Multi Screen Gaming PCs

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Multiple screen gaming PCs are heaven-sent for gamers. The additional screens serve multiple purposes for the player among them displaying vital information about the game and, they come in handy if you plan to stream your games.

Multiple screen PCs are particularly handy for gamers looking to take their gaming to the next level. On one screen, you can run the game, run chats, streaming and respond to your viewers. Multiple screens also provide you with immersive gaming experience.


Just like other PCs, multiple screens gaming PCs from Fierce PC are also designed to match the type of games you play as well as your style of gaming.

What to Consider When Buying a Multiple Screen Gaming PC  

To maximise your experience, you have to find the right PC for the right set up. This will include the monitors as well. There are several things you need to consider. As such, proper planning beforehand is essential to help you save time and ensure you get the right set up.


When purchasing a multiple screen PC, the first step is to make sure the graphics card of the PC can support multiple screens. If the graphics card has one port, it will only support one screen. Ensure the graphics card has an equal number of ports to the number of monitors you would like to use.

To save you the trouble of having to buy an adapter, check the connector type to make sure it matches those of the screens you want to use.

Screen Size

Since you will have a wider view, screen size becomes a concern. Ideally, the screens should be of the same size to provide you with a balanced experienced. You should also make sure the two monitors have the same refresh rate. However, for the later most gamers are okay operating screens with different refresh rates.

Bezel Width

 Most gamers don't consider this when going for multiple screens set up. It seems like a small challenge but can become frustrating over time. Narrow bezel monitors are the best for multi-screen setups. When placed side by side, the slim bezel doesn't become an obstruction which ensures an excellent experience.


You will need to properly mount the screens for the ultimate experience. If the screens are too far apart, your eyes will have to wander, which can be tedious and cause distractions. Invest in a stand, mount or an arm that holds the screens together for an immersive viewing experience.

Buy Your Multiple Screen Gaming PC with Fierce PC

For the best experience, you need to make sure your multiple screen PC has the best components and processing power, so your games run smoothly and the viewing experience is crisp and clear.

At Fierce PC, we have all the components you need to make your gaming PC a beast and ensure the performance is top-notch. We stock all components from the leading brands around the world. We are always updating our stock to ensure we have the latest parts and most advanced processors.

In addition to the essential components, we also have a diverse collection of peripherals that will make gaming even more immersive while keeping you comfortable as you enjoy the endless hours of gaming.

With Fierce PC, you have everything you need for your gaming PC and more in one place. What's more, we always test our gaming rigs before we ship them out to you to ensure everything works perfectly, so there are no surprises.

Quality Components for Your Multiple Screen PC

With gaming PCs or workstation PCs, quality components determine the longevity and performance of your setup. We don't want to take any chances, which is why we make sure every gamer can find quality gaming components for their PC no matter their budget.

We have budget-friendly gaming PC components and for gamers chasing the premium experience, we also have quality components to match.

We stock processors from leading brands like AMD and Intel and we have graphics cards from NVidia, MSG, and Asus. Our diversity means you can find all your preferred components and brands easily and at competitive prices.

Take charge of your gaming experience today! Invest in a multiple screen PC and experience the next level viewing performance with crisp performances from our top range graphics cards and High Definition monitors.

We will try and test your new PC and have it shipped to you in no time. Be part of the next frontier in gaming by investing in one of our multiple screen PCs.

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