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When choosing a gaming keyboard it is mainly based on personal preference and getting the correct gaming keyboard that is right for you. Our range of gaming keyboards here at Fierce PC is versatile and practical. We have plenty of great gaming keyboards starting at less than £10. They all have unique designs and a full range of amazing features that are guaranteed to give you an edge when gaming!

Many of our gaming keyboard range have different backlighting features, which is extremely useful when gaming at night. The illumination effects can be adjustable on many keyboards, from a water drop effect when you hit a key, to lighting up specific keys during gameplay making it much easier to see what you need. The LED lighting can have varying speeds of the pulse so you can tailor it as and when you like.

Gaming Keyboards FAQs

Are gaming keyboards good?

Any keyboard will work. But, mechanical keyboards have better quality and last much longer than a rubber dome. The keyboards also have additional functions that make them a better fit for gaming.

Are gaming keyboards worth it?

A gaming keyboard is a worthy investment if it has the proper features, including mechanical switches, N-key rollover and a wired connection. There are other features that come with the keyboard, depending on the one you select, that can also be useful and worth the cost.

Why are gaming keyboards so expensive?

The keyboards feature numerous extra components and have a unique mechanical build that takes more time to complete. Gaming keyboards cost a lot more because each key has a mechanical switch underneath, and this is the main reason why mechanical gaming keyboards cost more.

What are the best gaming keyboards?

There are different types of designs of gaming keyboards from various brands. Usually, the best option depends on the gamer and their budget, but there are some brands that are known to make excellent gamer keyboards like Corsair, Razer, Logitech, and Kinesis, to mention a few which you can find right here on Fierce PC.

Which is better between Corsair and Razer keyboards?

It depends on what you're looking for. Ideally, Corsair has more affordable options and you're more likely to get amazing deals on Corsair keyboards. On the other hand, Razer is more of a premium brand offering better quality overall but also requires a better understanding of the type of keyboard you want.

What are the different types of gaming keyboards?  

There are several types of gaming keyboard layouts. There is the full-size gaming keyboard, the 60% and the TKL. 60% of gaming keyboards require more time to learn. But they provide excellent weight and space savings. These keyboards are portable and look cool.

The TKL (tenkeyless) design is another amazing design for gaming. It does away with the Numpad saving on space and ensuring you have more room for your mouse to manoeuvre.

Full-size keyboards have all the buttons. They are the heaviest and the biggest. However, they are ideal for gamers that also use their PCs for other functions and need all the keys to work.

Is TKL or 60% better for gaming?

Both options are excellent for gaming. They solve some of the challenges gamers face when using full-size keyboards. They offer more space, better positioning and they are smaller and more portable. The only challenge with 60% of keyboards is they require a bit of time to master. But after that is out of the way, they provide a fantastic gaming experience.

What is the best keyboard size for gaming?

The best keyboard size depends on the game you're playing. Gamers who play RTS and MOBAs games can benefit from full-size keyboards, while those who prefer more portable keyboards can benefit from 60% and TKL keyboards, which are smaller and lighter.

Buy Your Gaming Keyboard with Fierce PC

A feature on some of our gaming keyboards is that you can replace individual keys. The keys you use more often than others are more likely to get worn down quicker. It is simple to replace them when this happens, making gaming more comfortable for you. We have a wide variety of extremely stylish wireless and wired keyboards all of which are made to high standards to withstand long gaming sessions and the occasional knock, but also giving you smooth or reactive keystrokes for better gaming.

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Have a look through our range of gaming keyboards, not only do we sell keywords but we also sell Gaming Webcams, Gaming Mice, Headsets and more. You will find great keyboards at amazing prices. Every keystroke is important in gaming, get an edge in gaming with a wide range of gaming keyboards we have to offer. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to get in touch with our specialist staff who are here to help you. Simply get in touch via online chat, drop us an email or call our friendly team who are keen gamers and so can offer free advice and recommendations. Fierce PC – We are gaming!

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