The Total War game sequel has a vibrant modding scene. The range of useful tweaks you can use to improve your gaming experience is diverse. They range from balance changes to complete overhauls.

We picked a few of the best Total War: Warhammer 2 mods that will enhance the game significantly and give you that much-needed edge.

How to install Total War: Warhammer 2 Mods

Installing mods is fast and easy. Head to the linked Steam Workshop and sign in using your Steam details. If you don’t have a Steam account already, you need to set up one.

Once you’re logged in, all you need to do is click the ‘subscribe’ button to use a mod. At times, the mods can be unpredictable and clashes can occur. If a mod gives you any trouble, you can turn it off using the Total War: Warhammer 2 Launcher.

Also, try not to install mods in the middle of the campaign. It can result in weird effects in the game and result in inconsistencies.

Better Camera Mod

The better camera mod is simple yet handy. With this mod, you can break through the game’s zoom limits and zoom your way around the map.

With this mod, you can see the battlefields entirely and get closer to your units. Think about the excitement of a High Elf Spearman right in the eye as you order hundreds of rats to go tear him to pieces! You can also get the better campaign camera mod to get the same effect on the campaign map.

Unique Faction Capitals

There’s plenty you can get with this mod. You get a pack of unique looking cities that make your favourite faction capital city look glamorous and as important as it is.

The 3D models keep growing and changing as the city levels up. The Lizardmen get some cool blue glowy stuff, the Naggarond gets a bunch of extra towers and even Altdorf's farmland spreads into the surrounding area.

To give the game a comprehensive feel, you get Kislev, Itza, Couronne and even Miragliano and many others with the mod download.

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Spectator Mode II

Just before you jump into battle, press Shift+F9 and this mod present you with a new menu. You can use the menu to set an AI into autopilot. Using this setting, you can watch an auto-resolve battle.

This mod pairs excellently with the better camera mod to give you some stunning angles on your forces. You can also use the mod to set your army to autopilot and only control the lord. Alternatively, you can give the AI control of any of your incoming reinforcements.

If you prefer to delegate AI control more meticulously, you can use the AI General II mod instead which gives you more complete control on which unit the AI can handle.

Brighter Borders

The name of the mod works just as it suggests. No more squinting or guessing where the borders on Total War: Warhammer 2’s world map are located.

With this mod, you have a simple fix that makes it easier for you to identify the borders. You get to realise the usefulness of the mod in pale areas of the map like the icy scenes or desert where the borders can fade out.

Dryrain’s Reskin Overhauls

It never hurts to add a mod that improves the texture of the game and gives it a more realistic feel. Dryrain’s Reskin Overhaul helps to add some quality texture to the game. It stays within the confines and original vision of the game.

The mod comes in four parts but only so it can get around the space limitation in Steam Workshop. Once downloaded, you have to set the unit detail to ‘Ultra’ to experience the full potential of the mod.

Improved arrow trails

Arrow trails not only make the game more captivating, but they also let you know where the arrow is going. With TW: WH2, the arrow trails are overdone and obscure the units below them. The Improved arrow trails mod helps to replace the streaky white trails with a more subtle and respectful shimmer that doesn’t block the units.

You can still read the arrow fire but, there’s less flare and the trajectory is easier on the eyes and more realistic.

Tabletop Enhancements

There are a handful of mods that work differently but achieve the same results. To keep things interesting as you wait for the game to load, you can use the Tabletop loading screens mod. It gives you a classic army book art that you can enjoy as you wait.

To give your army banners better themes and art, the Tabletop banners collection mod should be your go-to option. You can also go for the All in One UI which helps to tweak the User Interface colours according to the faction you're playing as.

The Tabletop enhancement mods focus on giving you better and more entertaining features in the game. It will not give you an edge, but it will definitely have you looking dapper as you crush the enemy.

Shadder tools

Last but not the least in our least of the best Total War: Warhammer 2 mods is the shadder tool mods. These mods use custom postprocessing and re-shade presets to change the way the game looks.

Compared to other Steam Workshop mods they are more technical to apply. It also takes a hit on your framerate. But, if you’re dying to change the colour balance of the game, these tweak is worth it.

There are different mods you can try out depending on the final look you want. For instance, the Legionnaire's Cinematic FX brightens up the contrast and washes out the colour slightly to give the game a more realistic tone.

The Darker Grand Campaign mod gives the game a darker look. All these are available on Steam Workshop.

For most gamers,  mods are a godsend. They are handy and with communities like TW:WH2 that have a vibrant mod community, you can easily get a mod to change almost any aspect of the game.

Try out any of the few mods above and make this impressive game even better! Other than the Shadder mods, for the other mods, you can check out the ‘How to install the mod’ section.

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