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Best Horror Games to play this Halloween! Blog

Best Horror Games to play this Halloween!

Looking for some games to scare your socks off this Halloween?


Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the best horror games of 2020: to play on PC and on Console!


Go ahead, scare yourself silly

Halloween is on it’s way and there is a harrowing amount of scary games out there. Horror games have matured, no longer are they just jump scares and gore. Remember laughing at horror movie characters making dumb decisions? Not so funny when you’re the one making them!

Here is our list of the best scary games to play this Hallows eve’!


Until Dawn:

Halloween games: Until DawnUntil Dawn (Image Credits: Playstation)

Until Dawn is a combination of all of the best (and worst) aspects of any classic horror movie: It’s cheesy, has a corny plot, has way too many jump scares, interpersonal tension, gore, death and it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But, it is good fun, and most definitely the closest thing you’ll find to a Cabin in the Woods in game form. 


The Evil Within 2:

Halloween games: The Evil Within 2The Evil Within 2 (Image Credits: Bethesda)

The Evil Within as a series is a perfect third-person survival horror that’ll have you shaking in your boots, sucked into a nightmarish world populated by frightening creatures. The series was developed from the mind behind Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, which we think is more than enough reason to pick them up this Halloween.

Dead by Daylight:Halloween games: Dead by DaylightDead by Daylight (Image Credits: Steam)




As a thrilling twist on average multiplayer PVP combat, Dead by Daylight stands out by being a horror experience: where one player takes on the role as a blood-thirsty serial killer, and the other four try to escape with their lives. 

There are advantages to playing either Killer or Survivor, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy the character progression, tricks and strategies that’ll keep you coming back for more terrifying mayhem.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan:


Halloween games: Man of MedanMan of Medan (Image Credits: GameSpot)

Supermassive Games, the developer behind Until Dawn, released Man of Medan, another choice-based horror drama following a group undergoing a diving expedition. Unlike Until Dawn, this group finds themselves on a ghost ship where their nightmares come to life. As always, the plot isn’t quite that simple, however. 

Until Dawn spawned a mass amount of streams, and Supermassive Games leaned into this success with a shared story and movie night mode, which allows players to take part in the interactive horror with friends. 

If you plan on streaming your terror this Halloween, there’s no better way to do it than with Man of Medan!

The Persistence:



Halloween games: The PersistenceThe Persistence (Image Credits: Steam)

Few mediums are as perfectly suited to horror as VR. The full-body immersion and restrictive viewing angles mean you're never quite sure what's around you, and make jump scares or surreal monsters all that more affecting.

The Persistence is a smart VR horror rogue-like set in a monster-ridden spaceship. Your vessel has been pulled into the orbit of a black hole, and its interference is constantly jumbling up the layout of the ship, using procedurally generated levels to ensure you never know what's going to be around each corner.

To top it all off, every time you die you're transferred into a new clone of yourself – which would be handy if the other clones weren't turning into massive misshapen monsters looking to murder you. An innovative take on VR gaming that isn't afraid to, you know, make you afraid.



Not a VR fan? The Persistence is also heading, in non-VR form, to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC later this year. VR support is also coming to the PC version.

Little Nightmares:

Halloween games: Little NightmaresLittle Nightmares (Image Credits: Steam)

Little Nightmares shouldn’t be taken at face value. Although it has a cartoonish, story-book vibe, it has a whole host of grotesque characters anda heap of gruesome deaths. Coupled with terrifyingly tense chase sequences, Little Nightmares is a very memorable horror adventure experience. 

The Dead Space series:



Halloween games: The Dead Space SeriesDead Space (Image Credits:

Dead Space is a classic horror game. Set on an abandoned space vessel takes several horrifying twists and turns, with plenty of jump scares and zombified aliens lurking around every corner. 

Dead Space is unquestionably one of the pioneering horror games that inspired a genre that hasn’t quite yet died down. If you’re looking for something spacey and entwined with horror, Dead Space is your best bet.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard:



Halloween games: Resident Evil 7: BiohazardResident Evil 7: Biohazard (Image Credits: Capcom)

Resident Evil 7 was a breath of fresh air for an increasingly stale series, bringing in a modern understanding of both horror movies and games while managing to retain that very distinct Resident Evil feel. 

By moving the perspective from third to first person it also made the fear feel closer and more immediate, while leading the way to include a genuinely frightening VR experience to the game. 

With a great story and tight gameplay, Resident Evil 7 was the addition to the horror series we all wanted and feared we wouldn't get. The success of the game, along with the recent remakes of earlier titles in the series, is enough to make us think Capcom will be giving us scares for a good while yet.




A continued list of horror games for Halloween:

Slender: The Eight Pages

If you want a simple, fun and terrifying experience of running from a faceless, eerily lanky man in a pinstriped suit.



Alien: Isolation

If you want to experience the events that follow the 1979 Ridley Scott film as Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda Ripley for a good ol’ fashioned scare fest.




Outlast Series

A must play in the horror genre for more than just your average jump scares, zombies and aliens.



Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead was originally banned in Australia due to it’s graphic content, giving it a lovely seal of approval, and can be modded, making the replayability noteworthy,



Five Nights at Freddy’s

FNAF series is a great set of games to play if you love the idea of being jump scared to death by terrifying adult-sized animatronic stuffed animals.




SOMA is a brilliant existential horror game, giving you a bleak look into the potential future of humanity, giveing it an extra terrifying boost.




The Observer is a mind-bender set in a cyberpunk dystopia - with a whole host of mind tricks that will have you questioning reality.




Developer Kitty Horrorshow told Slate "a jump scare is when you attack the player; a dread scare is when they have to do something, even if they don’t want to" — Kitty Horroshow uses the dread scare to its full potential in Anatomy.



Doki Doki Literature Club

There are many reasons as to why Doki Doki deserves to be on this list, all of which cannot be told without spoiling the premise of the game. If you haven’t given Doki Doki Literature Club a go, you most definitely should: it keeps you unnerved and on edge, even after playing.




P.T. is no longer available to download, and wasn’t a full release, but the playable teaser was by far the scariest video game released this generation.


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