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Looking for the Best Civilization 6 Mods? Our team are here to help. From President to King, Shogun to Emperor, the Civilisation series has allowed countless gamers to shape the world in their view. Civilization V was no exception, winning multiple awards while we spent endless hours building our empires. You can only imagine how excited we were when Civilization VI was in the making. Playing a game that allows gamers to follow a certain path that’s not only complex and deep; it’s fun, exciting and unpredictable. With Civilization VI, this is exactly what you do. Which is why we were blown away with this game. We also found the new version to be more intuitive with a deep, engrossing strategy from start to finish.

Civilization 6 is bigger and better! The more liberal approach, the addition of bigger cities and improved graphics that bring the game to life.

Even with all its greatness, every gamer prides themselves in state of the art equipment. You want to have the latest controllers, the best display and when possible, you also want a game that gives you an edge. Even with the ramped up version, you still need some mods to make the game better and give it more of a personal appeal, improve the schematics of the game and even make the graphics better. If you were wondering how you can get a competitive edge over your competition, then you are in the right place!

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Luckily for gaming enthusiasts, modders were onto the job already, and there are a number of modifications on the market that will blow your mind! Even though there are hundreds of mods available, it doesn’t mean you should install all of them, unless your PC is powerful - like a good number of the Gaming PCs we sell at Fierce PC. So, instead of wasting your time trying to go through the pile to find the best-suited mod for you, we have compiled a list of the Best Civilization 6 Mods that will make your gaming experience that bit more satisfying!

How to install Mods on Civilization VI


Civilization 6 mods are not available through Steam Workshop, however, there is another way to go around it that is relatively easy and trouble free.

Need a more elegant and shareable guide - Check out Locke’s Russia Modding Example and Gedemon’s breakdown of the .modinfo file structure. It gives you an idea of how a mod can be installed in the Mods folder and toggled in the menu.

To enable the mods, all you have to do is go to the additional content menu on the game and enable them from there. Of course, you will always find those mods that think they are special and will usually not work in the same way as others. Unfortunately, for the greater good of making the game more ‘godly’ than it already is, you have to put up with them. If any mod on the list requires any special installation procedure, that will be mentioned.

Because computers do have a tendency to go crazy when you least expect them, make sure that you back up your game before you make any changes to the directory.

Unit Rebalance Mods


The AI on Civilization VI can be a pain at times. A well-known modder called WaterZer0 found a way to fix this and bring balance to the game. With their crazy intelligent mod, there are so many things you can get the game to do. You even get those little perks like lower upgrading costs. They might be little but, at times, they can be the difference between winning and the bottom of the dirt pit for you. Some of the benefits that the addition of this mod offers include:

  • The costs of upgrading your unit are slashed by almost 33%.
  • The bonus is doubled to about 20 for the anti-cavalry units. There is a tendency of the anti-cavalry getting into a stalemate with other cavalries in their era. This is also solved by this mod.
  • The zone of control is not recognised by the scouts and rangers.
  • The building charges are doubled to 4 for the Military Engineers.
  • The war chariots are replaced by the way carts which also need a wheel. It is a slight degrade and undermines the biggest strength that Sumeria has but, change is always welcome and it triggers innovative thinking.
  • If you’re a rough rider, you can now upgrade to tanks. There are plenty more tweaks that you can incorporate in your game with the help of this mod.

From these and other benefits that you stand to gain, you can see why this should be the first mod that you look into if you would like to take your gaming experience to the next level. Check out WaterZer0's unit rebalance mod if you like what you've heard so far.

