New classes, improved looks, a faster party, and even infinite power. These are just a few of the mods you can use to make Divinity: Original Sin 2 an even better RPG than you thought it was.

Truth be told, there’s no shortage of mods to choose from. That’s why we put together this little list of the best Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods to help you cut back on research and get the best mods that will give you the best edge and improve your gaming experience.

How to Install Divinity: Original Sin 2 Mods

Before we jump into the different mods and how they can revolutionise your gaming experience, here's a quick guide on how to install mods on the Original Sin2 game.

The mods are easy to install more so if you own the game on Steam. You just go to the Steam Workshop in the library of your game’s page and click ‘Subscribe’ on the mods that interest you.

Just like that, your mods of choice will be added to your list and you can use them as you please.


Infinite spirit vision

To talk to and scan for ghosts, you have to wait until midway of the game. It’s bad enough that you have to wait for this long but, you also have to do it manually and you only get to pull back the curtains between the two worlds when you’re within a certain range.

With this mod, that doesn’t have to be the case. It takes away the time limit and also extends Spirit Vision’s range. Now you can chat with the afterlife all you want.

Start in Fort Joy

You can skip the tutorial! Even though it’s not that bad, it is a barrier between you and the good stuff particularly on subsequent playthroughs. This little mod allows you to jump right into the middle of the action.

Auto Identify

Once your character has a five Loremaster stat of higher, this mod lets you enjoy the full benefits by letting you bypass manual identification of the items. It saves you time and allows you to collect more items.

Free pet pal

This is easily one of the best abilities to have in the game. It gives you the power to talk to critters. It’s helpful and quite funny. There’re plenty of jokes, hints and hidden quests to be discovered. If you don’t pick up the pet pal, you’re missing on the most outrageous moments of the adventure. This mod saves you the trouble of having to choose.

It is a free ability you can use, the pet pal from the get-go and you don't have to choose between the pet pal and other handy talents.

If you can get your hands on the updated version, it's even better. The updated version extends the effect to your entire party not just your character.

Toggle Sprint

With so much to cover, the walking speed can feel a little slow. It gets worse because you have to keep backtracking looking for treasures and quests you might have missed.

A little speed would definitely help you get around faster and give the game a more upbeat feeling. Toggle sprint is the mod that enables you to achieve that.

With the customised options, you can choose how fast you want to crank up the speed. An additional benefit of having this mod is, you spend less time waiting around in battles which saves you even more time.

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Crafting overhaul

You don’t always get what you want. You might find the perfect set of armour, but you just can’t stand the colour. Maybe you need a sword while in the woods and crafting one would make a big difference.

The crafting overhaul mod is all you need. It has more than 1,600 crafting recipes and covers over 550 items. You get armour dyes, fancy weapons and other conveniences like portable crafting bags and stations.

The mod also throws in the corpse harvester as a plus. You can use this feature to collect body parts you can use to craft new items.

Interesting unique

Yet another mod that makes the game more dashing and cuts back on the boring graphics. With this mod, you can tweak the effects of unique items to make them even more special and powerful instead of just being interchangeable.

Combat sneak

Per the standards of the game, sneaking in the middle of a fight takes quite a number of APs. This mod helps you make going stealth a viable combat strategy by toning down the cost of sneaking down to two APs.

However, you still need to be wary of the archers who might spot you. Better take advantage of cover and stay away from the red view radius even when sneaking up on your targets or getting out of dangerous situations.

If you throw in the Guerilla Perk with this mod, you can also boost damages by up to 40% in a stealth attack.

Character Creation Plus

Divinity: Original Sin 2’s character creator is not broad. In fact, it’s safe to say, it’s severely limited especially when you pick a non-human character.

That’s why you need the character creation plus mod. It brings on board a plethora of additional options that you can use to build your character. These include new faces, masks, hairstyles and other accessories you can use to give your character a distinct look.

Expanded Party Size

Each of the companions in the game proves essential in your journey. Unfortunately, the game caps the party size to four and you have to leave at least two behind. Needless to mention, that's a decision you will regret a couple of times throughout the game.

With the expanded party size mod, you get to take all the companions with you. The mod has a few UI and dialogue issues and combat will be a bit unbalanced, but those are small prices to pay considering you have all your companions with you.


Artificer and Bard skills

With this mod, you add up to 50 new skills to the game. You can mix and match the skills with others in the game or use them to create Artificer and Bard characters.

Wrapping it up

You stand a chance of getting the weaponised lute on your hands and the ability to mess with items like duplicating portions and cursing object. Both are handy when you're in the middle of combat.

There you have it! The most impressive Divinity: Original Sin 2 mods that you should try out. You have a little bit of everything! You have mods that improve aesthetics, give you an edge in combat, and allow you to craft weapons and bring extra companions in the game.

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