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Are you thinking of taking your gaming to the next level without sabotaging your budget? Fierce PC has got you covered. Our extensive collection of computers for sale covers gamers of all levels as well as other high-performance computer users.

Are you worried about the budget? Again, we've got you covered. We've been in the computer business industry long enough to know that your computer needs and your budget don't always go together. That is why we have a small army of computers for different budgets. Whether you're just starting, an amateur gamer or an experienced hand looking for the best gaming technology that money can buy, Fierce PC has got your back.


Computers for Sale from Fierce PC

Fierce PC is a leading supplier of gaming and high-performance computers in the UK. Over and above our love for computers, we have an insatiable desire for gaming. That is why we design each PC with precision and performance in mind. The PCs are competitively priced to give you the best value for money and excellent performance and experience.

Quality components

To achieve the desired performance and durability, we only use the best quality components and parts for our computers.

We source for our parts from reputable brands and companies like Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Cooler Master Corsair, among others.

By working closely with these brands, we get the best quality parts that bring out the best in our computers and sustain the exemplary performance for longer.

High performance

It’s not enough that our computers are made from the best parts. They need to have the processing power to muscle through any challenges you have. For this, we rely on our knowledge and networks to get wind of the latest and most revolutionary technologies that will dramatically improve the processing power of our computers.

We use the latest processors to enhance performance and GPUs to bring your graphics to life and give your virtual world life.

Whether you’re looking for a gaming computer with the best performance or a video or music editing computer that can quickly and efficiently execute commands, you can get it at Fierce PC.

With our line of computers for sale, you can finally realise what freeze-free and smooth performance with enchanting details on your visuals is like.


We value our customers and their peace of mind. We know that buying a new computer is a long commitment and requires some of your hard-earned money. To put any worries and concerns to rest, all our computers are covered by a return-to-base warranty.

The length of the warranty differs depending on the computer you buy but varies between 3 to 5 years, and it covers the labour and parts used to make the computer.

In case your computer arrives, and you have any problems with it, we will have our technicians repair or replace it for you at no cost.

Tested computers

Every time you buy a new appliance, you have to take a deep breath when you plug it in for the first time hoping that it will work fine. With Fierce PC, you can save the breath.  All our computers are rigorously tested before leaving our warehouse.

Our expert technicians roar every computer to life and check every aspect of the computer is working perfectly from the power unit right down to the processor's speeds, so you don't have to unpackage your new computer with bated breath. Instead, you can let the excitement of the new computer arriving carry you through as you plug it in and get ready to jump on it.

Build your own computers

We try our best to make sure our range of computers covers the needs of every user. But with the needs changing so fast, sometimes, you might not find what you’re looking for in our stock selection. But worry not! Using our Online PC Configurator, you can choose from the thousands of computer components we have in our stock to build your customised computer from the ground up.

Once you select the components you want, our technicians will get to work and have the new computer assembled within 48 hours. If some of the parts are hard to find, our technicians will communicate and let you know when PC will be completed.

Custom PCs are also subjected to the same tests to make sure everything works correctly before we send them out to the buyer.

Fast shipping

Online shipping can be a pain, especially when you have to wait endlessly for your order to arrive. With Fierce PC, you don’t have to worry about pacing back and forth as you wait for your new PC to arrive.

We have a carefully planned out shipping system that ensures we dispatch all new orders within five working days after the testing is complete. Once on the road, you get your new PC in record time.