Moar Units (updated)


As hardcore Civilization 5 gamers, there are some aspects of the game we definitely miss. Thanks to the modder Deliverator, this mod allows you to have Civilization VI with the some of the gaming aspects that were in the previous version. Moar Units adds up to 28 new unique units, some of which are borrowed from Civilization V and some out of his own creativity. Some of the most interesting parts of this mod include:

  • The Musketman is replaced by the American Minuteman, who is stronger and performs better in war.
  • The Arabic Carmel Archer has increased combat strength, especially when fighting in the desert or plains.
  • The Crossbowman is replaced by the Chinese Cho-ko-nu. Even though the new addition is less strong than the Crossbowman, they have the ability to strike twice per turn which can be invaluable in combat.
  • The Swordsman is replaced by the Norwegian Hirdman. They have a +5 combat strength and are able to take up to 50% of the combat strength of defeated units as a culture on combat victory but only when they are fighting on the same continent as capital.

You can visit the mod's page here.

Diplomacy total / fewer AI tantrums


Diplomacy plays a big role in being able to manage your growing cities and being able to protect them. The Kavis’s diplomacy total helps to spell out the exact values that govern your relationship and that of the AI. The finicky temperament of the AI can be somewhat mystical especially with regards to diplomacy and being able to have all the information that you need with respect to diplomacy. You need a Mod that will give you a more consistent experience without making the game boring by helping you figure out what the AI is thinking or helping you ‘cheat’.

Here are Kavis's diplomacy total and Quo's fewer AI tantrums.

Also, under the diplomacy, other than Kavis’s diplomacy total, you also have another option that you can look into Quo’s Fewer AI tantrum. It is an equally impressive mod that will also make matters of diplomacy much easier for you.

Kavis’s Diplomatic total has great features that include:

  • Relationship level indication from 0-100 on the relationship bar. The relationship bar is next to the Relationship status.
  • The mod also shows a sum score of reasons for the current relationship.

If you have a previous installation of this mod, you have to remove it before you can install the newer version. You can then proceed to extract the files to the directory as you would with any of the other mods.

Generally, the approach of the mod is more or less the same: to help you enjoy the exploits of Civilization VI while suffering fewer of the schizophrenic outbursts of the AI. To achieve this, the modder took a couple of different approaches.

First, the random agendas were locked to specific leaders. The aim of this move is to help to improve the AI in general and also better represent each of the leaders. The good news is, if you don’t like this feature, you can remove it and still get to keep the rest of the mod fully functional.

There were also changes that are made to the specific leaders to make them more approachable just as their historical counterparts were. For instance, with the mod, Saladin will now only be mildly angered by the activity of religious rivals.

There are also some changes that are presented by the mod that affects all leaders. Among them is the fact that all leaders will be less annoyed by the units that are near their borders. However, in the recently released version, this has not been fully solved but will be in future models.

Anno Domini


There is no question that the first thing any modder wants to learn is how to make a new civilization. In Civilization V, this was one of the hardest things to do even with the toolkit. To help with that, one modder came up with the Anno Domini Mod.

This powerful addition is not only an add-on that allows you to enjoy what the game has to offer but, it completely annihilates the ancient and the medieval eras and replaces every civilization with someone new. Not only does that make the game more unpredictable but, also more fun for those that love surprises.

The new mod has impressive features, such as completely revamped/new buildings and other wonders. It also provides unique abilities for the Civilization and also the leader of the Civilization. You also get unique units and buildings. Check it out on CivFanatics here.

Among the civilizations that you get to enjoy with the mod include Arabia, Egypt, Germany, Makuria, Masagetae, Rome, and Brigantia among others. Just so you know, there are versions of this mod available for Civilization III and Civilization V in case you’re still held up on any of those versions.

You can also check out rob8xft’s Steam Workshop here for his Civ 5 mods.

Maps Maps and More Maps!


Unless you like wandering around lost, thirsty and surrounded by enemies craving for your virtual blood, you will need a functional map. This could save you time and make conquering the world easier for you. This list would have been in total tatters if it did not have a map mod. Unfortunately, even the latest Civilization release came without a map (yes, even we were shocked!) but thanks to a modder that created earth maps for Civilization 5, you might just be able to enjoy this critical feature.

