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Choosing the right monitor is crucial when gaming. Let’s set the scene, you’re on the battlefield and you have your trusty Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle, you are the last one on the team, it’s all or nothing! You require sharpshooter precision to pick off the enemy, and the last thing you need is to have to squint at a 15 inch LED, trying to make out if that is the enemy or a shadow. What you need is a 34 inch crisp High-Definition LED monitor to help magnify your enemies! At Fierce PC, we have an extensive range of high-quality computer monitors to give you the competitive edge when gaming.


A gaming monitor is the second most crucial component of your gaming set up. After selecting the CPU as well as all the critical parts that go into it, your next task is to choose a gaming monitor that will bring all the graphics to life and provide you with the ultimate gaming experience.

Why not check out our 4K gaming monitors and curved gaming monitors.

Gaming monitors are built differently from general or professional use monitors. For the best experience, you should invest in a monitor designed for gaming. At Fierce PC, we have an extensive collection of gaming monitors.

Our range includes the best quality gaming monitors of different budgets and types.

Whether you use them for gaming, working or watching a movie, your computer monitor influences your computer experience and so it is important you choose a monitor suited to your needs. Pick from our range of LCD, HD, TFT and widescreen monitors to give you the setup you deserve!

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming PC Monitor

The visual experience is a crucial aspect of gaming. Whether you’re looking to blow yourself and your friends away with excellent graphics or looking to get an advantage, investing in a top of the line gaming monitor is going to be a great investment.

Choosing the right monitor that will get you the best experience for your budget is critical and while we have a plethora of gaming monitor to choose from, we want you to have the best. To help you with that, consider these elements when buying your gaming monitor:


For most gamers, the bigger the size, the better the experience. This is not always the case. Particularly with gaming. An ideal gaming screen should not be more than 27 inches. This allows you to view the entire screen without wandering your eyes all over the screen to view everything. With a smaller screen, you can view everything by looking at the middle of the monitor.

Type of Panel

The type of panel you choose depends on your goals. The TN panels will often prioritise budget and speed while IPS varieties are keener on providing you with the excellent viewing experience.  


Gaming monitors come in different resolution. What you choose depends on the experience you’re after. At Fierce PC, you can find gaming monitors in;

  • 1080p (Full HD)
  • 1440p (QHD/2K )
  • 2160p (UHD/4K)

Higher resolution means more pixel count which translates to better visual detail and better image clarity.

However, to enjoy some of these resolutions, you have to make sure that you also have the relevant graphics cards to match.

Refresh Rate

Choosing a monitor with a high refresh rate is critical in many ways. Not only does it provide you with a better viewing experience but also more detailed images. Just like the resolution, you have to make sure you pair your monitor with the best possible graphics card for an excellent experience. This is more so the case if you’re looking at high framerates.


There are different panel types, each offering a different viewing experience. These include TN, VA and IPS. TN monitors are at the bottom of the food chain and are the most affordable but have a less than pleasant image quality, especially when viewed from the sides. IPS screens have a better response rate and often better colour than VA's. But VA's have the best contrast.

Types of PC Monitors

HD and 4K

For gamers looking for different viewing qualities, we have a variety of HD gaming monitors that include 1080p and 1440p. These are budget-friendly options that offer excellent viewing quality with high definition.

The 1440p is often the sweet spot for most gamers because of the great balance between price and viewing experience it offers.

For gamers that want nothing but the best, 4K gaming monitors are the best. The Ultra-high-definition packs 8,294,400 pixels allowing for detailed viewing and graphics. Without question, this type of screen will also require that you have a high-end graphics card to run it.

Flat and Curved monitors

Gaming monitors have come a long way in terms of how they look and how they serve their purpose. At the moment, curved screens are trending, and that is for a good reason. Not only do flat screens allow you to see more without wandering your eyes all over the screen, but they also have an ultra-wide aspect ratio.

From the experience of most gamers, they also make the experience of gaming more engaging. For the best experience when using a curved gaming monitor, it’s best to pair it with an ultra-wide panel.

Even though curved screens are becoming a hit, flat screens are a fan-favourite mainly because of their practicality and they have been around for longer.

Our range of flat screens will generally cost less but can provide a mind-blowing gaming experience as well.

Why Buy Your Monitor from Fierce PC?

  • Variety – we have a wide variety of gaming monitors to choose from. Whether you’re looking for affordable and budget-friendly varieties or preferring performance over price, you will find your ideal gaming monitor with us.
  • Quality – We only stock the best quality and most reputable brands in the gaming market. Even for budget-friendly monitors, you can rest assured that with Fierce PC, you are getting the best quality your money can buy.
  • Warranty – Our gaming hardware is warranty backed. We want you to be comfortable buying your gaming hardware from us which is why we make sure you get a warranty to secure your investment.
  • Customer support – In case you have any challenges whether in-store or after buying components or gaming PCs from us, we have a dedicated customer support team that will help you in the shortest time possible for an improved experience. What’s more, you can get in touch with the team via various avenues like live chat, phone support or email.

Buy Your Gaming Monitors with Fierce PC

If you want the latest technology and the latest in innovation, look no further than our curved ultra-wide monitors that bring gaming to life. Our stunning curved screens match the natural curvature of the human eye, providing a more uniform and comfortable viewing experience, these monitors allow you to immerse yourself in gaming. Or, why not have a look at the widescreen setup of monitors which feature backlighting technology to deliver exceptional brightness and amazing image clarity. With dozens of monitors to choose from, let Fierce PC help you find the perfect screen for you, as always, we cater for all budgets.

To guarantee the quality of our gaming monitor as well as other gaming components, we offer a warranty. The length of the warranty depends on the make and model of the product you buy. This helps to ensure that you have peace of mind that you're buying genuine and long-lasting component.

Not sure if you should get a 4K monitor or a widescreen monitor? Not to worry, our friendly team of gaming team members are here to help you. Simply get in touch via live chat, email, or phone support and they will provide you with free support to help answer any questions or queries you may have – Fierce PC we are gaming!