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ASUS Gaming Equipment

ASUS have been producing innovative gaming equipment and computer technology since 1989. Over the last few years, they have pushed gaming technology manufacturing to produce a broad range of award-winning gaming headphones, sensitive touch keyboards, LED monitors and much more!

We offer a full range of ASUS gaming equipment designed for gamers by gamers. ASUS monitors are professional gaming monitors that seamlessly combine the latest technologies and designs to provide players with the ultimate experience. Gaming headsets offered by ASUS are some of the best in the market, with true 7.1 surround sound you can immerse yourself and feel the roar of stealth bombers swooping over your enemy in Battlefield – Be a part of the game with noise-cancelling headphones offered by ASUS.


Asus has been a leading brand in the gaming world since 1989. They’ve been recognised for some of the award-winning and industry-changing technology over the last few years. Asus products range from LED monitors, keyboards, components, and gaming laptops.

The Asus range of gaming PCs is designed by gamers for gamers. The unique collection offers unrivalled performance and excellent visuals to cater to all types of gamers with different budgets.

Whether you're looking for your first gaming PC or an experienced gamer looking to obliterate the competition in one swift move, the Republic of Gamers (ROG) range of gaming PCs from Asus has just the rig for you.

With decades of experience in the gaming world, Asus understands what gaming is about and has been part of the revolution. It is one of the most reputable brands in the gaming world and Fierce PC makes all their unique gaming PCs and components available to you under one roof.

Buy Your Asus Gaming PC with Fierce PC

A great gaming PC is the best investment you can make as a gamer. At Fierce PC, we make sure your budget works for you by providing you with a diverse range of gaming PCs that will satisfy your gaming needs and give you an edge. Our range of Ryzen gaming PCs is configured to meet all the needs of the gaming world, including gaming, streaming, and recording.

We use high-quality and robust components on all our Ryzen Gaming PCs to guarantee seamless performance even when you’re running intensive programs on your PC. Let Fierce PC redefine your gaming experience. With our understanding of the gaming world and Asus's innovative and technical know-how of Gaming PCs, you're assured of nothing short of excellent hardware that makes you the envy of fellow gamers.

At Fierce PC, we have been around long enough to appreciate that you can't build a PC for every gamer. The PCs are as diverse as gamers. That's why we have an Online PC configurator that you can use to come up with your own customised PC in case you don’t find anything intriguing enough in our collection.

With the Online PC configurator, you can choose from the vast array of parts and components we stock at Fierce PC. Once you select your desired parts, our technicians will help you assemble your PC and test it for you before shipping it to you. With Fierce PC, getting your new Asus PC is simple and fast. For a worry-free experience, we offer you up to 5 years return-to-base warranty depending on the brand of your gaming PC so you can rest easy and focus on having a blast with your new gaming rig.

Only The Best For All Games

Regardless of your budget, Fierce PC has a reasonable gaming rig that will give you the most value for your money and provide you with excellent gaming experience. With our understanding of the gaming market, we are keen on helping all gamers find the right Asus gaming PC that matches their needs and their budgets.

Other than having top quality and high-performance components, we design PCs that are easy to upgrade, so it's easier to stay up-to-date with the demands of the gaming world. If any of the parts become obsolete, you only need to change the component and not the entire unit.

Powerful Components

Gaming PCs run intensive programs. The slightest glitch can cost you a milestone or a new record. That’s why you need powerful components that provide a fluid performance for the best gaming experience. At Fierce PC, we stock all the major and reputable brands in the gaming world include Asus, MSI, G-Force, NVIDIA, among others. Get in touch with us today for the best deals on the latest Asus gaming PCs.

Helpful Customer Support

You’re a gamer and we are experts in making gaming PCs. Our customer support team allows you and us to perform our functions flawlessly to make sure you’re always satisfied with the gaming PCs we sell to you.

If you have any problems whether with a PC you bought from us or with the process of buying a PC from us, our capable customer support team is always at hand to make sure you get the assistance you promptly and with ease.

We have invested in personnel and other resources to build a competent customer support team that listens and provides you with practical answers and solutions to all your questions and concerns.