Fallout seems to have struck a nerve with gamers. Its warped take on the world coming back from the brink of extinction has become a video game mainstay. For the longest time, Fallout has been one of the top games in most gamers list.

But even too much of a good thing can be poisonous. That’s why once in a while you might need to take a break from Fallout to see what else the gaming world has to offer. But if you’re too attached to Fallout or want to play it safe, here are 12 other games that you can try out but have the same feel as Fallout.

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds shares more than a theme with Fallout. It is from Obsidian Entertainment – the same studio that takes most of the credit for Fallout New Vegas which is considered one of the best Fallout games.

The two games are strikingly similar down to the fake advertisement and even the conversation's centre framing. However, The Outer Worlds game has an excellent rendition of the blueprint.

The 2019 RPG-themed release offers all the things you love about Fallout and then some. The game is set in 1901 where mega-corporations have taken control over various planets to colonise them. Your goal is to chart a new path as a passenger in a newly awakened spaceship as you interact with galactic factions on your way.

Why it’s worth playing

The Outer Worlds is Fallout in a different skin. The game is very similar to Fallout and falls shy of having the same brand. But it also brings some innovative changes. The roaming in this game is more condensed and split up into different planets giving you varied scenery. With the smoother experience and more bite-sized areas to explore, the game offers a more immersive experience allowing you to feel more important and not just an imposter.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim run on the same engine and are comparative in most core aspects. Like Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls V also operates within a grand dynamic setting with a clockwork structure.

Just like in Fallout, you can pick up almost everything you come across whether you have a claim to it or not.

Why it’s worth playing

One of the factors that make this game stand out is the attention to detail within the world. It’s realistic and relatable.

Both games are similar in most of the primary levels. But at the same time, the Elder Scrolls offers a different flavour in the approach and feel of the game. The game trades blasting guns for swords and casting magic. Instead of super mutants, you’re battling with dragons. Simply put, this game offers you an excellent contrast to everything that Fallout offers.

Wasteland 2

The original Wasteland was released in 1988 and Wasteland 2 was released in 2014. it’s a product of inXile Entertainment in conjunction with Deep Silver. Most Fallout enthusiasts didn't think a game like this would ever exist.

It’s an enhanced edition of the top-down RPG approach taking place in an alternate historical timeline in which nuclear war and a meteor crash have ravaged the Earth.

The game has a similar playing style to some of the earliest Fallout games. This is a common aspect because the game comes from the creator of the retro titles of Fallout. The visuals are better in this game, and it also packs some extra squad customisation mechanics with precision strikes and a more lines of spoken dialogue.

Why it’s worth playing

Wasteland 2 is a continuation of its predecessor. Most of the characters are returning. Even though it has a difficult learning curve from a different era, it offers an irresistible appeal with its throwback style that most avid Fallout fans will find hard to resist.

BioShock (The Collection)

BioShock is a thought-provoking game that challenges the player’s morality and thirst for power. The game invites the player into the enigmatic remains of a fallen utopia. Its world is overrun with deranged inhabitants. Your job is to uncover the events that led to these troubling times.

This FPS game puts your decision making to the test. There are two games in the collection, and both offer the same experience that Fallout fans would be looking for.

BioShock has a heavier storyline and unique power-up system. You can also throw in the DLC expansions that come with the second game if you take a liking to it.

Why it’s worth playing:

An excellent game for gamers with an open mind, BioShock has a strange setting for a 1940's jazz-club. It also throws in some futuristic science. The game has a way of setting up strange worlds as evidenced by the DNA mutations that come out of the vending machines. Its quirkiness and weirdness is probably why you should give it a try.

Metro: Last Night

Metro: Last Night fully exploits one of the most outstanding features of Fallout, which is the network of underground vaults that provide survivors with refuge.

The events of Metro: Last Night take place in a Russian Subway System. The game does an excellent job showing how people get by and survive under the cities inside the metal tube. Despite the despondence depicted in the game, warfare and human struggle take centre stage in the game. If you like what Metro: Last Night is about, you can follow it up with Metro Exodus which is just as much fun.

Why it's worth playing

Metro: Last Night presents a different challenge to Fallout. In the game, you can't be on the surface to long. Your priority is to traverse through the polluted air finding parts for your breathing apparatuses or for making customisable compressed-air guns. Time is of the essence, and you shouldn't get caught.

Dying Light

Dying Light is a survival horror and first-person shooter game that was released in 2014. The game consists of a city of Zombies. Although zombie apocalypses are not anything new, the game has a way of making the experience feel fresh in an ornate setting that encourages exploration over a diverse island.

