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Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play shooter featuring 30+ epic heroes, each with game-changing abilities. Choose your hero, group up with your friends and battle across all-new maps and modes in the ultimate team-based shooter.


Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play, always-on, and ever-evolving live game. Team up with friends regardless of platform and jump into the reimagined PvP experience.


More extraordinary heroes will join the current roster. Whether you like to lead the charge, ambush enemies, or aid your allies, there’s a new hero for you. 


Enjoy high-octane conflict with a fresh lineup of heroes, more maps to explore, and 5v5 combat that gives every player game-changing power.

Recommended Standard Systems

These Systems are recommended to handle Overwatch 2 at 1080p with great performance results

Recommended Mid-Tier Performance Systems

These Systems are recommended to handle Overwatch 2 at 1440p with great performance results

Recommended Ultra High-End Systems

These Systems are recommended to handle Overwatch 2 at 4K with great performance results

The selected pre-configured systems above are recommended for gameplay and any guarantee of actual performance is neither implied or stated. Game not supplied. Fierce PC does not have any association with Overwatch 2 and all images are purely for representational purposes only.



Overwatch 2 is a hero shooter, where players are split into two teams and select a "hero" from a roster of 40 characters. Characters are organized into a "damage" class, responsible for offensive efforts; a "support" class, responsible for healing and buffing; and a "tank" class, responsible for creating space for their team. Each character has a unique set of skills, made up of active, passive, and ultimate abilities. Overwatch 2, like its predecessor, primarily centres on player versus player (PvP) combat across several different modes and maps and includes both casual and ranked competitive matches.

The original Overwatch was designed for six-on-six team combat, with two of each class on a team. In Overwatch 2, the number of tank slots was reduced by one, bringing the total number of players per team to five.

New maps were designed to include more cover options to compensate for reduced tank-based protection. Additionally, damage class heroes now have an increased movement speed, support heroes slowly regenerate, and tank heroes were redesigned so they could take on a more offensive role. Heroes were visually refurbished as to reflect the passage of time since the events of the first game.



Minimum Requirements


Intel® Core™ i3 or AMD Phenom™ X3 8650


NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 600 series, AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 series




50 GB available hard drive space

Operating System      

Windows® 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)


Broadband internet connection


1024 x 768 minimum display resolution


Recommended Specifications


Intel® Core™ i7 or AMD Ryzen™ 5


NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060/ GeForce® GTX 1650 or AMD R9 380/AMD RX 6400 or Intel® Arc™ A770




50 GB available hard drive space

Operating System

Windows® 10 64-bit (latest Service Pack)


Broadband internet connection


1024 x 768 minimum display resolution


As Overwatch 2 is a team-based tactical her shooter and does not require much in terms of processing or graphical power to run the game well.

NVIDIA DLSS & AMD FSR is supported in Overwatch 2, so achieving an fps boost with these technologies can be achieved.

Some of the parts that you should prioritise when building your Overwatch 2 Gaming PC include:



Any modern-day processor will be able to handle Overwatch 2, but the game is more processor intensive due to the game requiring quick processing of what is happening in-game.

Intel Core i5 and AMD Ryzen 5 processors are popular choices for CPUs that are commonly recommended for Overwatch 2.

These CPUs offer excellent single-threaded performance and can handle Overwatch 2's demanding requirements without any issues.



To run Overwatch 2, you technically don’t need a dedicated graphics card, so a PC without a dedicated graphics card and using the integrated graphics will be fine for handling the game on the lower end video settings.

Any lower end graphics card from NVIDIA & AMD will be perfectly fine to run the game at 1080p, whilst also outputting over 60fps consistently.

However, to achieve higher frame rates and higher visual fidelity, any mid-range graphics card would be suggested for your PC build.



Overwatch 2 requires a minimum of 6GB of RAM to run, so any PC with 16GB will be perfectly fine to run the game, whilst also running your background applications.

When it comes to streaming your Overwatch 2 gameplay, 32GB of RAM may need to be considered.


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If you’re not very sure of what will work best, our team of experts are at hand to assist you with that.



When buying any gaming PC, components are at the top of your priorities. PC components are the engine that drives the PC. To ensure Overwatch 2 gamers get the best out of their PC and their budget, all our components are of high quality and from leading brands that have built a reputation for being reliable and long-lasting. These include Intel, Nvidia, Asus and AMD, among others.

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The best Overwatch 2 gaming PC is not easy to put together. You need a partner with gaming and PC experience to advise you and point you in the right direction. Your preferred partner should be extremely knowledgeable and have links in the market that can get you the most recent components in the shortest time possible.

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