How would you like to drive a bus? Or maybe fly a helicopter? These sound like ambitious dreams. Simulation games make them achievable. This genre of games allows players to take up roles that would otherwise sound far-fetched.

The ability to bring your wildest dreams like navigating a submarine makes simulation games so revered among gamers. There are plenty of options to pick from. To help you make the right pick, here are some of the best pick to consider.

House Flipper

It’s not every day you turn yourself into a human wrecking ball. This game brings those memories of binge-watching home renovations shows back to life and puts you right in the middle of the action. The game allows you to buy virtual properties that require a professional hand to design and furnish to resell them.

There’s plenty you need to do get a potential client to notice your new establishment. You have to clean up the messes left by the previous tenants, repaint the house and install new appliances. The fun part is that you get to tear down the walls and buy new furniture. There are plenty of considerations in play to help you make the most out of your budget and maximise your profit.

War Thunder

If the real estate market is not for you, maybe you might fancy some action in the field of war. The best thing about War Thunder is you don’t have to worry about the learning curve. You can just plunge yourself into the game and join the fun almost immediately.

You have a rich collection of machinery to choose from with quick joyrides to help you enjoy the view and acclimatise you before all hell breaks loose. You can choose to fly one of the 300 Korean Era War plans or the beastly looking tanks.

The fate of five countries (USA, Russia, Britain, Germany and Japan) is in your hands. To make the game more intriguing, each of the countries has unique mechanical advantages and weaknesses which you have to juggle to deliver victory. It's a challenging game to get your mind going, and you can play it for many hours at a go.

Farming Simulator 19

Playing on the train on your gaming laptop? Why not jump from the toasty pit of your Korean warplane into the middle of a wheat farm. The Farming Simulator 19 is one of the best farming simulators dedicated to finally adding some fun to farming.

With this simulator, you will do a little bit of everything about farming. You will tend to your crops and take care of livestock using different farming machinery. The game is only shy of adding the stench of manure to the experience.

Learn new skills and experiment with your new virtual farm. This simulator game will not only improve your gaming skills but also help you understanding farming better and the work and effort that goes into it.

Two Point Hospital

Simulator games provide endless opportunities. With this one of a kind game, you can go from being a pilot to a farmer and now a medical administrator in the same day.

The Two Point Hospital simulator mimics a hospital management centre where you play the role of the medical administrator. You get to build your clinics from the ground up and manage them. Needless to mention, managing and running a hospital doesn't sound any fun, but once you give the game a few tries, it starts to grow on you.

You will also find the cartoonish style of the game to be quite riveting and it gives the game a lighter feel and experience.

Flight Simulator X

In War Thunder above, you were more focused on shooting down enemy planes and bringing victory to your country. With less on the line and no bullets flying, hopefully, you can concentrate more on horning your skills to become a pilot with the Flight Simulator X.

This flight simulator is both entertaining and informative. You can choose the type of plane and the route you want to take while playing the game. However, it's important to note that most of these options are from third-party apps, so you might want to spend some of your time hunting and gathering the best sources.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

This one of a kind expansive simulator turns you into a truck driver traversing the city and rural roads of Europe.

You not only get to speed down the highways but also fit the elegant trucks through tight spaces and parking spots. There are various challenges along the way in your new-found freedom, among them, delivering your package safely.

In this simulator, you get to earn money that you can use to buy new trucks and yards and build a trucking business of your own complete with hired drivers.

A quick disclaimer on this one: the game is pretty addictive once you get the hang of it. You can easily spend a few hours playing it without knowing.

Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific

It's not every day you get a chance to jump into a realistic-looking WW2 submarine. Even though this stimulator dates back to 2007, it has been heavily modified and modernised to provide the expected experience to the gamer.

You get to command your own submarine and test what the hundreds of unfriendly looking buttons can do. As with any submarine, you have a hound of other mean-looking naval commanders itching to fire torpedoes at enemy targets.

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The environment and that feeling of tension could use a bit of perfection. But then again, not enough people get to experience what’s it’s like to be in a submarine and recreate that experience.


Whether you’re looking to start a war with Russia, tend and care to your seedlings of wheat and watch them grow, traverse Europe with client cargo or explore the depths of the ocean in pursuit of enemy vessels, these simulation games have it all for you.

Prepare to spend hours in your new-found fairy world as you learn new skills, test new buttons, and takedown entire countries as you start a revolution with these best simulation games for PC.