With the release of Borderlands 3 in the rearview mirror, gamers can now focus on the different ways to get loots and other goodies in the game.

One of the ways to do this is through the Vault Insider Program (VIP). All you need is a set of codes to unlock various features and assets that you can use to give yourself an edge in Borderlands.

There are plenty of VIP codes available that you can use. If you haven’t used VIP codes on Borderlands before, here are a few steps to guide you.

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How to Use VIP Codes on Borderlands 3

The first step to using VIP codes on Borderlands is to head to the VIP section on the Borderlands site or hoover over the Insiders at the top of the screen, then select Redeem Code. On the screen that appears, type in the code you will be entering. The codes come in different classes: Email, Creator or Vault code and you’re ready to go!

Now that that’s out of the way, here are some great Borderlands VIP codes that you can try out!

Borderlands VIP Shift Codes

Shift codes are at times hard to track down, but they are worth every bit of effort. They bag you some cool rewards as soon as you activate them. The codes are constantly changing and they have different lifespans which means a code that might be active today might not work tomorrow. You have to forage through the internet for the best shift codes.

Before you can use the shift codes, you need to sign up to VIP first then create a shift account. Once you have both accounts up and running, here are some great shift codes that you can try out.

This first batch of Shift Codes shouldn’t expire. However, you can only use them once:

  • ZFKJ3-TT6FF-KTFKT-T3JJT-JWX36 (1 Golden Key)
  • Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6 (1 Golden Key)
  • 9XCBT-WBXFR-5TRWJ-JJJ33-TX53Z (3 Golden Keys)
  • ZRWBJ-ST6XR-CBFKT-JT3J3-FRXJ5 (1 Golden Key)
  • ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H (3 Golden Keys)
  • CHKB3-FJT9J-SK3K5-T33JJ-95J56 (1 Golden Key)

There are also batches of Borderlands Shift Codes that are tweeted out, while others are available online on Gearbox’s website.

The best way to keep up with the newest and most updated Shift Codes is to follow Borderlands on their Social Media platforms as well as keeping an eye out on the Gearbox website.

Borderlands VIP Vault Codes   

Vault codes are a new addition in Borderlands 3 VIP codes. They are readily available and offer plenty of grab for gamers.

Activating your Vault Code is as simple as heading into your VIP account, selecting Redeem Code, and copy-pasting the code into your account. As a result, you get a number of points deposited in your account.

There are tons of working vault codes in the market, but there are new codes released every now and then. Some of the best areas to find new Vault codes include Borderlands 3 Discord Channel, and Borderlands Reddit forums.

If you’re just starting out, here is a set of Vault codes that should still work. After inserting all of these, you have to start scouring different sources to get new vault codes to continue your purge.

  • AIRLEMAGVIP | 250 points
  • BL3REVEAL | 100 points
  • BORDERLANDS3VIP | 250 points
  • FACEBOOKVIP | 250 points
  • GAMESPOTVIP | 250 points
  • GAMEVIP | 250 points
  • IGNVIP | 250 points
  • LOADINGBAR | 250 points
  • SHACKNEWSVIP | 250 points
  • TWITCHVIP | 250 points
  • WUBWUBWUB | 250 points
  • WEGOTUBOO | 200 points
  • ILOVEBAGUETTE | 200 points
  • BL3FREVENTVIP | 200 points
  • MUSHYSNUGGLEBITES | 200 points
  • BORDERLENS | 250 points
  • OOPS | 100 points
  • SKAGBAIT | 200 points
  • BL3MUSEUMCOSPLAY | 500 points
  • VIP-BOXCONCEPT | 200 points
  • VIP-PHOTOBOOTH | 200 points
  • VIP-CHARCONCEPT | 200 points
  • VIP-CALYPSO | 200 points
  • VIP-ENVART | 200 points
  • VIP-MOXXI | 200 points
  • VIP-COV | 200 points
  • VIP-GIFTSHOP | 200 points
  • VIP-GUNWALL | 200 points
  • VIP-REDCHEST | 200 points
  • 3DJUEGOSVIP | 100 points
  • HALVERHAHN | 500 points
  • BRINGMEABUCKET | 250 points
  • MAYHEMPRIDE | 500 points
  • THESEPRETZELSSUCK | 250 points
  • PWR2PLYRS | 250 points
  • TINKABOUTIT | 250 points
  • BONEFART | 250 points
  • MAYHEM | 250 points
  • CRUMPOCALYPSE | 250 points
  • SEVENDAYS | 250 points
  • INTERTOYSVIP | 100 points
  • PLAYERONEVIP | 100 points
  • ALLYOURGAMESVIP | 100 points
  • SMARTOYSVIP | 100 points
  • MEDIAMARKTVIP | 100 points
  • BOLVIP | 100 points
  • GAMEMANIAVIP | 100 points
  • NEDGAMEVIP | 100 points
  • YOURGAMEZONEVIP | 100 points
  • JVMVIP | 250 points
  • TWOWEEKS | 250 points
  • CHILDRENOFTHEVAULT | 1000 points

Borderlands VIP Diamond Codes

Diamond codes are rare and difficult to come across. You can only find them at events. For gamers that love attending big gaming events, pay the 2K Games stand a visit and see if they have something for you. To acquire the Diamond codes, you might have to play the game.

