Finding the perfect strategy came can be a challenge. There are new games on the market every week, and there are also classics that have been running for years. The mix of adrenalin-packed action and complex, difficult decisions make strategy games one of the best ways to challenge yourself and your mates.

To help you make light work on the best strategy game to indulge in, here is a list of the best turn based strategy games for PC – a mixture of both timeless classics and some new ones on the block.

Total Warhammer II

Total Warhammer II is a revision of the original game which was and remains a beloved game to most gamers around the world.

The newer edition was released in 2017 by Creative Assembly for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

The game merges mechanics from a variety of other games in other genres and is set in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe.

Your job as a player is to strategically position your troops to defend and protect your territory. Depending on the situation, you can decide to engage in some diplomacy, and if all else fails, you can swiftly obliterate the enemy. You can choose from an extensive number of races, or to play against other world-class players online or challenge the built-in AI system.

The new release also helped to iron out some of the challenges faced by the original. These changes include; Tweaks to the heroes and the interface, as well as the addition of armies that turn rogue and mix factions.


Even though Battletech was released in 2018, it’s set in the year 3025 in a galaxy that is engulfed in war. Since its release, it’s come along way and won over the hearts of many gamers.

In the game, you assume the character of a world-class assassin responsible for leading a powerful team of armoured units referred to as Battlemechs. The Battlemechs are powerful mechanised combat vehicles with MechWarriors as pilots.  Your goal is to conquer the competition and make sure you fulfil the hit.

There are plenty of tricks and twists in the game, which gives it a mental challenge. There are houses littered across the map of the game. You have to pick your employers and targets carefully to improve your success rate.

It's a fast-paced game that turns hours of gameplay into minutes literally. There's plenty to be excited about and you'll be sweating through the entirety of the game.

The game is available on macOS, Linux and Windows and is developed by Harebrained Schemes.

Into the Breach

An Army of Vek monsters have descended on the earth and humanity is facing extinction. It is up to you to commandeer a giant mech fitted with top of the line armour and battle equipment to save the earth and humanity one Vek after another Vek.

Sometimes, turn based games can have too much going on at the same time it can feel overwhelming. Sub-Set Games solved this challenge when designed Into the Breach by making it a bite-sized turn based strategy game but with the excitement and theme of an XCOM on steroids.

The player is tasked with defending small portions of land. The enemy attacks in the game are telegraphed which allows you to plan for the perfect encounter. You can carefully plan for success and make maximum use of the weapons and armour at your disposal.

You can play Into the Breach on Windows, Linux, macOS and it’s also available on Switch!

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Help Queen Mercia defend her home and the Kingdom of Cherrystone and gather allies to fight off her enemies in new newly released games by CHucklefish.

While Wargroove might be the new kid on the block in this list, it is rapidly rising in the ranks to become of the leading turn based games.

To advance your agenda in the game, you have to fight and take control of evil commanders who want to take over the Kingdom.

The TBS based game has simple mechanics and pixel art which provides a balance of fun and exhilaration.

If you're looking to kill a few hours, the campaign mode is just the right fit for you. It offers hours of endless entertainment. You can also use the level editor that allows you to share your creations with other players on the same platform. Pretty cool right?  

Civilisation VI

Civilisation 6 is one of the most touted turn based strategy games. Other than being available on PC, the game is also available on Mac, iOS, Linux, and Switch. This also runs great on our Fierce Gaming Laptops.

Civilisation 6 is a new addition into the gaming field and product of Firaxis Games. The objective of the game is to lead your empire from its cradle to world power.

You have to dominate the competition in various industries by taking advantage of the different paths to success available to you. Wins in the game are based on economic and technological prowess as well as the might of your army.

It’s a great game to consider if you’re looking for a comprehensive experience and to flex your most important muscle in the body – the mind. This has to be on our list of the best turn based strategy games for PC

Endless Legend

Closing down our list of the best turn based strategy games is a follow up to Endless Space. The game has been a  4X fame set hit under the radar.

Even though Endless Legend is not the best in its class, it offers a feel of the potential that the creating studio holds.

Endless Legend hasn't had the exposure primarily because of the ill-timed launch of the game. Nonetheless, it's an excellent option for gamers looking to have fun and ransack their brains.

The game's depth and diversity make it one of the best after Civilisation IV. The factions which you choose from are asymmetrical with sub-races, quests to discover and hero units among other gaming options. You will also love the aesthetics and details of the game.

Final Thoughts

One of the best aspects of the best turn based strategy games for PC is its ever-changing facets. It's almost impossible to have similar outcomes and experiences in the same game. It's one of the reasons why this genre of games remains relevant for such a long time.

If you're looking to indulge yourself in this exploit, any of the above-listed games is an excellent place for you to start. You can choose to work your mind or shed some blood depending on what you're in the mood for.