Best Hearts of Iron 4 Mods

Hearts of Iron 4 has one of the most comprehensive collections of mods. About 20,000 of them to be precise. It's safe to say no matter what part of the game you want to tweak, change, or improve, there is a mod out there that works for you.

Unfortunately, you don't have nearly enough time to sort through the thousands of mods, try them out and still have enough time to game. That's why we went through the trouble of sorting out the haystack and provide you with some of the best mods for Hearts of Iron 4.

  1. Kaisserreich

Kaiserreich is hands down the best mods of the thousands available even though it’s the second most subscribed mod.

With this mod, you get a chance to rewrite history and turn the tables. The mod places you in a situation where Germany won World War I. France and Britain have retreated, Japan is severely weakened, and the United States is on its knees.

  1. Millennial Dawn

This is the most subscribed mod in the Hearts of Iron IV. It's easy to see how popular this mod is. While most mods allow you to experience different historical milestones, the Millennial Dawn gives you a chance to play stakes in the modern world. In this mod, you have to retain peace while preparing for a great war after the unrest in the Middle East.

  1. Old World Blues

The Old World Blues mod brings a fusion of Fallout Universe into HOI4. Surprisingly, the mod throws a very unique touch to the game.

Some of the factions in the mod are armed with spears and foraged firearms. There are some advanced factions that have power armour. The addition of the mod also allows the factions to have different decisions and focus trees.

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If you’re looking for a slightly different challenge, this mod will present you with just that. It’s also refreshing to undertake combat in a different environment.

  1. The Great War (WW1)

The Great War mod puts you in a high-stake situation. Any decision you make will greatly affect the future and could result in conflict and war.

To throw a spanner into the works, the mod focuses on the revolutions in China and Mexico as well as Africa yearn to expand.

  1. The Road to 56

To begin with, this mod will allow the game to run longer, up to 1956. It also gives the game some balance by giving countries like the UK, Tibet, and Brazil unique national focus trees.

The mod also brings with it a more developed troop system, laws, and more units. There are also more releasable nations.

  1. Red World

If the Soviet Union had won the Cold War, today, many countries would have the red flag on their masts. With Red World, you are able to paint a more vivid picture of how this event would have turned out.

If you are one to mess around with father time and try and see how the different scenarios would play out in the Cold War era, this mod is a great fit for you.

  1. Make peace not War

While some gamers would rather fight to the end, some would prefer a more amicable solution with less damage and catastrophe.

Unfortunately, HOL4 caters fully to the former. There’s no conditional surrender feature. With this mod, you have other avenues that you can use to end the war and not have to give up entire nations as a result. It brings some much-needed practicality to the game.

  1. Increased Manpower from the Non-Cored States

In Hearts of Iron 4, non-cored states will only yield 2%. That means you don’t have enough manpower to add to your army after you take over a territory. It can be a frustrating experience watching your army dwindle.

With this mod, non-cored states yield up to 30% of their manpower. Even though this doesn't give you an absolute edge that allows you to win the game, it's a significant edge that can make a difference.

  1. Increased Resources

On multiple occasions, you will find yourself in need of resources. Whether it's fuel for your war machines or other resources, you just can't seem to have enough.

This mod comes in handy. It helps you to keep your resources replenished at all times, making it easier to obliterate your enemies.

  1. League of Nations

With the league of nations mod, you can expand your diplomatic interaction. You can now pile pressure on aggressive states. However, the states you align yourself with have to be historically correct.

The Takeaway

As with other games, you will always find hitches that could improve. With HOI4, you have thousands of different mods that allow you to fix these flaws and even redefine the path of the game and your experience. These ten mods are just a small pool of the different mods you can use to enhance your Hearts of Iron 4 gaming experience.

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