Mini Gaming PCs

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Small Powerful Gaming PCs

Need a PC without the bulk of a massive case taking up space? A Laptop isn’t always the answer. If you are looking for a powerful gaming PC but don’t have space, then our mini gaming PCs are the perfect answer. Using sophisticated technology and years of build knowledge, we’ve designed some of the fastest mini gaming PCs that let you play your all-time favourite games whilst staying on a budget.


Never underestimate the power of a mini gaming PC as there is a lot loaded into these machines to make them as powerful as full-sized PCs. Due to the smaller size, you’re probably thinking they are more likely to overheat; however, we implement innovative cooling solutions in both air cooling and liquid cooling.

Customised, Small Powerful Gaming PCs

We understand that some gamers have outstanding tastes and are looking for a unique setup. To help every gamer get their dream machine, we allow gamers to customise their small, powerful gaming PCs.

We have thousands of components that you can use to make your new PC using some assistance from our Online PC Configurator. Once you select all the components, our technicians will start assembling the PC within 48 hours. We will then test the PC before shipping it to you.

Tried and Tested

At Fierce PC, we believe in delivering excellence to all our clients. One of the ways we achieve this is by ensuring that all the mini gaming computers that are leaving our warehouse are thoroughly tried and tested before shipping.

By testing the PCs before shipping, we rectify any potential problems and ensure we deliver game ready rigs to gamers.

Fast Shipping

As gamers, we understand the agony that comes with waiting for your new gaming pc to arrive. It would be best if you didn’t go through that. That is why we offer expedited shipping on all gaming computers so you can get back to the action within the shortest time possible.

What to Consider When Buying a Small Powerful Computer

If you’re thinking of purchasing a small, powerful computer, it’s critical to know the components, parts and features that you should focus your budget on.


If you’re going for a small gaming computer, you’re most likely short on space. As such, the space-saving design of the computer should be at the top of your priorities to ensure you purchase a gaming PC that fits in the available space.


Your gaming experience is going to rely heavily on the quality and power of your processor. Investing in the best processor within your budget is critical to ensure a fast and freeze-free experience.  A quick and powerful processor tunes the PC for multitasking, and it can handle most modern games with ease.

If you choose to customise, you should dedicate a substantial amount of your budget to getting the best possible processor.


Gaming is about making the virtual world and reality, and there’s no better way of doing that than with the graphics. That’s why you need a powerful graphics card that will bring all the details to life right before your eyes. You can choose from the extensive range of GPUs that we have at Fierce PC for small, powerful PC from leading manufacturers like Zotac, MSI and ASUS.


Ram allows your processor to access files that are essential to the running of the current program. It reduces the need for processing power while increasing the speed of the small computer. For gaming, anywhere about 8GB is more than enough to run your games smoothly. However, if you run other resource-intensive programs like streaming and video editing, you should consider going for more RAM.

Hard Disk

With regards to hard disks, it’s best to go for SSDs. These offer quieter and faster operation. For space, anything beyond 500 GB should work, but that will depend on how you manage your data.

Buy Your Mini Gaming PC with Fierce PC

Enjoy the freedom of gaming at half the price with our mini gaming PCs. We optimise each element within our mini gaming computers so that you can make the most out of your system. They are quiet, compatible, and fit in anywhere. Not only that, but we also allow you to customise your PC with our all-new configurator which will enable you to design your dream mini PC. Looking for a PC that will allow you to enjoy your movies? A Home Theatre PC is the perfect solution that features vast storage space and 1080P HD graphics, either through Blu-Ray, download or streaming via the web.

Each of our mini gaming PCs come with a 3-year warranty (5 Years on Imperial and Dragon systems). This warranty is entirely free when you purchase any of our PCs. Our warranty means if anything needs repairing or if something isn’t quite right with it you can bring it to us within that time and we can fix it for free. We are confident in all of our products which is why our guarantee is for up to 5 years. Buy your mini gaming PC with confidence from Fierce PC – We are gaming!

Mini Gaming PCs are the best way to get excellent gaming performance with a minimal footprint. Whether you have a small budget or a big one, we can help you get all the power you need in a small space.

Why Buy from Fierce PC

Value for your money: Not only do we have some of the best mini Gaming PCs in the market, but each part is optimised to allow the user to make the most out of the system. That way, you get more out of your PC for the money you spend.

Quality: Other than the fact that you can fit these little babies just about anywhere, they are built to work quietly allowing you to game through the night without disturbing the peace and are compatible with the same peripherals that work with full-size gaming PCs. All our PCs are put through a stringent testing regime before dispatch.

Warranty: Every mini gaming PC that you buy from us is accompanied by a 3-year warranty (and up to 5 years for some selected products). All labour is covered for the duration of the warranty. We believe in the performance of our products, hence the lengthy warranty.

Mini gaming PCs are also perfect for the mobile gamer that would love to take their love for gaming everywhere they go. They’re powerful, portable and tiny. A great solution for gaming anywhere where you can find a power outlet.