Day two summary - Epic26

Day one of Epic LAN at the Kettering Conference Centre was a mixture of highs and lows. From remaining undefeated throughout the group stages to then falling to CeX Esports in our second Upper Bracket game. For us to fulfil our expectations of a top three finish, we needed to have a flawless run throughout day two.

Arriving in the early morning, the team got all their Fierce gear set-up and started to warm up in preparation for their first game of the day. When the bracket was released, we were to begin our Lower Bracket run against Horus Esports, a team that wasn’t to be underestimated. The first map was Train, which gave us confidence with it being one of our more favourable maps. The sureness showed as not only did we win on Train 16-7, we also took the second map, of the best of three series, on Dust2 16-7. With a 2-0 victory over Horus Esports, the team were on a high waiting for their next game which wouldn’t be played until later that evening. As we progressed further into the Lower Bracket games at Epic26, each game would prove more difficult, which we found in our next best of three series game against Water Walkers. The line-up had shown dominance throughout the tournament and proved to be a challenge to the Fierce Esports roster. With the veto being drawn, the maps had been determined:

With the series starting off with Train the guys knew what needed to be done to gain the 1-0 advantage. The game was a lot closer than anticipated and round after round was taken in turn by each of the teams. This led to overtime, but Fierce Esports came out on top finishing map one 19-17 with a great 1v2 clutch from IGL, Kpiz. Fierce Esports haven’t had the best track record on Inferno, so they knew that taking the first map of the series was crucial for them to progress further in the tournament. Water Walkers showed that it was one of their preferred maps and took the second game of the best of three series 9-16. Which meant that the loser of Mirage determined which team went home.

Both sides showed that they weren’t ready to go home by making it a nail-biting experience, not only for the players but for the people watching. Water Walkers showed dominance and knocked Fierce Esports out of the tournament in a close series and a 14-16 win on the final map. Fierce Esports were now out of the tournament, with a disappointing finish of 7th-8th. After a placing of second at Epic25 the team showed that they were frustrated. Despite this, the team stayed at the event to support the other teams who remained in the tournament and made the best out of a bad situation.

We didn’t perform to our expectations at Epic LAN but, make no mistake, we will be back and improved so make sure you’re following us across our Social Media platforms to keep up to date with the latest team news and our online performances in ESEA Advanced and the ESL Premiership.



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