10 Best Factorio Mods

Since 2016 gamers have been following the escapades of an engineer who crash-landed on an alien planet. Together, the engineer and the gamer have to collect resources to create an industry and build a rocket.

The game is as captivating as its storyline. Interesting as the game is, there are certain aspects that could use some improvements and others that you could do without. Unfortunately, the fixes can take too long. But, thank God, there are mods that you can use to fix and improve the Factorio gaming experience.

Here are the ten most popular Factorio mods that you should also try out.

  1. Resource Spawner Overhaul

Tired of the in-game Perlin noise or the units spawning system? This mod is all you need. It has been used by numerous gamers with plenty of success. It is one of the most downloaded mods as far as Factorio goes.

This mod overrides the resource spawner offered by the game developers and makes the resource spawner more often depending on the region where you're playing Factorio.

  1. Squeak Through

As you focus on building and creating storage, you can find yourself locked in with minimal space to move. If you don't create passages when setting up the storages, you will get stuck, and there's little you can do.

With Squeak Through, you can do away with the frustration of boxing yourself in. The mod gives you more freedom to navigate freely by allowing you to walk between obstacles like solar panels and steam pipes, making mobility much easier.

  1. Long Reach

What do you do if what you’re trying to reach in Factorio is too far away? Long Reach is the mod that takes care of this challenge for you.

The mod removes construction restrictions within the game. With the mod active, you can build anywhere within the viewpoint and open chest visible to you.

You can also use the configuration in the mod to change the default reach value which allows you to edit remove bases from the map view.

  1. Air Filtering

Environmental degradation is a big challenge and one that is well captured in Factorio. At some point, you will need some clean air to breathe. Even though this mod will not give you an edge to help you advance in the game, it will keep you alive.

The Air Filtering mod builds a machine that helps to reduce pollution. You also get an inventory that is critical in helping to clean up the air and make it breathable.

  1. Helmod

Using Helmod requires some patience. Were it not for how difficult it can be to use this mod at first, it would easily be one of the most downloaded Factorio mods.

Once you get through the quagmire of using this mod, you will see what a great addition it is and how handy it gets.

Helmod has various functions, the primary one being to help you create a better plan for your base. It can also help you manage your resources, factories, electric power and beacons.

Given how essential the mod is, taking time to learn about it proves worthwhile.

  1. Bottleneck

Every time the word ‘bottleneck’ pops up, you can’t help but wonder what the problem is. In Factorio, you’re not only building but also producing raw materials that you use to sustain yourself and the building.

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Sometimes because of delays, you might be disappointed to find that there are delays in different factories. The Bottleneck mod helps you to identify these delays. The mod will alert you on stalled or delaying machines so you can sort the issues and keep all your machines and production at optimum capacity.

  1. Quarry

You have quite a bit of mining to do on Factorio, and this mod will come in handy. It lets you mine ores using an ore patch. The mod can also work without the ore patch.

  1. Rail Tanker

As the name suggests, this mod has only one trick up its sleeve, but it’s one that makes a big difference. The mod adds a rail tanker in the Factorio game. You can use the tank to transport resources like liquids without using barrels. It saves you time and allows you to progress faster.

  1. Fat Controller

You don’t realise how important this little mod is until you’re in a fix. The mod allows you to track trains and check their next stop. In case of an emergency of for some reason you can’t control your train, you can use the Fat Controller mod to control the train remotely.

  1. Factorissimo 2

This is another handy and must have mod. You can use the mod to build factories or place factories within the game. The mod saves you time and space and allows you to walk around with ease.


There are hundreds of mods in the market for Factorio. However, you can’t use all of them without adversely affecting the quality of your gaming experience. These ten highlight some of the best mods that will give you a significant edge over fellow gamers and allow you to progress faster.

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