Whether you’re a newbie on Fallout 4 or you have outlived the usefulness of the game’s personal assistant, with everyone baying for your blood, you need a little help to give you an edge.

With the tips we are about to share, you can do just about anything while gaming on your budget or High-End Gaming PC. You can transform yourself into a 100-foot monster, make yourself immortal, walk through walls, spawn weapons and monsters just by punching in a few keys.

Sounds interesting right? So let’s get started!

To use any of the cheats, you first have to activate the in-game console and type the command of your choice then press enter. Close the console and watch your command take effect.

A quick note; the tilde key seems to differ depending on the nationality of your keyboard settings. Sometimes it might be the button on the left of the ‘1’ key on your keyboard. If that doesn’t work, try the apostrophe key.

Change Weather IDs

Sometimes the weather can be brutal. Luckily, you can change that. To change it, you first type “fw ID” then the ID that represents the weather code of your choice. Here are a few examples of weather cheat codes you can use.

  • Default weather – 0000015e
  • CommonwealthMistyRainy – 001cs096
  • Commonwealthclear2 - 002385fd
  • Diamondweather – 0000116d
  • CommonwealthGSFoggy – 001c3473
  • Diamond weather Pastel – 0000116e
  • IstWeather – 000016ec
  • FXWthrMoonlightOnly - 00088c57
  • CommonwealthPolluted-001eb2ff
  • CommonwealthGSRadstorm – 001c3d5e

These are just a few of the weather IDs you can use. There are various other IDs you can use to tilt the tables in your favour.

Add Special Perks

These cheat codes are a perk in themselves. Even though it doesn’t unlock all the ranks of the perks, it will allow you to pick subsequent ranks in each perk manually.

To use this cheat code, you type “player.addperk [PerkID]” without the quotation marks then press enter. If at any point you want to remove the perk, you type “player.removeperk[PerkID].” Then press enter.

Finding Items and NPC IDs

Before using this command, you need to know the IDs of the items and NPCs you want. You should also know the locations and factions. You can also open the console and click on a character or item to reveal the ID. It can be tricky to get the ID to pop up so it’s advisable to use free cam (tfc). Also note that most of the commands act on the targeted character.

  • Code; help[item name] [0-4] – searches characters, commands, items and more. You can use the page up or page down scroll. 0 searches for everything.

For example; help “attack dog” 0 this will help you find an NPC called ‘attack dog’ and its ID 000B2BF2. When searching for more than one word, be sure to use the quotation marks.

Change Your Character

This is one of the more interesting cheat commands. It’s highly effective and opens you up to a world of opportunities depending on the character you choose. Here are few options you can choose from;

  • setrace [race id] – changes your race to ghoul or mutant. You can find more IDs with the help function. Practice caution with this cheat because some of the races come with adverse side effects. Some just make the game crash.
  • resethealth – Dying out? This cheat code resets your health.
  • Setgs fjumpHeightMin [insert number here] – You can modify the jump height using this cheat code. Set it high so you jump over buildings. But, remember that you need to have the god mode on so you don’t die from your own jumps.
  • Tdetect – keeps the AI from detecting you. You can steal anything and as much as you want.
  • modav [skill] [number] – choose a numerical amount to boost a skill. For example; player.modav strength 10 boosts strength by 10 points.
  • Player/additem0000000f [insert number here] – you can add as many bottlecaps as the number you specify.
  • Player/additem 0000000a [insert number here] – lets you add bobbypins equivalent to the number you specify.
  • player/additem [item ID] [number] – you can add any item to your inventory using this command. You only need to know the item ID and it’s yours.

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Manipulate NPCs

  • tai – turns off AI. Everyone stands still with an empty look in their face.
  • tcai – turns AI combat off. Peace floods the world! It can be boring though without constant attack.
  • killall – kills everyone in your vicinity. Companions and other characters that are too important to die are saved, but they are injured. You have to give them a stimpack to get them back on their feet again.
  • kill [insert ID] – more like a real-life contract killer. It kills the creature whose ID you supply. You can also click on the NPC with the console open and just type ‘kill.’
  • resurrect [Insert ID] – bring your creature of choice back to life. All you need to do is supply their ID. Keep in mind that headless NPC resurrected, remain headless.
  • Recycleactor – resets a character.
  • Sexchange – play the opposite sex for a while. The command works on whoever is selected. It might not be a good idea to try this with unique characters.

Add magazine perks

A couple of extra magazines in your inventory is just like adding armour or weapons. Type “player.additem ID.”

Some of the magazine perks come in handy while in combat, while others increase damage to the opponent. Others can also assist in boosting health.

Legendary Weapon Mods

To use this mode, you have to drop your weapon and walk up to your weapon of choice, look at it and open the console. With the console open, get the ID and type – “attachmodID.” You can remove the weapon mod by typing “removemodID.”

Legendary Armour Mods

Using legendary armour modes is the same as using the legendary weapon mods. You first drop your current armour, walk up to the armour you want and look at it, open the console, click on the armour and get the ID and type – “attachmodID.” To remove the armour mode, type – “removemodID.”

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Power Armour Mods

Just like the weapons and armour, you can add a power armour mod to your inventory. Type “player.additem ID.” Then go to the power armour station and press E to craft. Choose the part of the armour you want then select the type of armour. Press E again to attach the mod.

For instance, to get the X-01 jetpack, press E, select the torso part of the armour, pick the jet pack mod then press E again to attach the mod.

Change Factions

Sometimes, your ambitions can get you into crosshairs with the current factions. To proceed, you need to change factions. If you find yourself in a similar predicament, here are few cheat codes that will get you out of the mud;

  • AddToFaction [faction id] [0 or 1] – this cheat code allies you with a faction. If you remove the ‘player’ prefix and the cheat code affects the targeted NPC. 1 is allied while 0 is friendly.
  • RemoveFromFaction [faction id] – this removes you from a faction. Again, removing the ‘player’ prefix affects the targeted NPC.
  • Setenemy [factionid] [faction id] [0 or 1] [0 or 1] – use this command to make two factions enemies (1) or neutral (0).

Complete the game

Want to take a short cut? Here are a few cheat codes that will help you cut through the process and ride high to the finish line.

  • completeallobjectives [Quest ID] – completes current objectives in the quest.
  • Resetquest [Quest ID] – resets a quest.
  • completequest [Quest ID] – complete a quest.
  • caqs – completes all the steps of the primary question. In essence, it completes the game for you. Don’t try it if you don’t want to ruin the game!

With these Fallout 4 cheat commands, you have everything you need to conquer any challenge. Whether you’re looking to give yourself a slight edge, knock out an ally or even blaze through the game with ease, these cheats have it all.

Remember, you can find item IDs for everything on the game using the console. It’s an easier method compared to having to cram them all down.