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Founded in 1994, Corsair is one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality products for PC and gaming enthusiasts. From manufacturing PC cases, CPU coolers, keyboards, to mouse mats, memory units and more – Corsair products will help take your gaming to the next level!

Corsair products are regularly used in PC builds, earning the respect of professional gamers and the press as one of the leaders in providing high-quality gaming products. Corsair offer products in over 60 countries around the world - If you are looking for reliable gaming products, Corsair is one of the best. Regularly featured in gaming magazines and gaming shows, Corsair are trusted by millions around the world.


At Fierce PC, we offer a wide range of Corsair Gaming and PC peripherals to help give gamers the competitive edge. Not sure if your gaming setup is suitable for Corsair products? Not to worry, get in touch with our dedicated support team that provides free advice to help you get the best gaming peripherals for your needs.

When it comes to building Gaming PCs, the experience is important and Corsair has plenty of it. The brand has been in operation since 1994 and has plenty of award-winning innovations and technologies which have fuelled their success.

Today, Corsair is one of the leading providers of high-performance gaming PCs in the market. The diverse range of products includes peripherals and other components that help gamers make the most out of their passion for PC games.

At Fierce PC, we know a winner when we see one. And we work tirelessly to make sure that gamers have the most advanced and latest gaming PCs in the market. We have a robust range of Corsair gaming PCs designed for both high-end gamers with plenty of budgets to spare as well as those that are looking for economy options.

Buy Your Corsair Gaming PC from Fierce PC

At Fierce PC, we aim to provide the perfect gaming experience right from the process of getting yourself new gaming hardware. Our technicians work tirelessly to make sure we have plenty of pre-built Corsair Gaming PC ready for you to choose from.

For gamers with more superior taste and needs, we have the Online PC Configurator and we provide full access to our range of components and parts. We let you pick every part you want to go into your customised PC. In case you run into any problems, you can reach out to our customer support team.

After you pick the parts for your new gaming rig, our technicians will build the PC and test it for you in about 48 hours. Our goal is to make the process as quick and effective as possible. We then have the PC shipped to you. You don’t have to worry about the longevity and quality of parts because we provide you with a 3 -5 years return-to-base warranty for the PC, depending on the brand of the PC.

Don’t be left behind. Get your Corsair Gaming PC from Fierce PC today!

Quality Component for Your Gaming Computer

Gaming PCs are expected to perform at a high level at all times. The intense demands from the games mean the components in the system have to be of the best quality to keep the PC functioning without failing.

No one understands the importance of quality components for Gaming PCs better than us. That is why we only use parts and components from reputable gaming brands that have a long history of reliability and long life.

In addition to the long life, we also make it easy for you to upgrade by using flexible motherboards with plug and play ports for the different components. If any of your processors, RAM or GPUs becomes obsolete, you can just pull it out and replace it with a more advanced version.

Powerful Components

Power is the next most important thing after quality when looking for components for a Gaming PC. While quality ensures the parts don’t fail prematurely, power ensures they perform as required to provide you with an excellent gaming experience without freezes. For gamers that go with the customised Corsair Gaming PC option, we have a wide range of powerful components in our range that you can choose from. With the vast variety, you can build anything from a budget PC to a high-end gaming rig just for you!

Here’s Some Advice on Buying Your Next Corsair Gaming PC

At Fierce PC, we care about gaming and more importantly, about providing gamers with the experience of a lifetime. We do anything we can to make sure you have the right information and equipment to get you started on your gaming adventure successfully. Here are a few items you should consider when buying your next gaming PC.

Processors – Don’t fall victim to the hype that surrounds graphics cards. Even though they are critical to your gaming experience, a good processor is just as important. When buying a new Gaming PC, go for the best processor you can afford to guarantee yourself the best possible experience.

Graphics Cards – Once you have the processors in place, you can then go for graphics cards. A good graphics card paired with a capable monitor can bring the game alive. Graphics are heavily touted because of the difference they bring to a game and that is enough reason to spend a handsome budget on them.

RAM – You want to give all the components enough working space and that is what RAM does. With plenty of space, you can enjoy a smooth and trouble-free time when gaming.

PC Cases – with the fast processors, intense graphics cards and heavy games, things can get pretty toasty inside your PC. PC casings are not only designed for aesthetics but also to keep the components cool and prevent them from burning themselves out.