When Stardew Valley was first released in 2016 it didn’t have an official Steam workshop support. It still doesn’t. You would expect the game to be a complete bummer but its modding community has outdone itself, keeping the game fresh by allowing to change everything from what animals look like to making tasks like fishing easier.

If you’ve been struggling with some aspects of the game and can’t wait to find a way to improve your experience or simply clean up the look of the game, here are some Stardew Valley mods that will fix that for you.

Perks for Married Life

You can add some fun and bliss to your matrimony with this handy mod. The marriage perks depends on who you decide to tie the knot with but one thing is for certain the perks are quite intriguing.

Each of the characters you choose will bring something special and distinct to your matrimonial bliss. To make the most out of the mod, you have to start by carefully choosing the right character to marry.

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Seasonal Japanese Buildings

There’s a ton of building texture mods on Stardew Valley, but only a handful stand up to what the Seasonal Japanese Buildings mod brings to the table.

The mod was designed with the aim of getting rid of the standard rural-western farmhouses that are quite common in the game.

The mod does more than just provide you with an excellent appeal and change of environment. It provides fully-animated, seasonal, traditional Japanese-inspired architecture complete with Shoji doors, paper lanterns and even ornate wooden roofs.

With this mod, you can transform your whole town into a Japanese-esque village in a snap!

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No Spouse Rooms

One of the key aspects of every new farm is deciding who to pursue. While spouses are a vital part of the game, they come with plenty of downsides. One of them is changing up the décor of your home with their new room.

With the No Spouse Rooms mod, you can remove the extra room that is added by your partner ensuring your home remains intact and the sanctity of your décor is untouched.

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DCBurger’s Portrait Mod

The cute, anime-style characters of Pelican town can be nauseating at times especially among the men. If you would rather look at characters with a grittier look, square jaws, are more masculine and have a darker style, DCBurger’s Portrait mod has got your back.

You can finally take a break from the vanilla version of the characters in the town. Don’t expect the new characters to blend in, but that is the whole point.

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Stardew Valley Expanded

This is one of the greatest mods you can come across. It features tons of free content which include ten new map locations, 38 character events, over 400 location messages, reimagined maps, farms, a new town map and festivals. It is an incredible mod that not only features miscellaneous additions but also provides you with an extremely diverse playing platform with a different feel and features.

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Running farms requires a great deal of tractors. From planting seeds, watering crops and even harvesting, tractors are an essential tool in the real farming world and in Stardew Valley as well. Made by Pathoschild, the Tractor mod makes farming life much easier.

With your new tractor garage which you have from Robin, you can do everything from clearing twigs in your farms to fertilizing dirt, planting seeds and harvesting crops. With a few quick tweaks in your configuration menu, you can also use your tractor to kill monsters by mowing them down.

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Babies that Look like Spouses

One of the most heart-warming features on Stardew is being able to have children with your spouse or adopt them. As you would expect, the developers don’t put a lot of effort in making the babies look like your own.

With these babies and toddlers mod, you can correct this small oversight by adding some personalization to the bundle of joy. The child can now inherit certain features from your spouse which include hair and colour styles instead of the common generic palette.

On a quick note, to use this mod, you need to have an SMAPI and a content patcher installed on your rig.

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NPC Map Locations

There’s a bunch of things to do in Stardew Valley for both you and other characters. Keeping tabs on the daily routines of the various characters in the game is a daunting task considering that some of the routines keep changing depending on the weather or the season.

If you need a little help with keeping track of where everyone is, the NPC map locations mod will come in handy. It allows you to view the location of every villager in the game at any time. What’s more, you can customise the mode to serve your purpose, which is handy if you only want to know the location of a few selected characters.

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Redesigned Spouse Rooms

Remember earlier on we looked at a mod that allows you to remove your spouse’s room? What if you don’t want but you can’t stand the generic look of the room with the new belongings and hobbies?

This mod allows you to arrive at a middle ground like in every other successful marriage. The mod allows you to overhaul each of the rooms and give them a unique touch for each spouse. You can have a typewriter and a desk for a spouse who is an author and have decorative paintings for spouses that are artists or have art as a hobby. This small change could make a big difference and make the new rooms more bearable as opposed to completely doing away with them.

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Kitty Scarecrow Replacements

Most of the mods we have covered so far cater to your environment, yourself or your spouse. But nothing about the crops until now.

Birds can wreak havoc on your crops, easily undermining your hard work. But what better way is there to guard your crops than having an army of kittens standing guard in your field?

With the Kitty scarecrow replacement, you can do away with the scarecrow models in the game and instead have some adorable, yet vicious kittens standing guard. It’s definitely more effective and it helps that you can choose from up to eight varieties of cats just to make sure you send the right message to all the pests that might want to creep in on your crops.

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Seasonal Victorian Buildings

This mod works more or less the same way as the Japanese Seasonal Buildings mod. The only difference is obviously the more white-coloured homesteads with large windows and mossy growth that are reminiscent of the Victorian times. The mod also adds flowers, grass, trees, snow and even fallen leaves depending on the season.

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Get Dressed

The best thing about games is that you can make your own make-belief come true. With this mod, you’re not only a farmer but a farmer with a killer sense of style and pays attention to how they look.

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The mod brings a sense of realism to the game because you can’t be wearing the same shirt the entire year. You can now enjoy a dresser in your farmhouse complete with the tools to change your face, hair, clothing and makeup.

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Polygamy Relationship

You might have jumped on a spouse too early and you can’t help but notice all the cute characters passing by. With the polygamy relationship mod, you can stop salivating and admiring the cuties and add them to your homestead.

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With this mod, you can marry partners by cycling through a primary spouse each day. All you need to woe in your new catch is a set of pendants that Pierre will let you purchase. As long as you approach your catch with a bouquet of flowers and the pendant, they will accept your offer.

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Calendar Anywhere

If you forget any major event like a birthday, you have to go back to the farmhouse or Pierre’s to check the calendar. It's timewasting and counterproductive. A simple mod allows you to check and keep up with your events no matter where you are or when it is.

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Daily tasks report

You have quite a number of essential tasks you need to complete. Like a normal human being, the most essential tasks seem to always get left out. The daily report mod creates a catalogue of the daily tasks that you can view at the press of a button. In addition to the general farm duties, the daily report will also remind you of travelling merchants and events like birthdays.

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The Takeaway

For every little problem you might face on Stardew Valley, there are a handful of mods that can sort it out for you. We just highlighted the best fifteen but there are tons of others that you can try out that will work just as well.