There’s no shortage of weapons starting with the range of melee weapons on offer as well as the thousands of combinations you can craft. The diversity ranges from an electricity conducting machete to a medieval broadsword. This exceptional collection allows you to chop up the zombies in style and spectacular brutality.

Why it’s worth playing

There's plenty to get you interested in this game, from running, jumping and soaring across the rooftops of improvised structures. The game adopts an extremely fluid and mobile approach giving characters exceptional parkour skills. It makes it possible to evade zombie hordes with these outstanding abilities not to mention your extensive arsenal. The game world is very well crafted and hopping, and running around adds a touch of fun that you can't get elsewhere.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is a fantastic game but only exclusive to PlayStation 4. In the game, you fight mechanised dinosaurs and other creatures which replace the nuclear ghouls. All you have in your hands is a bow and arrow as you move through the various locales (which happen to be quite gorgeous and not the wastelands of nuclear waste). Your goal is to discover Aloy’s mysterious origins. Your world is overrun by robotic wildlife and requires careful planning and execution to take each of them down. With every creature you take down, you gather materials you can use to upgrade Aloy’s equipment so you can take on even bigger beasts.

It's an incredibly immersive game especially for PS4 owners that care to give the game a try. It also helps that it has a different approach to the wasted lands and difficult to breathe air.

Why it’s worth playing

Beauty and well-detailed landscapes are not something you get to see on every other Fallout related game. This one offers you just that. It also has an engrossing plot that will have you sitting in your gaming chair for a few hours without even noticing it. At first, the game has slow progress, but it quickly catches on as the storyline unravels. It also helps that you can now find it on Microsoft Windows as well.

Mad Max

From the title of the game, you can quickly tell the game will be a blast. Most of the credit for this game goes to the Mad Max films that have influenced the concept of the game deeply. Before Mad Max, it would have been unfathomable that stretches of blue skies and empty deserts would offer unrivalled beauty.

The game revolves around a team of misfits and rouge marauders and their pimped out cars. In this game, you can get lost in the apocalypse. This high octane vehicular combat game tips the scale with survival tactics with a touch of charisma.

The game fully depicts the film franchise. It capitalises on all the best parts that the Mad Max film loyals love and builds them into a game.

Why it’s worth playing

For the first time, you get to jump into a retrofitted car which can be fully upgradeable with salvaged parts. The car is not only perfect for travel, but it's also a battle machine. In a world without traffic cops, there are no speed limits which adds a touch of adrenaline.


Most of the games focus on the destruction of the Earth by man’s action. Frostpunk changes the storyline and focuses on the destruction of the planet due to global cooling wiping out the population. Your job is to set up a city around a massive abandoned heat rod.

Why it’s worth playing

Frostpunk is strikingly similar to Fallout Shelter. The player takes a leadership position and has to build and protect their new home. You have to make tough decisions for the good of everyone. It's a distressing and self-serious game perfect for gamers that are looking for a dig at a game that requires concentration.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands has a psycho-tropical lunar apocalypse. It has a brighter, louder and a more abrasive approach. The game throws you in the midst of a world where you have to fight lowlifes and slayers, but still have some fun along the way.

Why it’s worth playing

The sheer volume of weaponry in the game is enough to get the attention of any gamer. You can also team up with friends, level up and stock up on bountiful firearms and a combination of zany effects.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

This is an astonishingly good post-apocalyptic genre kind of game. It brings together all the best elements and has a unique flavour of texture for an amazing gaming time. The game blends stealth and exploration in a mystified world mixed with incursions, providing a well-rounded gaming experience.

Why it’s worth playing

You will rarely see a world as stylish as this one. Most of the structures are overgrown with nature. The mechanics of the game have a comfortable feel for fans and delivers a tried and authentic experience.

Far Cry New Dawn

The Far Cry franchise stands out in many ways. But the New Dawn rejuvenates the idea of adventure and takes it to a new level. The game offers tonnes of opportunities with its sheer mass of escapades. There’s loads of fun, side quests and little Easter eggs you can take a dig at. If you want, you can even recruit partners to take on the journey with you.

Why it’s worth playing

The game has very fluid mechanics with a solid plot and a very familiar style to most gamers. The multi-player mode is particularly fun with plenty of replay value.

Final Thoughts

Gamers are notorious for building loyalty with gaming franchises, and Fallout has been a big beneficiary. If you're looking to take a break and try something new, these 12 games won't disappoint. They give you the opportunity to try something new without deviating from the comfort you've created by understanding the inner workings of Fallout.