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Express Fierce Cougar Gaming PC Bundle | AMD RYZEN 5 5500 | NVIDIA RTX 3050 8GB | 16GB RAM 3200MHZ | 1TB M.2 SSD


  • AMD Ryzen 5 5500 Hex-Core Processor
  • NVIDIA RTX 3050 8GB Graphics Card
  • 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 Memory
  • 1TB NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive
Now £849.95
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Pre Built Gaming PC Under 1000

A Gaming PC packs a serious punch and gives you a competitive edge when gaming. At Fierce PC we offer only the best –state of the art hardware, internet security systems and hours of testing to ensure you receive the best PC.

At Fierce PC we offer a wide range of Gaming PCs, below is a list of what you need to consider if you want the best Gaming PC under 1000. You don’t always have to break the bank when buying a Gaming PC, you just need to know the features and hardware that make the difference and invest wisely.


What makes a Gaming PC?

Gaming PC Hardware

As much as the finish on the PC is very appealing, you always want to prioritise the performance before everything else. Fierce PC allows you to have your own customised Gaming PC and with your budget, all you need is a powerful selection of the hardware and parts, and you are ready to go.


With Gaming PCs, processors are make or break! They are the workhorse and the muscle that makes everything run smoothly and without a hitch. Fierce PC offers the latest and most advanced processors from both AMD and Intel, for optimal performance.


Games are requiring more and more memory to run smoothly. Graphics memory is becoming larger all the time and more RAM is also required. The speed of the RAM is not quite as important as the amount of RAM. It used to be that 4GB RAM was enough for all games, but now even 8GB isn’t enough to get top performance for some of the latest titles. When choosing your best Gaming PC under 1000, be sure to have a sufficient amount of memory.

Graphics Cards

The better the Graphics card, the more detail you’ll be able to see on screen – but only when paired with the right processor and memory. No gamer wants to compromise on the quality of their game which makes investing in the best graphics card a priority for all gamers.

Hard Drives

Having enough storage for all your games, mods, music and movies is vital. The type of storage is also very important. A standard hard drive is your cheapest option for large amounts of storage; however Solid State Drives (SSDs) are the fastest. SSDs can make a huge difference to the speed of your system and will hugely benefit the user experience. However, there is another alternative – Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHDs). These drives are up to 5 x faster than a traditional hard drive and much cheaper than an SSD of the same size. Fierce PC offers SSHDs on most of its systems so you can make the choice that best suits you.

Cases and Cooling Systems

Other than keeping your systems cooled down and the performance of the PC at its peak, cases can also give Gaming PCs a wow factor! We have different designs and colour combinations so you can create your PC the way you want it. We also have a range of unique eSports cases designed to fit in with your lifestyle.


As much as having a great graphics card will help you see more detail, it’s no good if you don’t have a suitable monitor to view it on. After your PC hardware, a quality monitor should be one of your top priorities. Fierce PC has an extensive collection of both HD and 4K monitors in different sizes to match the needs and demands of every gamer.

Buying the best Gaming PC under 1000 requires careful consideration of the features and hardware you want on your PC. Just because you have a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a powerful PC. It only means you need to make smart choices!

Quality Peripherals for your Gaming PC

Peripherals are also an important part of your Gaming PC. They might not make it perform better, but they can help you perform at your best. A good quality keyboard, mouse and mouse pad are essential for comfort and precision play.


Crystal clear audio makes you feel like you’re right in the centre of the action. You may prefer to have a high-end speaker system or a gaming headset, according to your preference, to help you get the most out of your gaming. Without an impressive audio system, your gaming experience will never be complete, and when you are the last team member left on the battlefield your teammates will rely on you to win the round - Don't let poor sound be the reason why you didn't hear the enemy team blow your brains out.

What to look for when buying your Gaming PC?

With some smart tips, you can get the Gaming PC of your dreams and still be within your budget.

Know what matters: You may not have a massive budget but if you follow our advice above on which hardware makes the difference you will be able to choose wisely, spend less and still get a premium experience from your Gaming PC.

Finance options: Even if you have a restricted cash budget, you can get a helping hand by using one of our superb finance options. For more information view our Finance Information page.

When it comes to PC gaming, Fierce PC are the expert. When doing your research for the best gaming PC under 1000, we can help you make the right decisions and get the absolute best from your budget. We are gaming!

Pre-built Gaming PCs under 1000 FAQs

Can you get a gaming PC under £1000?

It is possible to get a gaming PC under £1,000. We have various PCs within this budget. The PCs come in various configurations and the budget varies slightly depending on the performance of the PC you desire.

Is a gaming PC under £1000 any good?

A PC in this budget range will easily handle 1080p gaming. The components will allow you to enjoy most games. You can also max out most games on a 1440p monitor and also, some of the gaming PCs in this range serve as an entry-point to 4K gaming.

What is the best pre-built PC under £1000?

The best pre-built gaming PC depends on the gamer. We have multiple options to make it easier to find a PC that aligns with your needs. The PCs are from various brands and have varying configurations.  

How much FPS is an Under 1000 gaming PC capable of?

Gaming PCs under 1000 are good for about 240FPS. You might not be able to get such performance at high resolution, but what you get will be very close and competitive. With this range of PCs, you shouldn’t be too worried about the FPS output. The PC will do just fine for most games.

What brands of gaming PCs under £1000 do you have?

Our most popular brands for PC under £1000 are AMD and Zen. But, we have other brands you can consider in case you’re looking for something different. Each of the brands has several models with different specifications to match different users’ needs. 

Are under 1000 gaming PCs pre-built or customised?

The gaming PCs we have under £1000 are pre-built. They are pre-assembled and tested by our engineers. However, we do have the option of customising the PC yourself. All you have to do is ensure you stick within your targeted budget.

Can I build my own gaming PC under £1000

You can build your own gaming PC under £1000 using our Online PC Configurator. Using this tool, you will pick the components you want for your PC. Our engineers will assemble and test the PC, package it and ship it out to you.

Can I upgrade an under 1000 gaming PC?

Most of the components are upgradeable as long as you find compatible parts. Some parts like the processors might not always be compatible which requires changing the motherboard. You need to consider this when choosing the right gaming PC.  

What payment options do you accept?

We accept all major cards like Mastercard and Visa. You can also pay for your PC through online payment options like PayPal and AmazonPay.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship within the UK and to other countries including Poland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Denmark, Finland and Ireland among others. If your location isn’t listed, you can confirm with our sales team.

Will I pay for shipping?

If the delivery of the PC is within the UK, shipping is free. Deliveries to offshore addresses like Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or the Scottish Highlands might attract additional charges. For orders to other countries, please see the bottom of your cart in checkout for the estimated shipping fee.

How long will it take to get the new PC?

The entire process takes between 7-10 working days. Once we dispatch the PC, it should arrive within the next working day for addresses in the UK. Gamers that want to get their PCs earlier can consider using one of our payment options to fast-track the progress of the PC on our production lines.

We also provide Intel Gaming PCs and AMD Gaming PCs.