BullGuard Cyber Security Software

BullGuard hits the sweet spot for gamers. Lightning fast gaming isn’t an issue with this security software; it’s designed to protect a computer from malware while still enabling blistering gaming. In an independent and rigorous benchmark test, which evaluated and compared high-profile security software suites, BullGuard Game Booster came out on top. It left competitors in the digital dust thanks to its superior frames-per-second speed. But even more importantly, it delivered faster speeds than a computer running with no antivirus protection, so gamers can still blitz the opposition while staying safe against all types of malware.

Game Booster ensures gamers get the balance between security and performance without having to sacrifice one for the other. It optimises all user processes, such as frame rate and graphics, to ensure peak performance as well as stopping annoying pop-up ads from interrupting your gaming - and internet browsing.

And BullGuard provides exceptional protection. The winner of many prestigious awards for the strength of its security, BullGuard’s triple-layered protection keeps out all types of malware. This includes ransomware and crypto-mining malware, which is well known for slowing computers down. Its zero-day protection is also considered to be one of the best, so you’ll never be ambushed by malware that has just been released by crafty hackers.

If you’ve got a child who is into gaming (it’s rare to find one who isn’t!) Parental Controls help you keep an eye on them so they’re not exposed to malicious or disturbing content. You can block access to ‘out-of-bounds’ websites and content, set limits to their time online and discretely monitor their activity, so the little chipmunks are always safe and protected.

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BullGuard protection has a raft of other features too including a Vulnerability Scanner that automatically alerts you to missing security updates and immediately warns you about unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Its triple layer firewall also runs on steroids. Developed to support Windows 10 and track security updates, it provides gamers and PC users with important additional protection features. We all know that cyber-crooks try and hide malicious malware in apps and games but BullGuard’s Application Filtering detects and blocks these hidden nasties, keeping you safe when downloading. And of course, it blocks attempts to connect to unknown internet connections without your authorisation, as a matter of routine.

These features make BullGuard a must-have for gamers and PC users. BullGuard’s industry-leading protection can be used across Windows, macOS and Android platforms. It’s available in different versions consisting of the slimmer but rigorously robust “Antivirus” (protects one PC) for £19.96, the family-friendly “Internet Security” (protects multiple devices) for £24.97 and “Premium Protection (protects multiple devices) which also includes outstanding identity protection, for £27.98. Licenses run for one year. The prices cited above feature discounts ranging from 20% to 60% off.

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