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Diamond codes have a unique alphanumeric code that is redeemable only once. As such, there’s no point in sharing them since most of them will have been scooped by other players in the past.

The best advice is to stay updated on any gaming events and don’t let the chance to show off your Borderlands 3 might to pass you by at any event. You might get a diamond code for your effort.

Borderlands VIP Email Codes

You can only get Borderlands Email Codes if you signed up for the newsletters on the Borderlands site. Some of the emails you receive contain exclusive information about the game and will usually have a special VIP code.

If you’ve been sending all your Borderlands emails to the Junk folder without opening them, you might want to fish them out and check if you missed some codes.

Email codes can only be used once on any one VIP account. That also means that you can activate the code if it hasn’t been inserted on your account already.

If you’ve not been lucky to receive any email codes, you can find plenty of them from other sources like Twitter and other Borderlands gamers’ forums.

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To activate email codes, head to the “Redeem an Email Code” section in your VIP account. Once there, you can try some of these email codes:

  • BL3ATE3 | 250 points
  • BL3REVEAL | 100 points
  • BL3WELCOME | 250 points
  • FIGHT4SANCTUARY | 250 points
  • JOYPUKE | 250 points
  • LOOTLOOTLOOT | 250 points
  • 2KLOVE | 500 points
  • HEYSUGAR | 250 points
  • SOHAPPYTOGETHER | 250 points
  • CLAPTASTIC | 250 points
  • MYMAIN | 250 points
  • ONTHEHUNT | 250 points
  • FRESHBOOTY | 250 points
  • POWERUPEMAIL | 250 points
  • DASHERZ | 250 points
  • ITSHERE | 1000 points
  • MADSKILLS | 250 points
  • DUCTTAPEMOD | 250 points
  • ABCEASYAS123 | 250 points
  • FORTNITEXMAYHEM | 250 points
  • OVERCLOCKED | 250 points
  • BUILDURSQUAD | 250 points

Borderlands VIP Creator Codes

Ideally, Creator codes are released by key community members. Typically, the codes are released at big events like PAX or E3. The best place to start your hunt is by following the members on Borderlands Stream Team. You can also try out your luck on other prominent Borderlands platforms.

Creator codes are unique and activating them is slightly different. You can only activate four of the creator codes so you need to pick them carefully.

Some of the Creator codes that might still be available include:

  • AdmiralBahrooE3| 200 points
  • Dammit2HellE3| 200 points
  • EdEMonsterE3 |200 points
  • GronkhE3 |200 points
  • Joltzdude139E3 |200 points
  • Ki11ersixE3 |200 points
  • KingGothalionE3 |200 points
  • MitsuShowE3 |200 points
  • PietSmietE3 |200 points
  • ProfessorBromanE3 |200 points
  • TessachkaE3 |200 points
  • CURE4KIDS | 500 points
  • COHHVIP | 250 points
  • BL3MUSEUMCOSPLAY | 500 points
  • HALVERHAHN | 500 points
  • GREGORANKH | 250 points

Borderland VIP Boost Codes

Boost codes are the most prestigious VIP codes you can score. As you would expect, they are extremely rare and can only be redeemed once per user per lifetime. With Boost Codes, you can get the motherlode of BIP points.

Seeing how rare the Boost codes are, it’s not easy to know where the next one is going to pop up. Your best chance is following the Borderlands Social Media pages, emails and events for any activity that hints at the release of a Boost Code.

Why You Need Borderlands VIP Codes

What’s the fuss behind collecting as many Borderlands VIP codes as possible? Well, with enough points, you can start cashing them in for various VIP rewards.

Some of these rewards and the damage they will do your points include:

Heads and skins rewards



ZANE VIP ONI HEAD – 4000 points




MOZE VIP MEOWZE HEAD – 4000 points


Gold key rewards

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Gold Keys – 1500 points

Borderlands 2 Gold Keys – 1500 points

Borderlands: GOTY Edition Gold Keys – 1500 points

Wallpaper rewards

Knit Art (Mobile/Desktop) – 500 points

FL4K Art (Desktop) – 500 points

MOZE Art (Desktop) – 500 points

ZANE Art (Desktop) – 500 points

AMARA Art (Desktop) – 500 points

Mural of Mayhem Art (Mobile/Desktop) – 500 points

Street Art (Mobile/Desktop) – 500 points

Neon Art (Mobile/Desktop) – 500 points

Mask of Mayhem Art (Mobile/Desktop) – 500 points

Borderlands 3 Art (Mobile/Desktop) – 500 points


There you have it. All the Borderlands VIP codes you need to score points and what you can do with all the points you get!