TSM have announced Fortnite team house!

Despite having competitive events online like the KEEMSTAR invitational and Ninja Vegas 18, there is yet to be an official Fortnite tournament. Team Solo Mid are dipping their feet in the sand early, so they can be a step ahead of their opponents. They are doing this by moving their Fortnite team into a house together. The house will have all four members of the team living in California together.

The roster consists of:

Ali "Myth" Kabbani

Darryle "Hamlinz" Hamlin

Juan "CaMiLLs" Camilla


Each of the members has officially moved to California and have all expressed their excitement for their new home.

Team houses seem to be the latest trend, where big organisations like TSM move teams in with each other. This not only helps towards team chemistry and productivity but gives the opportunity to become more consistent with content creation.

In this video, three out of four members express their excitement to move into their new home. The TSM Fortnite team each mention their current living situations and how for the majority this will be their first time away from family. If you haven't yet seen the house-tour/player reactions, take a look at the video here!

We'll be looking forward to seeing the team compete in upcoming tournaments. With each of the members having a significant following on Twitch, we can imagine these will become the Fortnite communities fan favourites.

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