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The drastic growth of the gaming world has expanded the brands of gaming PCs available. With the insatiable appetite for faster, more powerful, and better-designed gaming PCs, gamers are always looking for new brands that meet these requirements. 

MSI is an emerging brand that has become a home for gamers because of its extensive range of gaming PCs. MSI has a variety of gaming PCs to suit all levels of gamers and budgets. The unique design and powerful components used to make the games are some of the reasons why gamers are warming up to this trendy brand.

MSI gaming PCs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are high-end gaming desktops as well as compact gaming PC for gamers that are limited for space.

With MSI, gamers can finally enjoy customization, outstanding and the best gaming experience from their gaming rigs.


Buy Your MSI Gaming PC with Fierce PC

With gaming, the performance and speed of the rig are a must-have. But in most cases, having the fastest and high-performance hardware is not cheap. At Fierce PC, we understand how vital it is to balance performance and cost. With us, you can enjoy the best possible gaming experience on your budget.

With our MSI range of gaming PCs, you can unlock your full gaming potential and enjoy unrivalled quality at the best prices. The PCs feature the fastest and most powerful processors the market has to offer to ensure you can go through your gaming sessions without freezing.

MSI gaming PCs are also known for their unique and mean designs. At Fierce PC, we have a variety of options to choose from, depending on what you're after. The PCs come in unique PC cases that enhance cooling while giving the PC a much-needed aesthetic appeal.

Once you pick your preferred PC, our technical team will run the preliminary tests on the PC before shipping it out to you. This helps to ensure that the PC is fully functional and meets our rigorous quality standards.

Customise Your MSI Gaming PC with Fierce PC

Let your MSI gaming PC be a reflection of your gaming style and preference by picking parts and components that you would like to go into your gaming rig.

Our Online PC Configurator will give you access to hundreds of PC components available in our collection that you can use to build your new PC.

Once you pick all your preferred gaming PC parts, our technical team will assemble the PC for you and test it thoroughly before shipping it out to you.

Our expedited processes ensure that you can get your new customised PC within the shortest time possible.

Tried and Tested

We want you to have a smooth experience with your new gaming rig. That’s why we make sure we test all our PCs before we ship them out to our customers. By making sure the PC is in proper working condition, we reduce the chances of you purchasing a PC that is not working.

All stock and customised gaming rigs have to be tested before leaving our warehouse. Our quality control team takes the PC through a series of aggressive paces to make sure the PC can withstand the demands that come with gaming.

Return-to-Base Warranty

With Fierce PC, you can rest assured that your money is in the right hands. We are critical of the quality of our PCs and to safeguard your investment, we offer you a warranty for every PC you purchase. The warranty covers parts and labours and in case of failure or other related problems, our team will have the PC repaired or replaced at no cost.

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MSI Gaming PCs FAQs

What is MSI known for?

MSI is a well-known brand in the gaming circles and eSports. MSI gaming rigs are among the most trusted among gamers and users who want gaming PCs with coveted functions and reliability. The brand has invested years in creating reliable and top-performance gaming PCs. It is one of the few brands that are considered "True Gaming" brands.

Are MSI gaming PCs good?

 MSI has an excellent selection of gaming PCs. The only problem is that the brand makes slightly different design choices. The quality of PCs is unrivalled. The defect rate is way under 1%, which is quite commendable. The quality is superior and the brand is cost-effective.

Does MSI sell desktops?

MSI has a vast range of gaming desktops. They include tower compact and tower desktop PCs. Each of the PCs is equipped with unique character and packed the highest-performance components for every year. Each PC features the best innovation and performance to fulfil all tasks.

Are MSI pre-built gaming PCs?

We have multiple pre-built MSI gaming PCs. The PCs come in different tiers to provide different users with reliable and convenient PCs that deliver amazing performance for all functions.

Is MSI Better than Asus?

Some MSI gaming PCs are better, and there are some Asus options that are better than MSI. What you select depends on your budget and preference. Your choice is purely subjective. Both brands prove worthy picks for gaming PCs and laptops as long as you can identify the PC with the right features.

What is the best MSI gaming PC?

The MSI MPG Sekira RTX 3070 8GB is our top sellers. It offers a balance of quality features, a remarkable performance at a competitive price. It’s perfect for intermediate and semi-pro gamers looking for superior performance and freeze-free gaming at high display settings.

Are MSI components any good?

MSI has a wide range of gaming components that include CPU coolers, motherboards, PC cases, GPU, among others. MSI components provide excellent value for money while ensuring you get premium performance.

How much should I expect to spend on an MSI gaming PC?

MSI gaming PCs come in multiple configurations featuring different components. This affects the price of the PC. However, you should expect to spend anywhere between £1,700 - £2,500 for a good MSI gaming PC on Fierce PC.

Can I build my own MSI gaming PC?

It is possible to customise your own MSI gaming PC. You just need to know the components you want for the PC. We have an Online PC Configurator that makes this easy. Once you have selected the components, our engineers will help you put the PC together and test it.

How long does the entire process of getting an MSI gaming PC take?

The entire process of making the PC takes between 7-10 working days. For gamers that would prefer to have their PC sooner, we have multiple shipping options available. You can select the most convenient option for you to help fast-track the progress of the PC in our production lines.

Do you ship?

We offer shipping within the UK and to other countries like Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, Austria and Belgium, among others.  

How much is shipping?

Shipping is free within the UK. For addresses in North Ireland, the Scottish Highlands, or the Channel Islands, you might incur additional charges for shipping.  You can check for the shipping estimate at the bottom of your cart during checkout.