Over the past four years, Witcher 3 has been giving gamers the kingly experience, the one of a kind RPG game. However, even with its awesomeness it has its fair share of issues, though these are not enough to keep you from crunching keys through the night.

For most gamers, thinking of adding mods to this game would be watering down the experience. But, you could throw in some of the best mods to make the game more convenient and spice things up. First things first, you have to find out which mods are the best.  To help you with that, we have put together a list of some of the best Witcher 3 Mods.


Debug Console Enabler

It's one of the utility mods you will need. If you want to tinker around with many mods and not pay the price, the debug console should be your partner in crime. It unlocks the debug console so you can use console commands for different activities such as fixing broken things and spawning enemies.

Nexus Mod Manager

Nexus is home to all Witcher 3 mods. Using the Nexus mod manager, you can wrangle all the conflicting and competing changes that the mods might add to the game. You should pay attention to warning on potential conflicts and load orders. With the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) you can make changes to the mod to make them compatible.

Mod Merger

Last in the Utility category of Witcher 3 mods is the Mod Merger. It’s not commonly appreciated until you’re hit with the news that there’s a mod limit. It’s a shocking revelation and one that might be difficult to come out of. If you find yourself trying to install more mods than the game will allow, the Mod Merger comes in handy.

The mod combines the compatible mods into a single bundle, it increases your quota and allows you to install more mods. However, only spend time merging mods you know will work well together. You don’t want to end up spending all your time merging mods instead of gaming.

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Menu and Travel

Menu and travel mods can help hasten the journey and clean up the UI. As with any other mods, choosing your dose is critical. You don’t want to load up too many mods which might end up conflicting.

Fast travel from anywhere

Even with the signposts for fast travel, you still find yourself spending ages getting from place to place. With this mod, you can teleport to any fast travel point from just about anywhere.

The fast travel mod is not without cost. You have to use the fast travel powers with caution. If you get too excited about moving fast, you can override the system and cause issues with some of the quests. What's more, there are no updates for this mod anymore so it might conflict with some of the newer mods.

All quest objectives on the map

It’s tedious trying to remember all of your objectives on the map. Particularly when you have to find the last herbalist when you’re low on health! With this mod, every icon is on the map all the time.

Merchants and other quest objectives are all marked on the map. If you find the map is too thickly clustered, you can customise the mod to hide markers that are not useful at the time.

Additional stash location

You can access stash from different places within the game. This mod increases the stash locations. In total, you have about eight new stash locations when you add this mod. You can also relocate two of the standard locations to more convenient areas.

Preparations Mod

The preparation mod makes the meditation process more meaningful. While meditating, you spend points in your skill tree, repair items, refill oils and alchemical items. But, with this mod, you can’t eat or drink during combat. Everything must be in order before you set off, otherwise, it could prove to be a deadly mistake instead of giving yourself an advantage.

Combat Mods

Combat mods add all the cool stuff to the game. You can make combat harder, cooler looking, or easier, depending on what you want.

Critical slow-motion combat mod

This mod throws a cinematic flair to the game’s combat. When Geralt lands a critical hit, the action slows down to let you relive the thrill longer. There are a few other mods you can pair with this one for more effect like the More Blood Mod.

Auto apply oil

There’s a level of satisfaction that comes with knowing the right concoction of weapon oils for each job. With the Witcher 3’s system of weapon oils, this is easier said than done. It gets tedious even among the most experienced players.

The auto apply oil mod comes to the rescue for both new and seasoned players. The mod applies the right oil once in you’re in range to an enemy that requires specific oil. All that is left is for you to do is bring down your slab of silver mercilessly on your enemies and watch them tremble in fear.


Every battle is followed by the ruthless but tiresome rummaging of corpses for items you can loot. It takes vital minutes that you could use advancing on your quests. With this mod, you automatically pick up all the looks for Geralt. It doesn’t matter who he’s been fighting, whatever they had is now his.

But, that’s not even the best part with this mod. Auto loot also makes sure you don’t steal valuables accidentally while in your looting frenzy. You can also customise what Geralt picks up and what he doesn’t need.

Gear and Trade

In this range, you have mods that can weigh down your load or make it lighter. They can also make your gear look cooler or rebalance the loot.

Over 9000 weight

Geralt can put up with a lot, but, if you’re a hoarder he can only carry too much. With this mod, you never have to worry about what you should keep and what you should ditch. Once you hit the resulting weight limit which is about 9,000, the mod will take care of everything else.


After dragging a cartload of loot into town, it’s disappointing finding vendors who can’t afford a fraction of what you worked too hard to get.

This mod lathers up the vendors for you. It gives them deeper pockets and encourages them to pay more for what you have. Sadly, the patch was ditched but, you can still use it as an unofficial patch or an updated remix, but, you’ll have to get it from another modder.

Geralt Cloak

Some mods are not great because of their features, but they’re a favourite because of how cool they make the game feel. Geralt Cloak falls squarely in this category. It adds a subtle cosmetic change to the cloak. For some gamers, it’s not much, but to most it’s one of the greatest mods ever built.

After all, every player wants to look great. The newer version of the mod even lets you decide whether you wish Geralt to have his hood up or down.

Graphics and Camera Changes

Mods in this category tweak the photo mode, play around with the textures and throw in a couple of HUD tweaks.

Absolute camera

Sometimes, the position of the camera can be an absolute pain when you're fighting, swimming, running, or riding. The absolute camera distance and angle presents you with dozens of options for camera placement during your activities, making viewing and manoeuvring much easier.

Photo mode

With this photo mod, you can keep those memories of Geralt pulling incredible moves in your gallery. The application allows you to take screenshots with a toggle button and lets you pause the action when you want. With the game frozen, you can unleash your camera to take the perfect picture.

The mod has different features that allow you to take landscape shots and there's an option to spawn mist and fog for more atmospheric shots. To use this mod, you need to the debug console enabler mod first.

More Blood

Nothing makes a game feel more realistic than having blood splattered all over your screen. With this mod, you can make the game feel more like a Tarantino film. It adds bucket loads of blood and blood trails, making this one bloody good mod.

With tens of mods to choose from and a game that’s chocking you down on the mod limit, you have limited options on which mods to pick and which ones to leave behind. With this quick overview of the best Witcher 3 mods, you have everything. From mods that hack the system and allow you to use more mods to graphics mods to menu mods.

With this review, you have all the mods you need to make your gaming experience more explosive, interactive and memorable. Just remember to head to the warnings when installing mods and take necessary precaution to avoid conflict.

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