You can check out Kirk’s story for a full preview and installation instructions.

Religion overhaul


If your line of thought is anything like that of modders, you could have probably come to a similar conclusion as we did. The religion system in the latest release is poor. Well, not entirely but it could definitely use an upgrade. This would be to help it match better with the historical flavour that it is meant to spread.

With the religion overhaul mod by Tomatekh, you now have icons for plenty of new religions. The icons include those from Zoroastrianism, Tengriism and even the Micronesian Itang and other historical religions.

Other than adding the new religions like Shaktism, Razana, Sairimaism and plenty of others including the Southern Cult, the mod also throws in a new twist. Leaders that previously did not have any religious preference now have corresponding historical religions.

There are other options available like RushSecond’s Religion Rebalance and Anansethespider’s Better Religions that do a pretty decent job as well. In both of these mods, the modders came to the same conclusion that the religion rebalance and the competitiveness had taken a significant dip especially when it came to multiplayer scenarios. Both mods give this a much-needed tune-up. However, since both mods perform the same function, you should not install both of them. They tend to conflict.

You can have a look at what each of them has to offer separately, and from that, you can make your choice depending on the one that works better for you.

Here are Tomatekh's historical religions, Anansethespider's better religions and RushSecond's religion rebalance at CivFanatics.

Rules with Faith


Supposing you would like to have more depth in the game, in terms of the politics and the religion of the game, would it be possible? These two aspects are key factors of the game and more so to its scheme-y, mystical part. The deeper and darker they are, the more the interest they tend to attract.

This is what the RwF mod by JFD does. The mod adds a number of new things and then changes others slightly to make the game more engaging. For instance, with this mod, you will have a new religious plot and, you will also have 16 new policies that you have to consider. To make it even better, you also have three new governments.

Other changes include the changing of seven existing policies that have now been changed to become religious, while the Forbidden City and the Potala Palace have been changed to grant one policy slot and a diplomatic slot.

Even though the mod is still under works, there is no doubting that it will soon rival the popularity that is enjoyed by the Rise to Power mod which was also designed by JFD for Civilization V.

RwF will be continually updated, and JFD hopes it "will come to parallel Rise to Power" in its scale. Download it here.

Smoother Difficulty


When it comes to the level of difficulty, you cannot question the success that Civilization 6 has been able to enjoy. In a bid to make the game harder and the difficulties more challenging, the base game offers the AI with extra units and bonuses. If you’re starting out, you will find that the enemies become harder to keep at bay and, in most cases, you will find that the odds are stacked against you especially at the beginning. So much so that it is almost impossible to get a grasp of the game in the early stages.

But, thanks to RushSecond’s Smoother Difficulty, your enemies start off by having the same resources as you. That makes the playing field more even. On the other hand, while the mod gives you a fair chance against your enemies, it does give them a better constant in terms of bonuses for culture, science, production and Gold. Even though you can fend them off, you can’t keep up with the pace when it comes to production and the tech throughout the game. The greatest props in this case, however, must go to the guy that thought of calling this mod ‘Smoother Difficulties’ that sounds really counterproductive but, a super genius.

There are hundreds if not possibly thousands of mods that you can find right now that you could use on Civilization 6. These include others that have not been mentioned on the list like Historicity++, Quick UI and, Tundra farms all of which could be important to different players depending on the edge or addition that you’re looking for. Not all of them give you the advantage that you want and in some cases, some might turn out to be a complete drag.

Grab RushSecond's smoother difficulty mod here.

So there you have it, those are our best Civilisations VI mods that should up your game. Whether you’re the warmongering leader who invades anyone he meets, or the cunning diplomat who’s looking to take over the world by less violent means, there’s something for everyone out there with mods to make the gameplay exactly the way you want it.

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Make sure you have a high-performance gaming PC before adding MODs and changing your gameplay, you need a computer that will be able to handle it!