Day One Summary – Epic26

Despite their online performances in ESEA Advanced, Fierce Esports were eager to get started with day one of Epic26 to showcase the line-ups talent. The team remained confident going into the group stages, where they were allocated 4th seed for the tournament and assigned to Group D, which consisted of the following teams:





Fierce Esports showed that they were not to be underestimated and finished top of their group, winning four out of four games. You can see the results of each match up below:

  • Fierce Esports vs Atmoz Esports – Cache – 16:7
  • Fierce Esports vs Ibiza Ready – Mirage – 16:2
  • Fierce Esports vs Team Sausage – Nuke – 16:10
  • Fierce Esports vs Demize - 16:11

After back to back match ups throughout the morning to early afternoon in the group stages, they wasted no time heading into their first set of Upper Bracket games. The first team to take them on was Los Emigrantos. Unfortunately, the other team failed to show in the server for map one, resulting in a forfeit. With a quick return, both teams kicked off the second map on Train where Fierce Esports showed no mercy finishing the series with a 2-0 finish and a 16:2 result.

After a well-deserved break, we faced our most difficult match-up of the day against CeX Esports. The first map was Overpass where Fierce Esports started out strong but CeX put up a fight and quickly came back into the game evening out the playing field. The momentum behind their comeback resulted in a close finish of 11:16 on the first map. Next up was Train, which was the first pick for Fierce Esports and despite having a slower start losing a few rounds, both teams ended up neck and neck. With a sudden turn of events during overtime, CeX Esports came out on top with 17-19 progressing further in the Upper Bracket.

With losing to CeX Esports, Fierce have now been knocked into the Lower Bracket which will be played out in tomorrow. With hopes of getting into the finals, Fierce Esports now need to have a flawless run throughout tomorrow to fulfil their goals. To keep up to date with the team’s progress during day two of Epic26, make sure you’re following us across our Social Media pages for live updates.



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