There’s no question about the greatness of Dragon Age. But, let’s face it, it’s been a while since the game was released (it was released in 2009). It was released around the same time Mass Effect 2 was in the works.

Expectedly, the same bugs and design shortcomings that made Mass Effect frustrating extended to Dragon Age. But, somehow, the game still remains active to date. Maybe because of the loveable characters!

If you're playing it for the first time or coming back to it after some time, you probably missed out on some of the best mods you should consider when playing Dragon Age: Origin.

Before we jump into some of the best mods you can use to make yourself a master at this game, it’s important to mention, while the game is available on Steam, it does not feature Steam Workshop integration because of its age.

That means you have to install the mods individually as required. You can use a third-party mod hosting app, but be careful with what you pick.

With Dragon Age: Origins, you have your work cut out for you.

Now that’s that is out there, let’s have a look at some of the best mods that will breathe new life into Dragon Age: Origins and make it more exciting.

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Gameplay Mods

Lock bash

With Lock bash, warriors in the game can make easy work of locks by smashing them. The mod has built-in animated destruction that allows you to see the hinges fly as you smack them.

Even though this mod unlocks paths and doorways that you couldn’t previously go through, it does have a few bugs. The hang-ups are rare but you should know about it beforehand, so you know what to expect.

Auto loot

Having the auto-loot mod in your arsenal gets rid of the middleman when corpse robbing. Once you slay an enemy, you simply click and auto loot adds the contents of the slain enemy to your inventory with no intermediary screens.

Auto loot is designed with every game hoarder status in mind. Now you don’t have to click on “TAKE ALL.” The mod does it for you.

The only downside is the creator makes sure you know you’re using his creation by making sure you get the annoying message, “This service was provided by Auto Loot © by Pheelon,” every time you use the mod.

Forced Deathblows

One of the most exhilarating moments when playing Dragon Age: Origins is when the fighter conjures up a series of brutal finishing moves that kill an opponent. Unfortunately, this is a rarity in the game.

Forced Deathblows makes this one of a kind scene a regular through a variable setting. With the mod, every single Melee kill now features a series of brutal finishing moves. It’s the best mod when you’re looking to dial up the carnage.

Graphic and Background Mods

Improved atmosphere

Let's face it. If you have to choose a mod, you probably won't go for an improved atmosphere. It’s a subtle but effective mod that takes the cobwebs out of the nearly decade long creation.

The mod brings new life into the backgrounds of the Non-player Characters (NPCs). The mod gets them to walk around, gather at campfires and behave as close to normal people as possible. It gives the game a much-needed breath of reality.

In addition to the more realistic movements, the mod also allows your companions to land on banter triggers more often. The corpses also stick around after you kill and loot them aiding in building the stench of the death in the battleground.

You also get to enjoy lots of additional texture to the game making battlegrounds and towns feel more real.

White teeth

This mod sounds like something you would find at a dentist's office. But, if you're keen, you must have noticed all the characters on Dragon Age have hideous teeth.

With this mod, you can give all the characters an ultra-white laser cleaning. As much as the aura of death and disgust is part of the game, it doesn't hurt to have characters with appealing dental. They are more likeable and less gross.

No helmet hack

If you need a reminder of just how old Dragon Age: Origin is, this mod is all you need. From Mass Effect 2, you could choose whether you want to see the face of your character using a checkbox that made helmets visible or invisible.

Unfortunately, Dragon Age didn’t have that option and your character’s face had to be buried behind the thick armour of the helmet. This mod made it possible to turn the helmet on or off. It doesn’t sound like much but, when you’re dying to see how cool or hideous your character is, that helmet is annoying.

Dragon age redesigned

In gaming terms, Dragon Age is considered ancient and it’s starting to show especially with how worlds apart the graphics and other features are.

For new players, Dragon Age Redesigned is a great mod to start with. It overhauls all the facial features in the game and the NPCs have a more realistic look and not the cartoon trolls they once were.

The mod also touches on the companions and you can choose from a couple of versions for some of them like Morrigan.

The installation process of this mod is not nearly as easy as the others.  You need to run two separate executables and a variety of other requirements. Nonetheless, the end results are worth the trouble you have to go through.

Companion Mods

Extra dog Slots

Canine companions are a joy to have. They are happy partners with snappy jaws and pointy little ears. But they’re not really useful. In most cases, you have to make the difficult choice to leave them behind for companions with handy features like carrying inventory or can simply talk.

With the extra dog slot mod, you and your dog companion become tied at the hip. He goes everywhere you go and doesn’t take up your companion slots.

Character respecialisation

Do you wish you could recalibrate your skills and attribute points at different times of the game? Well, with this mod, you can.

Strategies shift in the game and what seemed like an advantage can disappear into thin air, with this mod, a raven appears on the fencepost with an elixir tied to its foot.

All you have to do is drink the contents and respecialise your skills. You can use the mod any time after it’s been installed but, be warned, the rabid looking raven is not the best sight.

New Story Mods

The hell out of Howe

Unlike most mods, this one doesn’t improve the graphics, give you more weapons or give you an advantage in war. What it does is give you the chance to stick it to the main character Howe make him suffer even more before he does.

The mod goes as far as having emotional cut scenes that feature the Human Noble’s departed family. It’s a great way to stick it to the villain in the game.

There are tens of different Dragon Age: Origin Mods to choose from. If you want to save yourself the trouble of scrolling through all of them to install them only to uninstall them, these few will suffice.

They cover everything from fight advantages, improved graphics and even give you a chance to script the ending of the games main villain.

As you can see there are many different MODs and ways of customising your games, but you need a gaming PC to keep up with the demand. Luckily, here at Fierce PC, we have many different gaming PCs for you to choose from including PC Bundles.