There is a lot of debate between what should be picked up over other items on Fortnite - do you prioritise your meds over weapons? This article goes into detail on what items should be picked up and what you should leave behind.

But first things first, you'll need a high-quality Gaming PC!

#1 Shield Potions & Minis

If you come across shield potions on Fortnite or even minis you should always make room for these in your inventory. This is because if you were to be shot or get into a fight, these are more powerful than bandages and will help you in up and coming fights more than a medkit. If you are carrying more than one shield potion, you do not have to worry about carrying additional minis in your arsenal.

#2 Shotgun

The majority of the time you will come face to face with an opponent where you need a weapon that will laser close up. This is where a shotgun comes in handy! Whether it’s a pump, a tactical or heavy shotgun is up to you depending on what you’re most comfortable with. But if you come across a heavy shotgun that is purple or gold, I would always choose this over the pump and tactical.

#3 Assault Rifle

Unlike the shotgun, the assault rifle is for those long-range gunfights, whether you are trying to poke down an enemy from the distance or use it to spray down your enemies mid-range it’s multipurpose and very handy to have in your inventory.

#4 Explosives

Explosives are always good to have in your inventory for when people have built up high and it gives you the chance to knock them down from their towers and deal an incredible amount of damage too. If you’re lucky enough to come across an RPG, egg launcher or guided missile always pick these up as they will come in handy the later in the game you get.

#5 Sniper

We all love to hit a long shot with a sniper rifle, which is why it’s always great to have in your inventory. Especially if you're not comfortable in shooting long range with your assault rifle and can’t get an angle on those who are high in their towers, a sniper will help you take down those players that seem impossible to kill with any other gun.

If you’re not comfortable with a Sniper with its complexity of using, you can always switch this up for meds, a double shotgun layout or even a submachine gun. Whatever you feel most comfortable having.

To help give you more of a guide when it comes to playing Fortnite in future, always remember the colours of each item and this will help you prioritise your inventory. Take a look at the image below for further guidance.

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