Why San Andreas is better than GTA5! 

There have been a lot of great Grand Theft Auto games released over the ye  ars. So we decided to compare two of Rockstars greatest creations, GTA San Andreas and GTA 5. There are a lot of differences between the two in both age and story. We take you through all of it and most importantly tell you why we think San Andreas takes the crown.


The Grand Theft Auto games are well renowned for their outstanding soundtracks, GTA5, in particular, has notably one of the worst soundtracks in the history of the series. San Andreas has a fantastic playlist of songs, perfect for setting the scene of the 90s. They hit nostalgia on the head with the power of great music, the setting, and the current events of the time.

Although the soundtrack is a small portion of what the game is, it's always great when cruising around the map in your stolen car to absolute anthems.


The great thing about GTA5 is that you have three different protagonists, but on the downside, it's harder to follow three stories in comparison to one. After looking through numerous forums, we found that most people found C.J from San Andreas the most identifiable character (which we agree with)! He is the smartest member of his crew and embarks on a quest where he overcomes what's expected of him. It's hard to beat a storyline where someone goes above and beyond. Starting off as nothing and becoming more than the character itself could've imagined. It hits you emotionally in all the right ways and creates a bond between player and protagonist.

On the other hand, GTA5 is a lengthy campaign filled with action and adventure and something we can still say is a fantastic storyline. But it doesn't rise to the top in our comparison with San Andreas.

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One of the main things that keep players coming back to a game is when you're rewarded for your hard work and playtime. One of the biggest flaws of GTA5 is that you don’t have to earn any of the luxuries. Michael De Santa already has a nice house, the nice cars, and the money so there isn't room to grow throughout the rest of the game. You don’t have to work as hard to gain the luxuries with cars, clothes, and houses with all three characters.

Whereas in GTA San Andreas, C.J starts off skinny and broke. The later in the game you get, the more you can improve your appearance and riches.

You start off with no money, which improves by how many missions and side quests you complete. With your earnings, you are then able to treat yourself to the luxuries.

The further you get into the campaign, the more people in your gang will start following your lead. Which means that you go from a rookie to a leader which feels much more rewarding.


The one thing you can’t deny about GTA is the fantastic appearance of the map graphically. Obviously, there is a big difference in age with both of these games, so it's a no brainer that GTA5 looks more the part. If you wanted to re-visit a trip down memory lane with playing San Andreas, one of the main things that will bug many is the appearance. Even though this is a small argument to make, it's only like being able to watch movies in Black and White.

Although both of these are thoroughly enjoyable titles. Many players can agree that San Andreas weighs out to be the better of the two. We want to hear your thoughts on this, especially if you disagree with our statement. Join the discussion by following us on Social Media today!



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