After a red-hot start, Virtual Reality cooled down until it got a boost last year because of renewed interest from major companies like Sony and Samsung.

With a more diverse application set in different areas, VR is finally becoming the hot commodity everyone expected it to be. Even better for gaming, it’s making it even easier to make the virtual world a reality and bringing a much-needed dose of intensity.

But, is VR going to remain what it is currently or will it improve or lose value again? Here are a few things that the future holds for VR gaming.

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More Reality

The whole idea behind having power GPUs and 4K monitors is to make the Virtual seem more real. VR gaming is as close to reality as it gets.

At the moment, the technology only stimulates visual and auditory sensory. Other important aspects that would make the game feel even more real like fatigue, smell, and temperature are not captured at the moment.

Catering to more senses is key to realising the full potential of VR. In the future, VR gaming is likely to break the barriers and incorporate more ways of making the gaming experience look and feel more real.

It might take some time, but developers are in the thick of things trying to find ways to enhance the realistic sense of VR.

Improved Gaming

With rapid technology development and advancements, video game developers have made tremendous strides over the last two decades. Today, games look better than ever before with improved graphics and performance.

With the age of VR gaming, game makers now have their work cut out for them. It's time to go back to the drawing board and come up with new ideas and content that embraces the latest technology.

It is the same time as when video was moving from 2D to 3D. Currently, VR gaming is still fundamental and the graphics are not the best. With better research, more testing and more innovation, the experience will only improve and so will the graphics. Simply put, VR gaming is just scratching the surface.

New Accessories

Expect more and better VR hardware in the future. At the moment, the limited gear seems remarkable as is but, no one in this market is done with VR just yet.

To enhance the experience, expect your VR hardware to come up with new gadgets and add-ons. Most major brands are already thinking of these and other new ways to woo customers and be a market leader.

Currently, brands like Rift have touch controllers with their CR hardware that come with buttons that simulate grabbing and combat in their games. Expect more additions to make VR gaming in the near and far future as major companies battle it out to grab a piece of the market share.

Multiplayer VR Gaming

What if you could share the VR gaming experience with other players? Multiplayer platforms are a vital part of modern gaming. Ideally, this mode of play will also form an essential part of VR gaming. Luckily, there's headway into this aspect and some VR games allow you to play together with your friends.

Companies like Gear VR and Oculus Rift allow you to immerse yourself in the world of VR gaming with their VR headsets. You have access to games like Minecraft and Resident Evil 7.

Gaming developers are well aware of the potential that multiplayer VR gaming can unlock. There's no doubt more games that provide a more intense, and immersive experience for the players are on the way.

Some companies like Modal VR have also toyed with the idea of bringing back arcade gaming through VR technology. Expectedly, the move has created quite some chatter. It’s only a matter of time before this ambition becomes a reality.

Price Drops

Getting top of the line VR gear isn’t cheap. The demand is still low and the technology somewhat expensive. But, as with any other products in a free market, with better uptake and more affordable technology going forward, the prices will drop at some point.

Rift Oculus is leading the band in this area with their headset and touch controller bundle having a significant price drop. The price might still be considered high, but it's a welcome move that spells a lot of hope for the future of VR gaming.

Other brands like HTC Vive are still lagging behind in pricing. But Playstation VR is making a run for it with one of the most affordable VR kits in the market.

The addition of new players like Asus and Razer to the scene also brings on board some much-needed competition. There's also increased zeal to continue inventing affordable VR technology that will soon start knocking on people's doors.

Final Thoughts

If you think VR gaming is impressive right now, you're not ready for what the future holds for you. Developers are just scratching the surface.  With the look of things, VR gaming is going to be the most exciting thing that has happened to gamers for quite some time.

The potential addition of stimulating other senses like smell and fatigue will make the games more indulging and give the game a more realistic approach.

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