With the New Year has come the next generation of graphics cards. With faster processors, high definition visuals and high performance consoles embedding the market, knowing where to look for affordability and value for money can save you time and money. Gaming demands the best visuals, effortless detail and most responsive graphics due the nature of its high-speed-high-performance technologies. Here at Fierce PC’s, we review three of the best budget graphic cards for our budget gaming PC’s that are keeping up with the ‘Next Gen’ home consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One.

AMD R7 260X The advanced GPU’s from the AMD Radeon R7 Series offer a truly extraordinary performance with unmatchable efficiency. The 260X model has been engineered for truly spectacular DirectX 11.2 gaming thanks to ultra-high resolutions of AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology.

Suitable for 4k monitors, or multiple HD screens, embrace a truly breath-taking level of gaming. Nvidia GTX 660 Built for fast and fluid 1080p gaming with the latest DirectX 11 gaming, NVIDIA have delivered a graphic card that deliver power and performance without the price tag. With 140 w of power and over 2 MBs standard config, the 660 model is one of the most affordable cards on the market. Nvidia GTX 650 Ti This turbocharged GPU is one of the most in-sought after weapons for a gamer’s armoury.

Based on the revolutionary NVIDIA Kepler model, the 650 Ti delivers around 40% more performance allow stunning visuals and brilliantly fast gaming. Gaming is entering a new age and having the right tools for the job will ensure that you are not left behind. For more information on these cards, as well as any of our budget gaming PC’s be sure to give our team a call today for 01706 214 233.