Tired of running into a wall at a certain stage of Fallout: New Vegas? Here’s a great idea, Cheat! There are some great console commands that you can use to get yourself out of the murky waters and make some headway. The coolest thing about these commands is that they will work on Fallout 3 as well. Both Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3 are built on the Gamebryo engine so they share the console commands as well.

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General but useful Console commands

This is a set of console commands that you’re likely going to use throughout your run in the game. When inserting the commands, don’t include the brackets or the quotes.

  • God mode (“tgm”) – Using this command the player becomes invincible. You have unlimited ammo, you don’t need to reload and you can carry unlimited weight.
  • Demigod mode (“tdm”) – In demigod mode, you don’t have unlimited ammo and you need to reload. But you’re still invincible and you can carry the entire world.
  • No clipping (“tcl”) – After inserting the code point the mouse to where you want to go and press forward to fly there. Only enable normal movement when you’re on solid ground or else your character will plunge to their death if they clip through the surface. Also using this command requires caution because you can mess up the quest strings.
  • Add money (“player.additem 0000000f <#>”) – Grab yourself a few more bottle caps to the inventory of the PC with this code. You can also use the 00103b1c code for the special bottle caps that are found all over the game. You also need these bottle caps to complete a certain question in the game.
  • Teleport to a location (“coc<cell name>”) – You can use this code anywhere in the game inside or outside. You just insert it and you’re where you need to be.
  • Unlock all fast travel points (“tmm 1”) – You can also use the “tm101” code to uncover all the locations on the map, but you will not be able to travel to them because they will not have the “discovered” status. You still have to uncover them in the game as usual.

Player Level and Skill Commands

  • Set your level (“player.setlevel<#>) – You can set level from one to 50 in the game.
  • Level up by one (“Player.advlevel”) – This command levels up the PC by one level.
  • P.E.C.I.A.L Commands (“Player.modav <actorValue> <value>”) - Pack up or decrease from your current skills. You can also use this command to increase or decrease your S.P.E.C.I.A.L score.
  • Set your skills or S.P.E.C.I.A.L scores to a specific amount (“Player.forceab <ActorValue> <value>”) – Using this command, you can set a specific skill to a specific value say your speech. In this case, it doesn’t matter if the skill was higher or lower before implementing the command.
  • Add perk (“player.addperk <base id>”) – You could add specific perks with some new shiny toys in your collection and you don’t have to worry about working for them. With this command, you can have specific perks to your collection even if you don’t meet the requirements.
  • Remove perk (“player.removeperk <base id>”) – If you don’t like some specific perks, you can cross them off your PC using this command code.
  • Change the sex of the PC (“sexchange”) – Fancy a different sex? It’s as simple as trying out this chic code and you can be whatever you want.
  • Unlock a door or a container (“Unlock”) – Before you can run the command, select what you want to unlock by clicking on it while in the command console mode then enter the command. This command is not your get out of jail free card. There are some doors and objects that can’t be opened this way. This includes objects with the “lock 255” setting.
  • Power Armour (“setpccanusepowerarmour1”) – Get your PC feeling a little safer by wearing the Power Armour.
  • Repair Weapons (player.setweaponhealthperc <percentage>) – As you use your weapons, they downgrade. You can juice up your current weapons to a specific percentage using this code.

Factions and Quests Console Commands

  • Faction reputation (“addreputation <base_id> <variable> <amount>”) - There are two types of faction reputations in Fallout: New Vegas: Fame, which is positive and infamy which is negative. This command allows you to add both of these in the variable section.
  • Faction hostility (“setally <base_id_1> base_id_2> <variable_1> <variable_2>”) – Some factions in the game like Caeser’s Legion and the NCR are not very friendly. Members of either faction will attack each other on site. This command saves you the trouble of sparring with opposing faction members. You can make the factions to be friends or allies depending on what works for you at the moment.
  • Complete all quests (“caqs”) – Why would you need to do this? Essentially, this command code allows you to complete all the stages of all the quests even the ones you haven’t received yet but without ending the game. That allows you to play the game without any quests.
  • Quest progression (“setstage<QuestID> <Quest stage number>”) – You can move to the next stage of the indicated quest. This is not only a great cheatcode but also comes in handy when you find yourself stuck in one of those bugged quest that you can’t find a way to get out of anymore.

Actor (NPC) Manipulation Console Commands

With these codes, you can manipulate NPCs and other creatures in the game. Unlike the previous commands, you have to enter the console command code first and click the actor you want to manipulate to get its ID then you can be able to effect the code.

  • Give perk (“addperk <baseid>”) – Choose an NPC and type the perk you want to give them. It’s a great command to run when you desperately need some perks.
  • Revive an NPC (“resurrect <base id>”) – You can bring the character back to life with all the items in the inventory replenished. Unfortunately those failed requests don’t get a do over. If you only want to resurrect the NPC without replenishing the inventory, you can run “resurrect <base id>”. You can also kill the selected NPC but that means you fail the quests.
  • Kill all the NPCs in the area (“killall”) – This command code gives you the power to kill all the NPCs even the ones you don’t see. As a result, many of the quests will fail not to mention other problems. The code works on your companions as well as making them unconscious if you’re in the Casual mode but killing them in the Hard core mode.
  • Invisibility (“tdetect”) – Add a little dash of magic to your gameplay by toggling the AI player detection on and off so you’re always hidden to NPCs.
  • Make NPC immortal (setessential <base_id> <#>”) – The beauty about games is you can live your most dramatic dreams. Say being immortal for instance. With this command code, you can make it impossible for the selected PC as immortal. You can also switch it back to mortal.
  • Start combat (“startcombat”) – You can start a scuffle by starting a combat with an NPC by running this command. To end the combat simply insert “stopcombat”. Unfortunately, the NPC will still remain hostile so keep an eye out.
  • Stop NPC hostility (“setav aggression 0”) – If you don’t feel like leaving matters unsolved or you simply don’t want to get in trouble, you can stop an NPC from being hostile towards you using this command.
  • Change race/face (“showracemenu”) – This command comes with a little bitter sweet. It opens a menu that allows you to change the face of your character. However, changing your face will disable your perks. To avoid losing your perks, you have to remove them before changing faces and add them back manually after changing faces.

Fallout Camera Commands

  • Free camera “tfc” - There are a few tricks you can pull with this code. The first is to toggle the free camera on/off and you can also move the camera anywhere you want. If you want to pause the game, you can use “tfc 1”.
  • Free camera movement speed (“sucsm <#>”) – Switch up the speed of the free camera to match the tempo of the game. You can replace # with 1 for a slow camera and if you want to speed things up you can replace with 10 for a fast camera.
  • Field of view (“fove <#>) – depending on the value you choose, you can toggle between default, narrow and a wide field of few. 75 is for the default view, 40 for narrow and 90 for the wide view.

Fallout Stat Commands

  • Damage stat (“player.damageactorvalue <variable> <#>”) – The most variable stat you can play around with on Fallout: New Vegas is health. Using this command code, you can reduce the numerical value of the stat.
  • Set scale (“player.setscale <#.#>”) – Setting the scale determines the speed and strength of your player. If the scale is higher than 1.0, the player is faster and stronger. Below 1.0 makes the player slower and weaker.


You can make your Fallout: New Vegas gaming experience much better with these command codes. With just the right set of codes, you can give yourself an edge and save yourself from some of the buggy patches of the game.

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