MSI Gaming Laptops

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Gaming laptops strike a balance between portability and performance for gamers that are always on the road. Squeezing the power of desktop gaming PC into the compact frame of a gaming laptop is not easy. That's why buying a good gaming laptop calls for proper research to get as much power as possible out of the laptop you buy.

MSI gaming has a variety of powerful gaming laptops. Each of the laptops is designed to be compact while keeping up with the power and performance demands that come with gaming. 

Since the needs and situation of gamers are different, MSI has a battalion of gaming laptops of different sizes and with varying features to cater to as many gamers as possible.


Fierce PC has all the MSI gaming laptops in stock. With us, you’re assured of enjoying the best gaming experience no matter where your escapades take you.

Buy Your Gaming Laptop with Fierce PC

At Fierce PC, you can find the full range of MSI gaming laptops. Our collection includes compact options like the 15.6 inch to the 17.3-inch screen size gaming laptops for gamers with a flexible budget and doesn't take chances with experience.

The laptops are fitted with different processors and graphics to make it easier for gamers to pick a laptop suited to their needs and experience.

At Fierce PC, we prioritise quality above everything else. We are keen to ensure that gamers get the most value out of their money and acquire gaming hardware that is nothing short of excellent.

No matter what type of MSI gaming laptop series you’re after, you can find it at Fierce PC at some of the best and most competitive prices.

Quality Components

MSI gaming laptops are made from the best quality components sourced from reputable brands like Intel, AMD and Geoforce.

Each of the components used in the laptops is a product of years of research and testing to ensure it can keep up and surpass the demands that come with gaming.

The processors are designed to adapt to the workload and help you enjoy a flawless and seamless gaming experience no matter where you are.

Some of the MSI gaming laptops have 4K capabilities which allow you to take the stunning viewing experience with you wherever you go.

High Performance

Just because you're not at your gaming rig at home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice performance. MSI gaming laptops are designed to get the most juice out of the components used to make them. With these laptops, you can enjoy the almost rig-like performance even when you're in the middle of the woods.

The laptops are fitted with the latest Intel or AMD processors depending on the model you choose to ensure you can run the latest games without any hitches.

The gaming laptops also come with built-in state-of-the-art graphic cards that ensure you can enjoy the best visuals and bring as much detail into your gaming experience as possible.

Tried and Tested

One of the best reasons to buy your gaming PC from Fierce PC is because we try and test everything before we ship it out to our clients.

Testing all gaming laptops and rigs before shipping helps us ensure that the equipment you buy from us is fully functional. We save you the trouble of setting up only to find your new laptop is not working.

Once we confirm the state of the laptop, we provide you with a return-to-base warranty that covers labour and parts. In case of any problems, our team of technicians can repair or replace the gaming laptop or PC for you at no cost.

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