Lightboard ARGB Gaming PC Case - with custom case panel
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Lian Li O11 Air Mini Black Case
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MSI MPG SEKIRA 500X Full Tower Gaming PC Case
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PC cases might not be the heart and soul of your gaming rig. But they have a vital role to play in ensuring you have an enjoyable, trouble-free gaming experience. Buying the right PC case for your set-up is just as critical and you should pull all the strings to buy the best PC case.

In addition to their function, PC cases come in different aesthetic appeals and with different lighting. This gives every gamer the chance to pick a PC case that will not only work for their rig but also represent your style and gaming approach!


Fierce PC has PC cases from all the reputable gaming brands in the market. Our diverse collection ensures you can get the PC case of your dreams quickly and at the best prices. We have PC cases for all budgets. Whether you’re starting out and looking for a budget-friendly option or going pro and holding nothing back, we have just the case for you.

PC Cases FAQs

What is a gaming PC Case?

PC cases are also known as computer chassis, system unit, tower or cabinet. It is the enclosure that contains most of the components of the gaming PC. Only the display, keyboard and mouse are not in the PC case.

What is the best case for gaming PC?

Like other PC components, the best gaming PC components depend on the needs of the gamer and their budget. We have numerous options from various brands, including Cooler Master and Corsair, among other leading brands. The PC cases have varying features and sizes to allow you to choose what works best for you, your gaming needs and your budget.

How much are gaming PC Cases?

Gaming PC cases prices vary depending on the type of case and its features. We have budget-friendly options, and we also have premium options that excel in both performance and acoustics. The more the features, the higher the price you should expect to pay.

What is the best mid-tower gaming case?

We have plenty of mid-tower gaming PC cases for you to choose from. Some of our best sellers include the Cooler Master and Corsair options. You can select the ideal mid-tower gaming PC case from the available options depending on your gaming experience.

Are full tower cases worth it?

Full tower cases might cost you more. But they also provide you with more available space inside. They are ideal when you require a lot of air circulation to cool the powerful processors. Full tower cases also make scaling easier and leave a lot of room for additional components.

What is better, a mid or full tower gaming PC case?

Full tower gaming PCs provide better cooling, more room to incorporate larger fans and adequate space for airflow. The more efficient cooling means getting better speeds even with over-clocking from your processors.

Mid-tower gaming PC cases are smaller, more compact and more affordable. Mid-tower cases are perfect when space is a premium. As such, both full-tower and mid-tower PC cases have their niche depending on the requirements and needs of the gamer.

Are smaller PC cases better?

Smaller isn’t always better. Smaller cases are more suited in constricted spaces. However, when space is not a compromise, full-size PC cases are a more suitable option because they offer better ventilation and allow you to add components and add more cooling options to your gaming rig.

Why do PC cases have glass?

PC cases have tempered glass panels that give the case an excellent balance between price, visual enhancement and protection. The tempered glass allows you to see the interior of the gaming PC and also act as a display for the RGB lighting that comes with some of the components, like the cooling fans.

However, not all PC cases have tempered glass panels. There are options that have aluminium and plastic panels that have a lower visual appeal.

Buy Your PC Case with Fierce PC

PC cases are responsible for keeping the computer components like the processor from overheating. For long gaming hours, you need an effective PC case designed to support your gaming rigs needs.

Why not check out our PC cases and Gaming Controllers.

Gaming rigs are not built the same. At Fierce PC, we understand this. That’s why we have an extensive collection of PC cases that will meet your needs and those of your gaming rig.

We have both air-cooled and liquid-cooled cases that you can take a look at depending on the type of gaming PC you have.

Quality PC Cases

All our PC cases are from leading and reputable gaming brands that have made a name for themselves by offering an unrivalled experience to all gamers.

We ensure gamers have the best quality PC cases that guarantee longevity and effectiveness in their functions. With our range of PC cases, endless gaming hours are within your reach.

Fast Delivery

We know you can’t wait to fit and try out your new PC case. That’s why we offer expedited shipping for our customers. With Fierce PC, you will have your new PC case in no time. We have a team that works round the clock to ensure your shopping experience is flawless and you get your order in the shortest time possible.

What to Consider When Buying a PC Case

As noted earlier, a PC case is too important for your gaming experience, and PC to be taken lightly. You need to carefully consider various factors before picking your preferred PC case.

  • Airflow – The primary function of a PC case is to keep the components from overheating. That makes airflow the first feature you should consider. If the case has limited airflow, it could lead to overheating.
  • Cooling systems – check to make sure the PC case has the right cooling system. If you place to use liquid AIO cooler, the case needs to have the necessary opening to make this easier and cleaner to install. The cases also differ in the size of cooling radiators they can handle. You need to pick a case that can comfortably handle the size of the radiator you have.
  • Size – With regards to size, it’s not about choosing the biggest case you can buy. You need to consider various factors like the space available at your gaming station, the size of your graphics card as well as the form factor of your PC. Make sure the PC case you choose not only holds all the items in your PC but also leaves enough space for upgrading and cooling.
  • Cable management – To keep a clean and organized look, you need a PC case with excellent cable management features. This also makes the cables easier to manage.