Why Simpsons Hit & Run should be remade!

Simpsons Hit & Run was an iconic game for most of us in our youth. There were always two types of people, you play the game like a good Samaritan or you go all out Grand Theft Auto mode and destroy everything in sight.

We are going to tell you the future possibilities of remaking this game, and why it should happen!

#1 It will go Viral

With the popularity of games being produced by Rockstar,  like GTA5 and Red Dead Redemption. Creating these style games but Simpsons themed would go viral. Every time an old game has been remade it has gone massively viral, take Tomb Raider & Spyro for example.

Releasing this game will rekindle you with nostalgia by bringing back some great childhood memories.

#2 Open World

Simpsons Hit & Run was a very similar game to GTA back in the day. We can imagine it would be one of the biggest multiplayer games to date if released. Not only would there be a great campaign, but this theme of game works best online with a group of friends.

So maybe the real pitch is to get Rockstar on board with the remake of this game?

#3 Refresh

The Simpsons is one of the most popular TV series known to date, there aren't a lot of people who don't know what this is (even if you don't watch it yourself). By releasing a brand new game, the new Simpsons Hit and Run would be completely refreshed. Yes, they have brought out a movie and rides at theme parks but this will take it to the next level!

What would you think if Simpsons released a remake of the ever so popular, Simpsons Hit & Run? Let us know by following us on Social Media if this a game you would play, and if not why wouldn't you?

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