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Game Pads and Joysticks

Every gamer knows in order to be on top of their gaming they need to have the best PC Gaming Controller. Choosing the right controller can be the difference between winning and losing the battle. At Fierce PC we offer a wide range of gaming accessories, such as gaming mice, keyboards, gaming controllers and more! We are the leaders in providing gaming PCs and PC Gaming Accessories to gamers at affordable prices.


At Fierce PC we offer dedicated gaming controllers that are built to give you a competitive edge in gaming. We have a selection of futuristic-looking gaming pads, joysticks and gaming controllers. With adjustable hand, thumb and palm-rest modules for maximum comfort, give yourself an edge with the Razer Gaming Keypads – Some of our best-selling PC gaming controllers.

For most gamers, a mouse and keyboard do the trick. But, if you want to take your gaming up a notch, a gaming controller can come in handy.

Gaming controllers are more comfortable, especially in Open-world games like Tomb Raider. For gamers that love racing, a customised gamepad for racing with analogue steering controllers to help you manoeuvre those tight corners is always a welcome addition. 

You might not always use the controller depending on the games you love to play. But having one increases the comfort and range of games you can take up. Not to mention, with the right PC gaming controller, you can take accurate and swift actions and winning becomes easier.

Gaming Controllers FAQs

Which is the best gaming controller?

There are multiple gaming controllers in the market. Depending on the type of game and the performance of the controller, the best option can vary for you. Some of the best controllers you can find from Fierce PC include the MSI Force GC30 and the MSI Force GC20 gaming controllers.

What gaming controllers should I buy for my gaming PC?

The best controllers to buy for your gaming PC depend on the game you want to play using the controller. Different games will require different types of controllers.  Console gamepads are the most popular game controllers, but you have the option of over 200 game controllers depending on the game you’re playing.

what gaming controllers do professional gamers use?

Professional gamers have preferences for the gaming controllers that work best for them. The MSI brand has some outstanding options that feature heavily in professional gaming that you could also consider depending on your gaming experience and the expected performance of the controller.

How much do gaming controllers cost?

Like other gaming PC components and accessories, the cost of gaming controllers varies depending on the brand of the controller and the features of the controller. Luckily, gaming controllers don’t cost as much as other gaming PC components and accessories. With as little as £30, you can find an excellent gaming controller for your PC.

Are there gaming controllers for gaming laptops?

Yes, there are gaming controllers that are compatible with gaming laptops. Most gaming controllers will work with gaming laptops. However, the laptop might not be capable of handling multiple controllers because of a limited number of ports and performance abilities.

Can I use a PS4, Xbox, or Switch controller on a PC?

It is possible to use a PS4, Xbox, Switch, or PS5 controller on your gaming PC. Some of the controllers will only connect and work on the PC wirelessly, and only a few games are compatible, especially with the PS5 controller. It's important to confirm compatibility with the PC and the game you intend to use the controller with before purchasing.

Can I connect two controllers to my gaming PC?

As long as your game supports multiple controllers, you should be able to hook up two controllers and use them simultaneously. For incompatible games, you can download software that allows you to configure and map the keyboard keys to the controller.

Which types of gaming controllers do you have?

Our store mainly features gamepads. However, we are constantly adding new items to our collection to ensure gamers can find the exact gaming controllers they are looking for.

How many controllers can I connect to the PC?

Your gaming PC should handle up to 4 controllers without any issues. Above this, you might have challenges with port availability and interference.

Can you connect multiple Bluetooth controllers to a PC?

There’s no limit to the number of Bluetooth devices you can connect to your PC as long as it has multi-point functionality.

Buy Your PC Gaming Controller with Fierce PC

We are regularly adding new controllers to the line to help keep you one step ahead in gaming. If you have any questions or queries about choosing the right gaming controller for you, then get in touch with our team of support staff who are available via live chat, email and phone support. Our dedicated team are here to provide you with impartial advice or any queries you may have. Fierce PC – We are gaming!

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With so much variety in the market, choosing the best PC gaming controller is not a walk in the park. There are tons of features and factors you have to consider before finding the perfect controller for you.

At Fierce PC, we believe offering you with variety makes this process easier. We stock a variety of PC gaming controllers which include wireless controllers from leading brands like Xbox and Sony, among others. 

We have wireless and wired options and for gamers that want a little zest, we also have a collection of joysticks that you can peruse through to find one that works for you.

Quality PC Gaming Controllers

 Most gamers tend to focus on the features, layout and design of the controller. But quality is just as important. The right gaming controller should give you long service and value for your money. With Fierce PC, you’re assured of getting the best quality PC gaming controllers from leading brands that will keep up with the demands of gaming and provide you with excellent performance.

What to Consider when Buying a PC Controller

Before you can enjoy the benefits and convenience of a gaming controller, you need to pick the right one fast. Here's a quick rundown of some of the things you should keep an eye out for.

Wired or Wireless

Your first decision is to choose whether you want a wired or wireless option. With wired options, you never have to worry about your batteries running out of charge. However, your motion is limited.  Wired options are cheap to maintain since you don’t have to worry about the batteries.

While wireless options are typically more expensive, they offer more features and unlimited range of motion as you game. Gaming is more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about adding to the mess of wires you have in your set up.

Nonetheless, some gamers still prefer going for wired controllers largely because they have less latency and the response is more accurate.

Battery Types

Should you decide to go for wireless controllers, you need to choose the battery type. Some have an internal rechargeable battery while others have replaceable AA batteries.

Both options have upsides and downsides. With rechargeable varieties, you don't have to worry about buying batteries now and then. However, when the controller runs out of charge, waiting for it to recharge can be an inconvenience.

With replaceable AA batteries, you have to endure the cost of buying the cells, but you don't need to worry about waiting for the controller to recharge. All you need is to replace the batteries and you can continue with your gaming.

Aesthetic and Style

Your PC gaming controller is not complete if it doesn’t look the part. In gaming, style and aesthetics play a significant role and you have to make sure you pick a controller that looks great and feels great in your hands.

The gaming controllers in our collections come in different shapes, sizes and colours. All you have to do is pick what works best for you. Some premium options have more variety to offer in terms of helping you get something that fits your personal style.