The Sims was first released in 2000. For close to two decades, the game has remained relevant in the gaming circles with the recent release the Sims 4 earning over $1 billion and attracting a massive five million gamers.

The success of the game is driven by a thriving and lively bunch of modders who are responsible for creating tons of weird and wonderful additions to the game. If you’re looking for some excellent mods that will enhance your Sims 4 gaming experience, here are some great options you should consider.

Emotional Inertia by roBurky

Sims 4 has done a great job of adding motions to the game. But as you would expect, they are a little too predictable. The moods change like clockwork and it’s quite difficult to make them happy.

With the Emotional Inertia Mod, you can add stability to the mood of your Sims. Despite the changes being subtle, the renewed meaning of the game and the effort required to alter the mod of the Sim after changing its mind is now more achievable.

Download Here

Private Practice

The private practice mod allows you to take out your frustration on the public healthcare system by overhauling everything. You can add health insurance, diseases, plastic surgery, pharmaceuticals and optometry to your collection. The mod also allows you to manage more elements of the well-being of your sims like their weight and blood pressure.

A few additional features include the NPC illness progression feature as well as new moodlets with strong effects. Your sims can call in sick to work if they have these moodlets.

Download Here

Have Some Personality Please (By PolarBearSims)

Sims 4 has come a long way in improving certain aspects of the game that had long been forgotten by its predecessors. One of such features is the overhauled personality system. Despite the massive improvements, you will still find yourself wanting to make further improvements to the system. That is where this excellent mod comes in.

With the Have Some Personality Please mod, you can remove the pointless talking. Instead, you can have both Sims choose to interact rather than simply talking.

The Mod picks a specific interaction depending on the moods, existing relationships and traits between the two Sims. Some of the interactions include kissing and Woo-Hooing which adds drama and a sense of reality to the game.

Download Here

MC Command Centre

With the MC Command Centre, you get more control than ever before. The mod allows you to take charge of the lives of all Sims living in the neighbourhood.

You can find out who is pregnant in the town, fix employment rates for Sims of different ages and also determine the clothes that everyone in town can wear.

The mod has an automatic functionality that allows the Sims to have a full life without the player doing everything for them.

If you’re not happy about the default level of control in the game, the MC Command Centre is the mod you need.

Download Here

Meaningful Stories

The Meaningful stories mod is a combination of the emotional Inertia Mod and the Happiness Mod. With this mod, the characters have a more natural mood change rather than the sudden and often-robotic-like mood changes that occur in the default function.

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Using this mod, the Sims are not just happy but experience true happiness. The Sims can only be happy when a happy event takes place in the game, this includes meeting a crush or eating something good. Because of this, the Sims have a genuine reason to be happy.

With this mod, the Sims have a different way of reacting to their environment which makes the events in the game appear more life-like and human.

Download Here

UI Cheats Extension

Who doesn’t like a little cheating in the game? The UI cheating extension makes it easier to cheat in the game and land yourself a few goodies and cash.

When you feel that you need more cash, all you need to do is type the cheat code ‘motherlode’ and you have all the money you need. There are tons of other cheat codes available in the games.

The UI cheat extension can memorize the codes for you and all you need to activate a certain cheat is a few clicks of the mouse and you have what you want. It doesn’t improve the visuals, but it makes the game less frustrating.

Download Here

Better Romance

Sims 4 is full of love. So much so that it’s pretty easy to find yourself in a relationship with another sim. Even if you don’t have a romantic relationship, all the romantic interactions are available and the player can choose which ones to use when interacting with another sim.

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It sounds fun, but not realistic. With this mod, you can make your sim relationships more practical and realistic. The mod determines which interactions take place and at what point of the relationship for a more realistic relationship approach.

Download Here

Bunk Beds

As you work to get your sim to the top of the ladder and buy your family that big home and furniture, you might find yourself strapped for space. Unfortunately, Sims 4 has had several chances to add bunk beds to the game but let the chance fly by.

With this mod, you have a bunk bed that works. It gives you some extra space to squeeze your family. Using the mod, you can even truck tiny beds under your lofted bed which is another cool feature.

Download Here

Life’s Drama

With love comes a lot of drama and for the amount of love that Sims 4 is dishing out, there doesn’t seem to be enough drama. Say no more! With this mod, you can add some controversy to every neighbourhood. You have a total of 11 dramatic scenarios for town NPCs and you can intervene in some of the interactions.

The drama ranges from the usual relationship arguments of different levels, robbers trying to pick someone’s pockets and for something a little extra, a bride running away from her wedding.

The coolest thing about this mod is that you can sit back and watch all the drama unfold and if you’re a good guy, you can help out an NPC in need and get rewarded for your time and effort.

Using this mod, you can also cause some drama yourself using the new “Exposing a loved one” action.

Download Here

The Explore Mod

The Explore Mod opens up your sims to plenty of interesting stuff and you don’t have to be following them around. For instance, when they get their first driving license, you can have them explore around. You can send them shopping, dance classes, local attractions and even gambling spots. All you have to do is choose where you want to send them when the “radial when” pops up.

Don’t be too quick to choose the craziest errand to send your sim. Based on the activity you send them out to, their skills and motives will change so you need to pick carefully. The mod also allows you to “explore” with another character to further build relations.

Even if you don’t intervene, the mod allows the sims to explore randomly. While the mod works with the base game, some activities won’t work if you don’t have the specific packs. For instance, you must have the cool kitchen stuff pack to send your sims out for ice-cream.

Download Here

Ultrasound Scan

Almost everyone in Sims ends up having babies. It’s a cool and exciting experience. Despite how exciting this can be, in the game, it is unceremonious and the kids just pop up after a while. With the Ultrasound Scan mod, you can make things more interesting and realistic. The mod adds framed ultrasound pictures that you can put up on the wall at your Sim’s home.

It is a small detail but one that allows you to build momentum to the big day and also gets rid of the bare walls by adding a sense of depth to the walls.

Download Here

Get a job

“Get a Job!” it’s a phrase you have heard all too often. With this mod, you can add a plethora of interesting and custom careers like a tattoo artist, stockbroker, game developer and so on. The developers are always adding new careers so getting yourself a new job is not going to be hard.

Download Here

Become a sorcerer

One of the cool features in previous Sim games was being a sorcerer. It added a sense of dark, supernatural magic sense into the game. Using your powers, you could suck out the sadness out of a friend or strike down an enemy.

Guess what? With this mod, you can now become a sorcerer. Your choices will determine whether you’re a good or a bad sorcerer.

Download Here

Build your own houseboat

If you can’t have a houseboat in real life, why not have one in Sims 4? That’s what this mod is all about. You don’t have to be cooped up living on learn. You can transform the games boats into full-on houseboats.

Download Here

Height Sliders

There’s a lot you can do on Sims 4 but altering how tall your sims are is not one of them. Using the height slider mod, you can adjust the height of your sims to create variation. A quick click and drag at their feet can increase or decrease height.

Download Here

Final Thoughts

There’s a ton of mods you can try out on Sims 4 that will make the game more interactive realistic and even give you supernatural powers. However, be careful with the ones you choose because some are hardware hungry.