You've got the best Gaming PC from Fierce PC and you want to play Rocket League for the first time. Every Rocket League loyalist knows the car is a make or break. You have to choose carefully to find the right bursts of speed, strength, turning the curve and whatever other metrics you want your car to meet. You can be like most Pros and go for the Octane. After all, it turns out to be an excellent option for most players.

Or, you could break the Octane curse and try something a little spicier and blaze the trails. There are over 30 bodies you can choose from on Rocket League. It does take a little bit of analysing, testing and trying, there are other great alternatives that you should consider – Of course, the almighty Octane features on this list too!

Which Car Should You Choose?

  1. 5. Octane

We saved the best for last! There’s a reason why most if not all pros pick Octane to run the point. Octane packs a little bit of everything. It’s a small body with an incredible turning radius that makes it perfect for dribbling.

With its speed, it can get to the ball lightning fast not to mention that also happens to have incredible aerial abilities. Despite the size, Octane has a great balance of all the critical factors which include hitbox size, shot impact and turning radius which give you a great edge. Don't be fooled by the tiny size. This little body packs quite the punch in its kick.

If you're like most players, you will most likely go with Octane. It sounds like the right and most strategic thing to do. If you like testing the waters, the other four options can also help you score big. But, you have to make some additions to improve the performance of the car.

Regardless of the car you pick, as a stock option, it won’t take you far. So, you need to be ready to bring your wallet and make some serious upgrades to your car of choice if you want your presence in the Rocket League felt.

  1. 4. Ripper

If you prefer having a lot of lateral quickness along with an engine growl that will shake your opponents, the Ripper has it all.

On the surface, it looks like a small body, but its numbers suggest otherwise. It’s actually long and slightly on the heavy side. It makes it the best for strong long shots and stopping opposing shots. The Ripper is a great option if you're going to use it along with other bodies that have better aerial and dribbling abilities while it can take care of the grounds for you.

  1. 3. Aftershock

There's a lot to like about Aftershock it would be hard to pick a place to start. Perhaps the engine is the best and most subtle place to start. In a world filled with growling cars, Aftershock has a unique engine that sounds more like a small airplane. It's an absolute attention catcher. It gives you that flight experience feeling which is riveting.

Other than the looks and the sound of the engine, the car also packs very encouraging statistics. Even though it’s a long car, it has an excellent turning average and it’s exceptional in the air whether you’re attempting to make a pass or stop one.

Whether you’re going for looks, sound or performance, Aftershock will give you a little bit of everything making it one the best options in Rocket League.

  1. 2. Bat Mobile

Not the best of the Batmobile fleet but worth the mention nonetheless. The most attractive feature of this car is the futuristic design that makes it a perfect match for the fictional world of the Rocket League universe.  

The car packs quite a bit of length and the turning average is not the best. It does, however, pack a good boost and can quickly cover the ground. It's not very nifty on the dribble but does well on the long shots. Its engine sound is unique and stands out. It's probably not something all players would fancy but worth considering.

The only way to improve the look and performance of your car on Rocket League is through purchased add-ons. For the Batmobile, there's not much you can do other than change the primary colour. It's a bummer, but that shouldn't take away from the great car that it is especially if you are still trying to find your identity and your way around the game.

  1. 1. Dominous

The Dominous might look like a Chevy pulled out of the ‘80s, but it's a force to reckon with in the Rocket League. It packs a lot of weight and does great on packing some force behind ground not to mention that it’s quite the looker.

Even though it’s a ride that’s commonly preferred by people who are just getting their head around the game, the Dominous gives you a nice blend of speed while allowing you to masquerade as a real pro!

It's not the longest, but with a length of close to 128, it sits on the longer side of cars which means the turning radius is going to be longer. That translates to below par dribbling but is quite impressive at landing long-range shots. It's also shorthanded on aerial control, but it's not downright useless. It can help you land some great games. For most players, it scores a top five spot.

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