By Don Spencer

You've heard it said that you can't beat PC. And it's true.

Despite the promising developments of the latest generation of home video consoles, as well as the continuing rise of mobile gaming, PC always has and always will be the top-dog in the gaming world.

37% of gamers use PC as it stands, with a global total of 1.8 billion PC players which shows no signs of slowing.

Here's 7 reasons you should get a gaming PC today.

1. Satisfied Custom

Home consoles are constrained to the dimensions they are packaged in, and apart from the 'pro' or slimline follow ups, you must wait a good 7 years before you can take advantage of the next edition.

With your gaming PC you can have your own custom rig and always keep up with the demands of the latest games. Whether that means upgrading your GPU to the latest graphics card, expanding your storage with a solid state drive (SSD) or just adding a new panel to bump up the aesthetics, the PC experience has you covered.

Customise and improve your setup without needing to replace the entire system. Be sure to get a custom rig if you're looking to be able to make changes over the years.

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2. With Great Power...

It's clear that the power of consoles is nothing to be dismissed, but the PC is a different beast.

With more powerful components brings the potential for the 4k visuals, frame rates exceeding 200 Frames Per Second (FPS) and more specific fine tuning visuals such as anti-aliasing technology for smoother textures and Virtual sync (V-sync) to fix screen tearing issues.

Whilst consoles are capable of delivering some of these features, it usually comes at the cost of something else. For example, next-gen consoles generally offer the option of a performance mode (for high frame rates) or ray tracing (for realistic lighting). A high end PC gives the option to have all of these features and more, without paying the price in other functions.

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3. Buyers Market

Consoles may be a cheaper option upon purchase, but over the years the amount of money spent paying £59.99 will start to add up. Downloading digitally from the PS/Xbox stores is even pricier than buying the disc version, with special editions sometimes coming in at £90+.

Let us introduce you to our dear friend, Steam.

Since steam distributes content exclusively digitally, they are able to offer games at a much lower price than their console counterparts. We're not talking 10% here, we're talking saving hundreds of pounds a year and still accessing AAA+ content and bundles. Steam also allows you to sign in to your account on any PC and download your library to any suitable machine.

As well as regular sales, Steam also offers a much more cohesive community than any other platform. Compare playtime, achievements and chat with the community on the fly. Jump in and out of your favourite games faster than ever before. Create your Steam account to get started

4. Mod be With You

With PC gaming, not only can you customise the quality of your experience, you can actually modify the in game assets themselves - or if you're really ambitious, create your own mods!

Mods have allowed for not only gaming enhancements and glitch fixes, but an assortment of comical experiences too. Want to zoom around Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 in a flying car? Sorted. Want literally every spider in Skyrim to be Spider-Man himself? You got it.

Mods have also brought the gaming community closer, and allowed individuals to show off their skills and even advance their careers. In 2021, Bethesda re-released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (again) with community mods included, allowing new life to be breathed into an otherwise dated experience. Your mod could just be the next big thing.

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5. Peripheral Vision

Now we know that keyboard and mouse can be used on console, just like a controller can be used on PC. But picture having a high end PC that supports the highest frame rates, combined with a curved 4K monitor and a mechanical keyboard and mouse.

This combination will mean you'll have the competitive edge for games like Warzone and Fortnite. You'll be able to see your enemy the second their pixels arrive on screen, without any delay.

The keyboard and mouse, whilst requiring a steep learning curve, will allow you to map in game commands onto specific keys and enjoy precise cursor movements. These split second advantages could be the difference between life and death in multiplayer settings.

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6. All of the Lights

Perhaps not the most technical of reasons, but to put it simply, gaming PC'S nowadays just look breathtaking.

Gone are the days where the PC's function was the only driving factor in building systems. With the advent of live-streaming, it's more important than ever that your machine looks as spectacular as it performs.

With RGB lighting being an industry standard for peripherals in 2022, you can guarantee that your rig will be giving your gaming zone the lighting it deserves. Demonstrate your style to your friends and continually upgrade your aesthetic vibe.

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7. Quick Resume

Consoles have certainly expanded their horizons in recent years in terms of offering multimedia integration, but nothing compares to the PC in terms of accessibility and simplicity of interface.

Jump into your favourite game on your lunch break, and within seconds get back to your emails, work chats and projects.

Not only this, but if your PC can handle ray-tracing and 4k visuals, imagine how easily it can load Photoshop creations and video streaming services. Your PC could be so much more than just a gaming machine.

Words: Don Spencer