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Are you looking to update your office space with a modern office PC? Or perhaps you’re looking for an excellent PC that will handle all the office work effortlessly and run other programs and processes as well?

Here at Fierce PC, we provide a range of different business PCs for office environments. In a busy office, it is essential to have a computer to keep up the pace and be able to run a number of programs without decreasing load time, therefore an Office PC from Fierce PC is the answer. There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to processors, so if you have a heavy workload you can get the right computer for you.


No matter what type of PC you’re looking for, as long as it is for your office, Fierce PC has a variety of PCs that you will love.

We have office PC that tucks away in tight space, varieties that can go on top or under your work station as well as those that mount on the back of your monitor. Whether space is a premium in your office or space is not a problem, at Fierce PC, we have an office PC that will work with what you have.

Our range of office PCs is not limited to the office only. You can also use the PC at school and your home office. We offer affordable rates for clients looking to buy single or multiple units.

Our office PCs are fast and capable of managing high workloads without taking many resources. When your task list is full you need a computer to keep up with all of the essential programs. Our powerful office PCs can efficiently manage multiple tasks at the same time to keep you moving forward. The age of big chunky PCs that look ugly and take up space is no more, our office PCs can be tucked out of your way, not only are they compact but also stylishly designed. We have a wide range so why not see for yourself?

These computers are also ideal for school work as they are built to handle a lot of tasks and are great at multitasking. If you need more than one, there is no worry as all of our Office computers are completely affordable.

Buy Your Office PC with Fierce PC

Buying an office PC is a big deal. No one understands that better than us at Fierce PC. That is why we provide you with a broad range of options to allow you to find a PC that complements your office and helps you become more productive without becoming a bother.

We have invested heavily in finding quality components for all our office PCs from the leading manufacturers like Intel and AMD to ensure we can provide you with PCs that are high performance, easy to use and function without freezing or slowing down.

Whether you’re looking for a premium option or a budget-friendly PC that will keep your busy office running, we will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. What’s more, with our competitive rates, we will make sure you get the most value out of your purchase.

Browse through our extensive catalogue of office PCs and find what you like. If you don’t, not to worry, you can customise your office PC with the help of our online configurator. You will have the opportunity to pick all the parts and components you would like to go into your new office PC, and our expert technicians will assemble and test your new PC before shipping it to you.

Powerful Components

We don’t leave anything to chance. We want your new office PC to have the best performance and the fastest response. We use the best and high-performance components when assembling our office PCs to make sure you have a great experience when using them. 

We understand that constraints and demands that come with office work and design our PCs to help you offload and solve as many of those demands as possible.

With our office PCs, you’re assured of responsiveness, freeze-free performance and fast PCs. The PCs can also handle a variety of other functions like simple games to help you take the edge off and relax.


Every time you buy your office PC with us, we offer you a 3-5 year return-to-base warranty with your PC. The warranty covers both labour and parts. Should the PC run into any problems, we will have it repaired or replaced for you at no extra cost. 

Customise Your Office PC with Fierce PC

 We understand that offices have different requirements when it comes to PCs. As such, having a one-size-fits-all approach when designing office PC would be counterproductive. We try as much as possible to come up with PCs that will fit the different needs and complete various projects.

But, it's almost impossible to make the perfect PC. So, we came up with the ideal solution – the Online PC Configurator. We believe no one understands the PC you need better than yourself. Using the online PC configurator, you can choose from the dozens of PC components we have in our catalogue to make the perfect PC for your office.

Once you pick your desired parts, we will have our team of technicians assemble and test the PC within 48 hours.

Building your office PC could be easier than with Fierce PC. In case you need any assistance or have questions, our experts are easily reachable through numerous ways and will offer you comprehensive solutions in the shortest time possible.

Office PC FAQs

What is an office PC?

Office PCs are designed to complete tasks that are common in the workplace. These include creating and editing documents, data analysis, numeric manipulation and creation of PowerPoint presentations, to name a few. The applications of the office differ depending on the functions of the office.  

Which PC is best for office use?

A; The best office PC differs depending on the applications you want it to handle. Most office applications don't require the PC to have immense processing power. But in some like architecture, it's vital to have a PC with ample processing speeds and power. The best PC for office use is one that is capable of delivering on the functions of the office without freezing or crashing.

How much RAM does an Office PC need?

Most office PC functions are not as demanding as gaming. A good office should have about 4-8GB of RAM depending on the demand of the processes the PC will be running. 4GB is perfect for running Microsoft Office suite and other essential office functions.

How much does an office PC cost?

The price of an office PC varies depending on the features of the PC, the processing speed and the power of the PC. We have multiple options at Fierce PC to suit different users and to complete other tasks. You can expect to spend anywhere from £1,500 for a mid-range office PC.

What is the best home office PC to buy?

We have multiple office Pc brands that have received many positive reviews from previous users. Our Intel Creation and AMD creation range are among the home office PCs that have received the most impressive reviews and are among our best sellers. However, we have multiple other brands that you can look at, depending on your budget and preference.

Is it better to buy a desktop or a laptop for office use?

Both desktop and laptop have their benefits and downsides. Desktops are generally more powerful and can be easily upgraded. The casing also has more space which allows for more efficient cooling. Laptops, on the other hand, are portable, allowing you to turn any space into your office. They are more convenient and often more affordable. The better option varies depending on the needs of the user.  

Can I build my own office PC?

At Fierce PC, you can build any PC you want, including an office PC. You can use our online PC configurator to select the components you want for your office PC. After selecting all the components, our engineers will help you assemble and test the PC then ship it out to you.

Do you build all the office PCs yourselves?

We assemble most of our PCs ourselves. But we also have some that are delivered pre-assembled from the manufacturer.  

Do the PCs come with a warranty?

All our PCs pre-built and custom-made come with a 3-5 years return-to-base warranty. We also have a 30 free return-to-base warranty on all our PCs should you have any problems or challenges with the gamin PC.

Do you have financing for an office PC?

We have partnered with Hitachi to provide financing for all our PCs. Using our practical and affordable options, our loyal customers can enjoy the convenience of a quality office PC while paying for it in manageable instalments.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship all over the UK and to other countries like Portugal, Poland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, and Ireland, among others.