Apex Legends is unlike any other battle royale game you have played. Unlike most that have an endless list of characters to pick from, Apex Legends only has eight. That makes it easy for you to select a character right? Wrong!

The challenge is the characters have to work in teams to achieve a common goal. Therefore, you have to pick characters that will complement each other's strengths and skills. A good example is Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher ability and Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather ability that gives you a visual edge over the enemy when the smoke is launched.

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Now that you have an idea of how important it is to get characters that work together, here is a ranking of the different characters as well as their tiers.



She is a medic or support character with a vast skill set focusing mainly on getting teammates healing and providing them with support gear.

She can summon a healing drone that can be dropped to heal her or all three members of the team at the same time. She has a unique passive ability gives her a shield when reviving downed teammates, so the revives are secure no matter the situation.

Even though she is a support character, her value to the team is undoubted. Her healing items work 25% faster and she can patch up herself real quick in tight situations.

She can also replenish resources through a care package that drops from a pod in the sky. The kit contains defensive equipment, loot and weapon attachments. It’s the perfect package for under-geared team-mates.


Bangalore is the only character in Apex Legends that can produce smoke clouds for cover.  The cover of the smoke bomb can be used to revive teammates safely and provide cover in sticky situations. It’s also a great and safe way to run for cover.

Even though she can only hold up two smoke canister charges, the charge up is quick so don't worry about being too trigger happy with the smoke.

Her passive ability “Double Time” increases her movement sped for a limited time when she is sprinting. She can quickly get out of the way in a losing gun battle and reposition.

Her ultimate ability is Rolling Thunder. When she throws a flare, it calls in rockets around the flare. The missiles are lodged in the earth and explode after a short delay for the team to get away.

Bangalore works particularly well with Bloodhound and can also pair perfectly with the Threat Detector weapon attachment.



Wraith has two powerful and essential abilities. Into the Void; which is her tactical ability makes her immune from any and all damage for a short period during which she has increased movement speed. During this phase, she can quickly move in and out of fights.

Her passive ability “Voices from the Void” alerts the player when the enemy is looking or pointing at Wraith and is perfected for her and her team in pointing out the positioning of the enemy in large open areas.

Her best-kept secret is the Dimensional Rift. It allows her to link two locations via a portal. The portal can be used by Wraith and her team to travel between the locations quickly. However, the ability is too obvious when she is setting it up and can be easily shot while at it.

If you're looking for a character for solo play, Wraith can work perfectly alone making her a great choice.


He is a hunter-like legend with the ability to track enemies using their footprints and other clues they leave behind. The focus of this character is centred on tracking enemies which makes him an excellent scout.

His tactical ability is the Eye of the Allfather which reveals enemies and clues in a circle around him. It might sound like a great ability, but it's not without drawbacks. While the ability exposes enemies, it also exposes you.

With his passive ability, Bloodhound can see footprints and detect how old they are. He is capable of knowing the directions the enemies went and how far they might be.

His ultimate ability which is Beast of the Hunt is the most useful. It gives him increased speed and his vision turns black and white while the enemy legends are highlighted in red. The ability comes with a long skill duration, so you don't have to short-handed with it. You can use it generously.

Bloodhound is not a good pick for solo play because he needs to communicate with the team to use his full kit. He can see the tracks your team can’t so he is a reliable source of information.


Mirage uses decoys to confuse enemies. Her tactical ability; Psyche-Out, sends a holographic decoy. It's a skill that can be used in many different ways include to create distractions or set an ambush for the enemy.

His ultimate ability is a vanishing act which is very handy because it doesn't leave behind a trail. It's the surest way of escape. He deploys many decoys that stand around as he turns completely invisible making it easier for him to get out of sticky situations and reposition in a different area.

Mirage can also collect information using the decoys and pass the information to your team. Unfortunately, while these tricks are great on paper, they don’t always work. So, you have to be creative with how you use deception and decoys.

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He might not always be your first option when picking your team. But, there’s no doubting the skillset that Pathfinder brings to the game.

He has a grappling hook as a tactical ability which can be a very flashy weapon to use mid fight. His passive ability which is insider information is a more valuable tool for his team. He can scan a survey beacon and identify the next location of the ring.

What makes him an ultimate player however is his ultimate ability which is a zip line. Using this, he can get his team on high-ground and a better fighting advantage.



When in desperate need for a tank in the Apex of Legends, Gibraltar is your best bet. His skill set is not as diverse as some of the characters above, but he still holds his own.

He can shoot and protect himself at the same time using a gun shield. He has a dome of protection that he uses to protect the team and he has a defensive bombardment mortar strike he uses for cover fire while laying down.

He is an incredible defensive strategist. But, in most cases, that is not enough to have him as part of the team since there are more powerful options that lay better defence and have an unquestionable offence. Keep in mind his massive hitbox will make you an easy target for the enemy to pick you out.


To close out the least of phenomenal Apex Legends Heroes in different tiers is Caustic. His position on the list is not a reflection of his abilities. He does have limited utilities in most situations but what he has can be creatively used to give your team an advantage.

He uses gas to choke out his enemies. His most important ability is the Nox Gas Grenade. It is spread over a large area and slows down as well as damages the enemy. It’s a great way to force the enemy to reveal his position but only works if your team is not caught in it.

He also has a tactical Nox Gas Trap. He uses it to set up a perimeter that protects the team and alerts the team when enemies are coming.

Caustic is disadvantageous because the situation has to be right for him to come into play. He cannot always and consistently show up for the team. His gases can also confuse the enemies and your team making his skills unreliable and a liability.

That's your quick rundown of the Apex Legends Heroes and tiers. Whether you're an experienced player or a newbie figuring your way out, you now have one less thing to worry about and you can choose your team with a sober mind.