How to Get Better at Fortnite

We lately started selling Fornite PCs because you guys can't get enough of this game! Fortnite has taken the Battle Royale concept to new levels. However, how can you scale new heights when you are taking on 99 players with more experience? What can you do to move from the top 50 players to frequently being a top 10 finisher? How can you win at Fortnite? In this post, we will outline 10 top tips to help you get better at Fortnite fast.

1. Join the party fashionably late

In a game of Fortnite’s Battle Royal, all 100 players jump out of a bus suspended over the map where the battle will commence. Typically, people dive right in due to their thirst for first blood. However, pausing at this early stage gives you a better chance of winning the war and not just the battle.

Being patient and waiting until the last moment to jump means you’ll likely land after some players have already been dispatched. Landing with fewer enemies in your location gives you an opportunity to weapon up and practice everything from shooting to changing between weapons or building your first fortress. Isolation can be your best friend if you are going to make it into the latter stages.

2. Glide into land

If you’re a beginner, it is a good idea to stay out of the built-up areas when you jump out of the bus. Using your glider will allow you to reach pretty much anywhere on the map and take you away from the hotspots other people are landing in. This option does mean you might miss out on some of the best loot. However, by avoiding the early busy zones, you can last longer, giving you room to improve as a beginner.

You will still be able to find plenty of loot even if you don’t go for the major hot spots. Thanks to the most recent update, there are now more areas where you can find loot on the map. It can be frustrating as a newcomer when you get knocked out in an instant every time. Using your glider is a great way to give you time to practice and start moving up the finishing positions.

3. Gear up quickly

Whenever and wherever you land, it’s vital to loot hard, loot fast, and gear up quickly. With 100 players on a relatively small map, survival is the name of the game early on. Head for a weapon first, and you might get a few kills under your belt as you make your way to find something to use as a shield. Never skip past a weapon if you don’t have one as this is a sure-fire way to an early bloodbath at your own expense.

If you are well practised in the game, jumping out of the battle bus straight away and at maximum speed will give you access to the best loot, although it can be a risky strategy as you’ll be landing in a hotspot. Taking this option requires you to move fast towards the better and rarer weapons.

4. Aim to land near the best weapons

Although you shouldn’t ever walk past a weapon for a better one, it doesn’t hurt to aim to land in an area that you can tell is home to the game’s finest loot. Fortunately, there is a colour-coding system to help. Legendary weapons shimmer with gold and are the best and most unique tier of weapons. Below this sits epic purple, then the rare blue, followed by the uncommon green, and finally, the common white shimmer. The closer you can land to the best and rarest lot, the quicker you can seek out a decent spot to hide.

5. Land on Higher Ground

In battle, landing on the higher ground ensures you will have an aerial advantage over any attacker. You’ll also often find the best loot on the roof or in the attics of buildings and find it easier to loot an entire building by working your way down from the roof. You can build ramps to get to the roof once you’ve landed and use a pickaxe to break through each level of a house.

6. Keep Moving

Standing still is a recipe for disaster in Fortnite. Whether you’re healing your character, reloading your weapon, or on the attack, it is vital to keep moving to stand the best chance of survival. Snipers will find it much harder to hit a moving target, and bullets are more likely to fly on past you if you always focus on moving on the spot or jumping around. Watch out for attacks from above too though, as expert players like to build above players for surprise attacks.

 7. Learn how to build

Building takes some getting used to in Fortnite but is a vital skill to win. First, you will need to harvest some wood, stone, or metal using a pickaxe on trees, buildings, or vehicles. As the game nears its end, more and more players start building structures to gain an aerial advantage over their competitors. Only by scaling new heights and learning to build will you be able to make to the last one standing in Fortnite.

8. Keep a balanced inventory

With just 5 slots in your inventory, it is vital to plan what you keep carefully. You can consume the first couple of shield potions you come across straight away, but it is a good idea to have at least one saved in your inventory. Medikits offer more than bandages when it comes to health, whilst Chug Jugs refill both your health and shield strength. Weapon wise it is good to have a mix of items covering short and long-range combat.

9. Beware of the storm

As the game goes on, the safe zone on the map will shrink, and more of the island becomes covered by the storm. When you are in the storm, your health will start to deplete, and shields offer no protection. If you are staying on the outer reaches of the map, make sure you have a good idea of how long it will take you to reach the new safe zone once the next storm hits. The countdown timer will also give you ample warning to avoid any unwanted damage.

10 Listen Carefully

Fortnite’s audio is incredible. This means you can hear people moving when they are near to you if you listen carefully. However, be reminded that they could be anywhere, so look up and down as well as left and right if you hear someone approaching. You can also use sounds to spring an attack on an unsuspecting looter of a house you’re hiding in or to find a player focused on their inventory after a kill.

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