Business Computers

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Quality Components for Your Business Computer

Business PCs are designed to be reliable at all times. To ensure this at Fierce PC, we make sure our desktop PCs are made from quality components that not only provide the best performance but also ensure the computer will last and be consistent.

We stock processors, GPUs and RAM from all the leading brands in the technology industry to guarantee the best performing Business PCs that will propel your business and handle all the processes and tasks you might have in your business.


Warranty Backed

FiercePC business PCs are all backed by a warranty. We offer up to 3 years of warranty depending on the brand and type of PC to our customers.

Our goal is to make sure we offer you the best after-sales service and ensure your PC can live up to your expectation. Before shipping out the PC to you, it is tested by our experts to ensure it can withstand the demands of the business scene and also the components work as expected.

Should you run into any challenges with your business PC within the warranty period, we are ready to have it repaired or replaced at no extra cost.

Express Delivery

The greatest worry with buying a new business PC online is the long shipping and delivery process. At Fierce PC, we have an express shipping and delivery service that will ensure your new PC is with you and ready for work in the shortest time possible.

Tips for Buying Your Business PC

An office PC is a significant investment. It’s imperative that you take time to find the right PC for your business and within your budget. But, getting the right PC is easier said than done. There are plenty of features and options to consider. But, whether a PC fits right in within your business or the different tasks you have in mind boils down to a few features. These include:


Most business processes and functions are not processor-intensive. Still, you need to take time finding a PC with the right central processing unit for the best results and performance. Unlike RAM and storage, upgrading the processor is not a walk-in part. As such, consider opting for a processor that is future proof. The processor should also keep up with the tasks in your business. 

For businesses that are processor intensive, you should opt to spend more on the processor. It will save you loads of frustration down the line.


After you choose the right processor for your PC, the next agenda should be to find RAM or short-term memory for your new PC.

RAM makes it easier and faster for the PC to retrieve information necessary to run opened programs or files. Sufficient RAM means your PC runs faster and you can focus on more tasks at once. With RAM, the only thing you have to worry about is the space. The more space, the more the tasks your new PC will handle at the same time.

Operating System

For businesses, having a sound operating system is critical. Business PCs provide a way for you to interact with the PC and for the PC to interact with other PCs in the network. With so much happening around you, the Operating System shouldn’t be another problem you have to worry about.

An excellent Operating System should have a fluid and straightforward interface and should run effortlessly. Together with the CPU and RAM, these three form the perfect tandem to ensure your business PC runs without any challenges.

The business PCs from Fierce PC come complete with the latest Operating System and all the necessary drivers installed. Once the PC arrives, you can plug it in and get working.


For businesses that need to store large files or use space-intensive software, storage can be a challenge. To mitigate this, ensure your new PC has ample storage for all your works and files. The recommended hard disk size varies from business to business, depending on how space-intensive your processes and services are.

However, most business desktops come with 500GB to 1TB of hard disk space. If you run out of space, you can always consider expanding the memory or investing in a secondary hard disk for storage.