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Founded in 2013, Game Max originally created products for gamers and tech lovers in Asia, due to progressive growth, in 2015 it began to offer gaming products in the UK. All ,p>products are manufactured and developed by their in-house gaming enthusiasts that ensure they always have the gamer at heart. From illuminating keyboards and precision-engineered gaming mice, Game Max products are developed by gamers for the gamers!

All products require minimal setup and are ready to go, so you can jump straight into your favourite game without much waiting. We are regularly adding new Game Max products, so be sure to follow our social media channels to get the latest news and product updates directly to your phone.

Game Max is one of the few UK-based gaming PC brands that have perfected the art of gaming hardware for gamers with a hunger to win. The PCs are designed for relentless competitors who dare to dream big and look to conquer at all odds.

Game Max has over 10 years of experience creating the best gaming hardware, which is currently used worldwide. The brand offers affordable, premium and top of the line gaming hardware and accessories with a drive to change innovation and the gaming scene in the UK and the rest of the world, particularly for gamers that believe in blazing their own trail and going against the grain.

Game Max Product Line

Game Max appeals most to buyers looking for aftermarket accessories made with gaming in mind. The brand has an excellent range of gaming accessories and hardware that can help you make the most out of your current rig and some impressive gaming PCs that can elevate your play and score you more wins.


PC cases are primarily selected for their aesthetic appeal. But Game Max understands that there is more to the role of the PC case than its appearance. This is why the brand has an exquisite collection of PC cases that serve various gaming purposes.

The collection includes full ATX, mid-tower and Matx gaming PC cases that guarantee superb aesthetic without compromising on critical functions like scalability and cooling. With this impressive range of gaming PC cases, you're not just the envy of your friends, but you can enhance the performance of the PC and adding components that improve PC performance will be easier.


Gaming PCs draw a lot of power which translates to unbelievable heat production. Dissipation of the heat produced by the various components like the processors is critical in keeping the PC running optimally and prevent it from switching off when it goes past the critical temperature.

Game Max has an excellent range of aftermarket cooling options that will enhance the performance of your PC while keeping the temperatures down. The options including liquid cooling kits and RGB fans that flare to your rig and improving heat management.


PSU's can lead to various challenges with your gaming rig if you don't have the right one in place. If you struggle with the PC heating up or shutting off without warning, The PSU is one of the hardware pieces you should consider getting.

The PSU ensures the gaming PC runs smoothly and that every component receives just the right amount of power they need to operate without overheating. A carefully selected not only protects your current setup it also allows you to upgrade more seamlessly to more powerful components.

Game Max has a vast range of gaming PSUs to suit different gaming rigs with varying power requirements.

The PSU's are made from quality materials and premium craftsmanship to meet the demands of gaming and guarantee improved safety and performance of the entire rig. Depending on your budget, the features of the PSU differ, varying in watt output and cooling features.

Game Max PSUs are explicitly designed for gaming and tuned to deliver accurate power to every component.


Although most accessories don't enhance the power of your gaming setup, they enhance your gaming performance and comfort. Every gaming accessory under Game Max is designed to meet the demanding nature of gaming and be ergonomic enough to cater to gamers who play for long hours. The range of accessories available from Game Max include:

  • Keyboards – Gaming keyboards are one of the most essential accessories. Game Max offers a range of mechanical keyboards with RGB lighting to add sparkle and colour to your gaming. The keyboards are designed for gamers with plenty of space and sizeable keys that make operation easier and increase accuracy.
  • Mice – Game Max gaming mice come in various designs and configurations. They feature different key combinations and light effects to cater to different gamers and gamers. All the mice have an ergonomic design that ensures prolonged gaming hours without effects like tightness in the wrist.
  • Headsets – To bring your experience alive, you need a quality pair of gaming headsets that will not only allow you to realise the audio experience but also communicate with your partners in multi-player games. Game Max headphones are comfortable to wear even for long hours with a crisp and clear microphone.

For gamers that need multiple items, you can check out Game Max combos that allows you to get multiple items for a pocket-friendly price. The combos are designed to suit gamers with different needs and interests.